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Linda Kauškale and Frank Riemenschneider


Investment tendencies in a country and particular region in general have a crucial role in the creation of the sustainable environment of the city, spatial planning and land use management. Green construction has great potential for investing and can provide variety of benefits for sustainable longterm development of the country. The aim of the research is to analyse the environmental and economical substantiation of investments in green buildings, with particular focus on the experience of Germany. The researchers used logical, inductive, quantitative and statistical analysis logical methods, analysis of scientific literature as well as comparative analysis. Lack of information is a peculiarity of real estate market, and especially affects the activities in green building construction, that also shows the necessity of developing economic and environmental criteria for substantiation of the decision-making process. Future research directions have been identified as well.

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Roxana Clodnițchi and Alexandra Cătălina Chinie

References Alagappan L., Orans S. and Woo, C.K. (2011), “What drives renewable energy development?”, Energy Policy, Vol. 39, No. 9, pp. 5099-5104. Bozsoki I., Zane E.B., Piria R., Frank R. and Bauknecht, D. (2011), Integration of electricity from renewables to the electricity grid and to the electricity market - RES-INTEGRATION, National Raport: Romania, available online at: (accessed December 12, 2014). Bürer, M.J. and Wüstenhagen

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Divya Shukla

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Mihaela Herciu and Claudia Ogrean

, profitability, and capital structure. Journal of Financial Economics, 114(3), 424-443. Dewenter, K. L., & Malatesta, P. H. (2001). State-owned and privately owned firms: An empirical analysis of profitability, leverage, and labor intensity. The American Economic Review, 91(1), 320-334. Enqvist, J., Graham, M., & Nikkinen, J. (2014). The impact of working capital management on firm profitability in different business cycles: Evidence from Finland. Research in International Business and Finance, 32, 36-49. Frank, M. Z., & Goyal, V

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Sorin Burnete and Choomta Pilasluck

University Press Brunet, A. (1990): La civilization occidentale, Hachette Carson, Rachel (1962): Silent Spring, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Daniels, Robert Vincent (1997): The Stalin Revolution: Foundations of the Totalitarian Era, New York: Houghton Mifflin. DeCarlo, Jacqueline (2007): Fair Trade. A beginner’s guide, Oneworld publications Frank, Andre Gunder (1969): The Development of Underdevelopment, (The Globalization and Development Reader: Perspectives on Development and Global Change

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Katarzyna Klimczak

.1080/09638180.2011.611236 Kvaal, E. and Nobes, C.W. (2013). International Variations in Tax Disclosures. Accounting in Europe, 10(2): 241-273, Nair, R.D. and Frank, W.G. (1980). The Impact of Disclosure and Measurement Practices on International Accounting Classifications. The Accounting Review, July: 426-450. Nobes, C.W. (1983). A Judgmental International Classification of Financial Reporting Practices, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, 10(1): 1-19,

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Rosario Cano Garcia

financial management”, Retrieved from: . Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index (2016). Retrieved from: Frank, R.H. and Bernanke, B.S. (2013), Principles of economics , fifth edition. New York, USA: Mc-Graw Hill/Irwin. Frase, L. and Ormiston, A. (2004), Understanding financial statements , New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall. Paguia, D. and Garcia, R. (2013), “Household and community needs of

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Kumar Tiwari Aviral and Krishnankutty Raveesh

determinants of capital structure in transitional economies, International Review of Economics & Finance, Vol.16, no. 3, pp. 400-415. Drobertz, W., and Fix, R., (2003), What are the determinants of the capital structure? Some evidence for Switzerland, Working Paper, No. 4103, WXYZ / Department of Finance University of Basel. Easterbrook, F., (1984), Two-agency cost explanations of dividends, American Economic Review, Vol. 74, no.4, pp. 650-659. Frank, M.Z., and Goyal, V.K., (2003), Testing the pecking order theory of capital

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Robert Staiger and Adrian Tanţău

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