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XuPing Li

, Willard V., 1969. Ontological relativity and other essays. New York: Columbia University Press. Yang, Rong. 2001. Common nouns, classifiers, and quantification in Chinese. Rutgers University PhD dissertation. Zamparelli, Roberto. 2001. Definite and bare kind-denoting noun phrases. In Claire Beyssade, Reineke Bok-Bennema, Frank Drijkoningen & Paola Monachesi (eds.), Proceedings of going romance 2000. John Benjamins Publishers, Amsterdam/ Philadelphia. Zhang, Niina. 2013. Classifier structures in Mandarin Chinese. Mouton de

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Richard S. Kayne

-66. Marantz, Alec. 1982. Re reduplication. Linguistic Inquiry 13. 435-482. Marantz, Alec. 1997. No escape from syntax: Don’t try morphological analysis in the privacy of your own lexicon. University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics 4. 201-225. Marušič, Franc & Rok Žaucer. 2006. The “definite article” TA in colloquial Slovenian. In James Lavine, Steven Franks, Milla Tasseva-Kurktchieva & Hana Filip (eds.) 189-204. Ann Arbor: Michigan Slavic Publications. Matthews, Stephen & Virginia Yip. 1994. Cantonese: A comprehensive grammar. Abingdon: Routledge. Morin