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An Empirical Analysis of Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan

References Akhtar, M., Radic, H., (2001), Foreign direct investment in Pakistan: Trends and policy issues. Journal of Asian Business, pp.1-17. Aqeel, A., Nishat, M., (2005), The determinants of foreign direct investment in Pakistan. 20th Annual PSDE Conference held on 10-12 January 2005, Islamabad , pp.1-13. Barrell, R., Pain, N., (1996), An econometric model of U.S. foreign direct investment. The Review of Economics and Statistics, pp. 200-207. Guisinger, S., (2001), From OLI to OLMA

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Foreign direct investment of Polish enterprises in Ukraine – its conditions and structure

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Foreign Direct Investment and Human Capital Formation

moderating role of education in the relationship between FDI and entrepreneurial activity. Small Business Economics , 1–19. Blomstrom, M., & Kokko, A. (2003). Human capital and inward FDI. Working Paper , 167. Chigunta, F. (2002). Youth Entrepreneurship: Meeting the Key Challenges, European Youth Forum Position Paper on Youth Entrepreneurship. Deyo, F. C. (1989). Beneath the Miracle: Labor Substitution in the New Asian Industrialism . Berkeley: University of California Press. Dunning, J. H. (2002). Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment

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Considerations Regarding the Relevance of Direct Foreign Investments in the Global Economy

7. References Biró, D.(2013): Contemporary international relations. Central themes in world politics, Polirom Publishing House, Iași. Bîrsan, M., Mașca, S.G.(2012): Foreign direct investment: from the eclectic paradigm (OLI) to the paradigm of investment development (IDP) , The Publishing House of the University Al.I.Cuza, Iași. Caraganciu, A., Cărare, A., Tverdun, L., Costandache, Gh. (2006): Changing economy: research and opinions, IEFS, Chișinău. Ciobanu, M., (2015), Determinant factors of direct foreign investment . Engineering

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Romanian immigrants and the inflows of foreign direct investment towards Romania

their Effects: A Comprehensive Review on the Romanian Case. IZA Discussion Paper No. 10445. Asiedu, E. (2002), ‘On the Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment to Developing Countries: Is Africa Different?’, World Development, Vol. 30, pp. 107-119. Asiedu, E. (2006), ‘Foreign direct investment in Africa: The role of natural resources, market size, government policy, institutions and political instability’, World Economy, Vol. 29, No. 1, pp. 63-77. Aziz, A. T. and Uddin, S. Al-H. (2009), ‘Immigration and International Trade: Cross Country Evidence

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Adventurous Foreign Direct Investment

Science, 22(5): 1168-1181, Boudier-Bensebaa, F. (2008). FDI-assisted development in the light of the investment development path paradigm: evidence from Central and Eastern European countries. Transnational Corporations, 17(1): 37-69. Brutton, G., Ahlstrom, D. and Obloj, K. (2008). Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies: Where Are We Today and Where Should the Research Go in the Future? Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 32(1): 1-14,

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Ukrainian companies in Poland - conditions and structure of foreign direct investment

Bibliography 1. Crane K., Larabee F. (2015) [in:] Encouraging Trade and Foreign Direct Investment in Ukraine, Rand Corporation Santa Monika; 40. 2. Actions for the development of Polish-Ukrainian economic cooperation [in:],dzialania-na-rzecz-rozwoju-polsko-ukrainskiej-wspolpracy-gospodarczej.html (02.09.2017 – access date). 3. (05.09.2017 – access date). 4. Investor’s Guide - Poland. How to do Business”, PAIH, 2016 [in:] http

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Impact of foreign direct investment on lower silesia’s economic development


The paper presents research results concerning the impact of foreign direct investments on the economic development of Lower Silesia in the years 1999-2011. The first year analysed is 1999 - the year in which the new administrative division was introduced into Poland, where the number of provinces was reduced from 49 to 16, with 314 districts and 65 cities being given district rights (including communes which also accomplish the tasks of the district).1 The research takes into account the most important macroeconomic indicators presenting the region’s development, such as the GDP and investment and employment levels. These indices are based on data from the Statistical Office in Wrocław and the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS). Data on companies and entities with foreign capital have been correlated with the above-mentioned indicators to evaluate the foreign investment influence on the region’s economy

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Foreign Direct Investments, Open Source to Increase the Participation of Romania within Global Production Networks

Bibliography Constantinescu, L. M., Stefan, M. C. (2016) “Post - crisis resilience and trends in the International services exchanges by Romania” , Risk in Contemporary Economy. XVII Edition, pp. 148-159. Kostecki, M. (1994) Foreign Direct Investments and Service Economies of Eastern Europe, OECD, Centre for Co-operation with the Economies in Transition, CCET/DAFFE (94) 70, Paris, p. 2 Schwab, K. World Economic Forum (2013) “ The Global competitiveness Report 2013 – 2014. Full Data Edition” , chapter 1.1 available on-line at http://www3

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Vector Error Correction Model on FDI and their Impact in the Republic of Macedonia

References Asiedu, E. (2006). Foreign direct investment in Africa: The role of natural resources, market size, government policy, institutions and political instability. World Economy, 29 (1), 63-77. DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9701.2006.00758.x Assunchao, S., Forte, R., & Teixeira, A. A. (2011). Location determinants of FDI: a literature review (No. 433). Porto: Universidade do Porto, Faculdade de Economia do Porto. Bastable, C. F. (1897). The theory of international trade: with some of its applications to economic

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