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Andreia Pelegrini, Maria Fátima Glaner and Edio Luiz Petroski

. Gordon T., Castelli W.P., Hjortland M.C., Kannel W.B., Dawber T.R., High density lipoprotein as a protective factor against coronary heart disease. The Framingham study. Am J Med , 1977, 62, 707-714. 25. Bao W., Srinivasan S.R., Valdez R., Greenlund K.J., Wattigney W.A., Berenson G.S., Longitudinal changes in cardiovascular risk from childhood to young adulthood in offspring of parents with coronary artery disease. The Bogalusa Heart Study. JAMA , 1997, 278 (21), 1749- 1754, doi: 10.1001/jama.1997.03550210047037. 26. Shepherd J., Cobbe

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Erzsébet Lázár, Lehel Bordi, István Benedek, Monica Chițu, Zsuzsanna Suciu, Tiberiu Nyulas, Roxana Hodas, Imre Benedek and István Benedek

J . 2012;33:1007-1016. 21. Budoff MJ, Shaw LJ, Liu ST, et al. Long-term prognosis associated with coronary calcification: observations from a registry of 25,253 patients. J Am Coll Cardiol . 2007;49:1860-1870. 22. Greenland P, LaBree L, Azen SP, Doherty TM, Detrano RC. Coronary artery calcium score combined with Framingham score for risk prediction in asymptomatic individuals. JAMA . 2004;291:210-215. 23. Arbab-Zadeh A, Fuster V. The Myth of the “Vulnerable Plaque”: transitioning from a focus on individual lesions to atherosclerotic disease

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Nóra Raț, Diana Opincariu, Emese Márton, Ramona Zavate, Mirela Pintican and Theodora Benedek

tomography angiography study. PLoS One . 2016;11:e0155120. 20. Nakanishi R, Rajani R, Cheng VY, et al. Increase in epicardial fat volume is associated with greater coronary artery calcification progression in subjects at intermediate risk by coronary calcium score: a serial study using non-contrast cardiac CT. Atherosclerosis . 2011;218:363-368. 21. Mahabadi A, Berg M, Lehmann N, et al. Association of Epicardial Fat With Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Incident Myocardial Infarction in the General Population: The Heinz Nixdorf Recall Study. Journal of the

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Norbert A. Szekeres, Zsuzsánna Jeremiás, Árpád Olivér Vida, Orsolya Mártha and Daniel Porav-Hodade

. Mass R, Schwedhelem E, Albseier J, et al. The pathophysiology of erectile dysfunction related to endothelial dysfunction and mediators of vascular function. Vasc Med . 2002;7:213-225. 21. Greenland P, LaBree L, Azen SP, et al. Coronary artery calcium score combined with Framingham score for risk prediction in asymptomatic individuals. JAMA . 2004;291:210-215. 22. Detrano RC, Doherty TM, Davies MJ, et al. Predicting coronary events with coronary calcium: pathophysiologic and clinical problems. Curr Probl Cardiol . 2000;25:374-402. 23. Schmermund A

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Szilamér Korodi, Theodora Benedek, Lehel Bordi, István Kovács, Nora Rat, Emese Márton, Mihaela Rațiu and Imre Benedek

. 2. Lip GY, Brechin CM, Lane DA. The global burden of atrial fibrillation and stroke: a systematic review of the epidemiology of atrial fibrillation in regions outside North America and Europe. Chest . 2012;142:1489-1498. 3. Schnabel RB, Sullivan LM, Levy D, et al. Development of a risk score for atrial fibrillation (Framingham Heart Study): a community-based cohort study. Lancet . 2009;373:739-745. 4. Haïssaguerre M, Jais P, Shah DC, et al. Spontaneous initiation of atrial fibrillation by ectopic beats originating in the pulmonary veins. N Engl J

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Nora Rat, Adriana Mitre, Szilamér Korodi, István Benedek, Erzsébet Lázár, Johanna Kéri, Annamária Pakucs and István Benedek

. 2013;15:73. 49. Altun B, Colkesent Y, Gazi E, et al. Could Epicardial Adipose Tissue Thickness by Echocardiography be Correlated with Acute Coronary Syndrome Risk Scores. Echocardiography . 2013;30:1130-1134. 50. Gul I, Zungur M, Aykan A, et al. The relationship between GRACE score and Epicardial Fat thickness in non-STEMI Patients. Arq Bras Cardiol . 2016;106:194-200. 51. Ozcan F, Turak O, Canpolat U, et al. Association of epicardial fat thickness with TIMI risk score in NSTEMI/USAP patients. Herz . 2013;39:755-760. 52. Zencirci E