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S. Berjozkina, A. Sauhats and V. Neimane

. Ekonomou, L., Fotis, G. P., & Maris, T. I. (2008). Cost related optimum design method for overhead high voltage transmission lines. Trans. Electr. Power, 18 , 437-447. 14. Saied, M.M., Jaboori, M., & El-Nakid, D. (1990). On the optimal design of high voltage overhead transmission lines. J. Electr. Mach. Power Syst., 18 (3), 293-312. 15. Kjetil Bevanger, Gundula Bartzke, Henrik Brøseth, Espen Lie Dahl, Jan Ove Gjershaug, Frank Hanssen, Karl-Otto Jacobsen, Pål Kvaløy, Roel May, Roger Meås, Torgeir Nygård, Steinar Refsnæs, Sigbjørn Stokke

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Petia Dineva, Frank Wuttke and George Manolis

Elastic Wavefield Evaluation in Discontinuous Poroelastic Media by Bem: Sh-Waves

This work examines the anti-plane strain elastodynamic problem for poroelastic geological media containing discontinuities in the form of cavities and cracks. More specifically, we solve for: (i) a mode III crack; (ii) a circular cylindrical cavity, both embedded in an infinite poroelastic plane; and (iii) a mode III crack in a finite-sized poroelastic block. The source of excitation in all cases are time-harmonic, horizontally polarized shear (SH) waves. These three cases depict a situation whereby propagating elastic waves are diffracted and scattered by the presence of discontinuities in poroelastic soil, and this necessitates the computation of stress concentration factors (SCF) and stress intensity factors (SIF). Thus, the sensitivity of the aforementioned factors to variations in the material parameters of the surrounding poroelastic continuum must be investigated. Bardet's model is introduced by assuming saturated soils as the computationally efficient viscoelastic isomorphism to Biot's equations of dynamic poroelasticity, and stress fields are then evaluated for an equivalent one-phase viscoelastic medium. The computational itool employed is an efficient boundary element method (BEM) defined in terms of the non-hypersingular, traction-based formulation. Finally, the results obtained herein demonstrate a marked dependence of the SIF and the SCF on the mechanical properties of the poroelastic continuum, while the advantages of the proposed method as compared to alternative analytical and/or numerical approaches are also discussed.

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Frank Wuttke, Petia Dineva and Ioanna-Kleoniki Fontara


Elastic wave propagation in 3D poroelastic geological media with localized heterogeneities, such as an elastic inclusion and a canyon is investigated to visualize the modification of local site responses under consideration of water saturated geomaterial. The extended computational environment herein developed is a direct Boundary Integral Equation Method (BIEM), based on the frequency-dependent fundamental solution of the governing equation in poro-visco elastodynamics. Bardet’s model is introduced in the analysis as the computationally efficient viscoelastic isomorphism to Biot’s equations of dynamic poroelasticity, thus replacing the two-phase material by a complex valued single-phase one. The potential of Bardet’s analogue is illustrated for low frequency vibrations and all simulation results demonstrate the dependency of wave field developed along the free surface on the properties of the soil material.

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Thomas Sajeev, Mohamed Mustafa and Sanjay Supe

in radiosurgery-determination of Gamma Knife output factors, Medical Physics 2002, September 29(9), 2080-2089. Stanley H. Benedict, Frank J Bova, Brenda Clark, et al, "Anniversary paper: the role of medical physicists in developing stereotactic radiosurgery" Medical Physics. 35(9),September 2008.

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Sanjay Supe

(3):253-258. Wagner P, Roschke J, Mann K, Hiller W, Frank C. Human sleep under the influence of pulsed radiofrequency electromagnetic fields: A polysomnographic study using standardized conditions. Bioelectromagnetics. 1998;19(3):199-202. Wagner P, Roschke J, Mann K, Fell J, Hiller W, Frank C et al. Human Sleep EEG under the Influence of Pulsed Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields: Results from Polysomnographies Using Submaximal High Power Flux Densities. Neuropsychobiology. 2000;42(4):207-212.

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Desislav Stoyanov and Jenia Vassileva

filter kernels in computed tomography]. Roentgenologia radiologia. 2007; XLVI(4): 266-69. In Bulgarian. Synthia H, McCollough, Frank E. Zink. Quality control and acceptance testing of CT systems. Toth TL. Dose Reduction Opportunities for CT Scanners. Pediatr Radiol. 2002 Apr; 32(4): 261-7. Epub 2002 Mar 6. Tsapaki V, Rehani M. Dose management in CT facility. Biomed Imaging Interv J. 2007; 3(2): e43.