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Zuzana Broskova, Ruzena Sotnikova, Jana Nedelcevova and Zsolt Bagi

of novel pyridoindole derivatives on ischemia/reperfusion injury of the isolated rat heart. Pharmacol Rep 63 : 967-974. Dubovicky M, Ujhazy E, Kovacovsky P, Rychlik I, Jansak J. (1999). Evaluation of long-term administration of the antioxidant stobadine on exploratory behaviour in rats of both genders. J Appl Toxicol . 19 : 431-436. Esenabhalu VE, Cerimagic M, Malli R, Osibow K, Levak-Frank S, Frieden M, Sattler W, Kostner GM, Zechner R, Graier WF. (2002). Tissue-specific expression of human lipoprotein lipase in the vascular

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Jana Mizerovská, Helena Dračínská, Volker Arlt, Jiří Hudeček, Petr Hodek, Heinz Schmeiser, Eva Frei and Marie Stiborová

metabolites to DNA-damaging species in human B-lymphoblastoid MCL-5 cells. Mutagenesis   19 : 149-156. Arlt VM, Glatt HR, Muckel E, Pabel U, Sorg BL, Schmeiser HH and Phillips DH (2002) Metabolic activation of the environmental contaminant 3-nitrobenzanthrone by human acetyltransferases and sulfotransferase. Carcinogenesis   23 : 1937-1945. Arlt VM, Glatt H, Muckel E, Pabel U, Sorg BL, Seidel A, Frank H, Schmeiser HH and Phillips DH (2003a) Activation of 3-nitrobenzanthrone and its metabolites by human acetyltransferases

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Michal Dubovický, Eszter Császár, Kristína Melicherčíková, Marcela Kuniaková and Lucia Račková

Kanba S. (2010). Inhibitory eff ects of SSRIs on IFN-γ induced microglial activation through the regulation of intracellular calcium. Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry 34: 1306-1316. Howren MB, Lamkin DM and Suls J. (2009). Associations of depression with Creactive protein, IL-1, and IL-6: a meta-analysis. Psychosom. Med 71: 171-186. Kreisel T, Frank MG, Licht T, Reshef R, Ben-Menachem-Zidon O, Baratta MV, Maier SF and Yirmiya R. (2014). Dynamic microglial alterations underlie stress-induced depressive-like behavior and

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Michal Dubovický

exposure: A neurocognitive system analysis. Neurotoxicol Teratol   31 : 334-341. Jacobus J, McQueeny T, Schweinsburg BC, Frank LR, Yang TT, Tapert SF. (2009). White matter integrity in adolescents with hisories of marijuana use and binge drinking. Neurotoxicol Teratol   31 : 349-355 Kable JA, Coles CD, Lynch ME, Caroll J. (2009). The impact of matrenal smoking on fast auditory brainstem responses. Neutoxicol Teratol   31 : 216-224. Kaindl AM, Favrais G, Gressens P. (2009). Molecular

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Yuriy Solodun, Yulia Monakhova, Thomas Kuballa, Andriy Samokhvalov, Jürgen Rehm and Dirk Lachenmeier

transform infrared spectra. Food Chem   101 : 825-832. Lachenmeier DW, Frank W and Kuballa T. (2005). Application of tandem mass spectrometry combined with gas chromatography to the routine analysis of ethyl carbamate in stone-fruit spirits. Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom   19 : 108-112. Lachenmeier DW, Ganss S, Rychlak B, Rehm J, Sulkowska U, Skiba M and Zatonski W. (2009a). Association between quality of cheap and unrecorded alcohol products and public health consequences in Poland. Alcohol Clin Exp Res   33 : 1757

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Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff

-7. Putcha GV, Le S, Frank S, Besirli CG, Clark K, Chu B, Alix S, Youle RJ, LaMarche A, Maroney AC, Johnson EM Jr. (2003). JNK-mediated BIM phosphorylation potentiates BAX-dependent apoptosis. Neuron 38(6): 899-914. Qiao S-W, Bergseng E, Molberg, O, Jung G, Fleckenstein B, Solli LM. (2005). Refi ning the Rules of Gliadin T Cell Epitope Binding to the Disease-Associated DQ2 Molecule in Celiac Disease: Importance of Proline Spacing and Glutamine Deamidation. J Immunol 175(1): 254-261. Ramirez-Rubio O, Brooks DR, Amador JJ

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Herba Polonica

From Botanical to Medical Research

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Eva Roblegga, Frank Sinner and Andreas Zimmer


Nanotechnology is one of the key technologies of the 21st century and is associated with high expectations. Products with completely new properties for application in medicine, science, industry and various techniques are designed. However, the larger surface area of nanoparticles makes them highly reactive compared to larger sized particles of the same chemistry resulting in both, desirable and undesirable effects. The need for toxicological data has become increasingly important, thus several international projects are ongoing throughout the European Union. The question concerning the risks for the health and environment should not be disregarded.

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Ewelina Wierzejska, Jana Krzysztoszek and Monika Karasiewicz

A, Bertrandt B, Conder M, Bertrandt K, Lisiecka A, Kubiak P et al. Diet supplementation among students. Żyw Nau Technol Jak 2009; 4(65):236-49. 24. Bieżanowska-Kopeć R, Leszczyńska T, Pisulewski PM. Assessment of the content of folates and other B-group vitamins in the diets of young women (20-25 years old) from the Małopolska region. Żyw Nau Technol Jak 2007; 6(55): 352-8. 25. Spencer EH, Bendich A, Frank E. Vitamin and mineral supplement use among US medical students: A longitudinal study. J Am Diet Assoc 2006; 106:1975-83. doi: