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Irena Kikerkova, Elena Naumovska, Katerina Toshevska-Trpchevska and Elena Makrevska Disoska

References Asiedu, E. (2006). Foreign direct investment in Africa: The role of natural resources, market size, government policy, institutions and political instability. World Economy, 29 (1), 63-77. DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9701.2006.00758.x Assunchao, S., Forte, R., & Teixeira, A. A. (2011). Location determinants of FDI: a literature review (No. 433). Porto: Universidade do Porto, Faculdade de Economia do Porto. Bastable, C. F. (1897). The theory of international trade: with some of its applications to economic

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Hamdi Bilici, Loi Ta and Briant Carcamo

References Dunning, J. H. (1988). The eclectic paradigm of international production: A restatement and some possible extensions. Journal of International Business, 1-31. Harland, C. M. (1996). Supply Chain Management: Relationships, Chains and Networks. British Journal of Management, S63-S80. Lan, N. P. (2006). Foreign Direct Investment and its Linkeage to Economic Growth In Vietnam: A Provincial Level Analysis. Centre for Regulation and Market Analysis. Adelaid, Austrlia: University of South Austrailia

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Mduduzi Biyase and September Rooderick

References Adams, S. (2010). Intellectual property rights and investment climate and FDI in developing countries. International Business Research , 3(3): 201-209. Ahmad, N.A., Asmail, N.W. and Nordin, N. (2015). The impact of infrastructure on foreign direct investment in Malaysia. International Journal of management excellence , 5(1): 584-590. Akpan, U.S., Isihak, S.R., & Asongu, S.A., (2014). “Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Fast-Growing Economies: A Study of BRICS and MINT”, African Governance and Development Institute Working

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Imtiaz Arif, Lubna Khan and Syed Ali Raza

References Almfraji, M., & Almsafir, K, M. (2014). Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth Literature Review from 1994 to 2012. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 129; 206-213. Arif, I., Kazmi, S. W., & Khan, L. (2017). Relationship between Trade Openness and Energy Consumption in Oil Importing Asian Countries. Journal of Finance & Economics Research, 2(1), 37-53. Arif, I., Khan, L., Raza, S. A., and Maqbool, F., (2017) “External resources and economic growth: New evidence from EAGLE countries using

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Hlalefang Khobai, Nicolene Hamman, Thando Mkhombo, Simba Mhaka, Nomahlubi Mavikela and Andrew Phiri

References Adams S. (2009), Foreign direct investment, domestic investment and economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, Journal of Policy Modeling , 31, 939-949. Alfaro L. (2003), Foreign direct investment and growth: Does the sector matter, Harvard Business School , pp. 1-31. Alfaro L. and Chen M. (2011), Surviving the global financial crisis: Foreign ownership and establishment performance, NBER Working Paper No. 17141, June. Alfaro L., Chanda A., Kalemli-Ozcan S. and Sayek S. (2004), FDI and economic growth: The role of local financial

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Daniel Francois Meyer and Kaseem Abimbola Sanusi

-30. Attanasio, O., Picci, L., Scorcu, A. (2000). Saving, Growth, and Investment: A Macroeconomics Analysis using a Panel of Countries. The Review of Economics and Statistics, 82(2): 182-211. Bakare, A.S. (2011). A theoretical analysis of capital formation and growth in Nigeria. Far East Journal of Psychology and Business , 3(2): 11-24. Bekhet, H.A., Othman, N.S. (2011). Causality analysis among electricity consumption, consumer expenditure, gross domestic product (GDP) and foreign direct investment (FDI): Case study of Malaysia. Journal of Economics and

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Hammed A. Adefeso

). Arellano , M. and Bond S. (1991). Some specification test for panel data Monte Carlo evidence and application to employment equation. Review of Economic Studies, 58,277,97. Becker, K. and S. Holmes (2006). Corporate Income Tax Reform and Foreign Direct Investment in Germany: Evidence from Firm-Level Data, Cesifo Working Paper No.177 Category 1: Public Blundell, R. and Bond S. (1998). Innitial conditions and moment restrictions in dynamic panel data models,’ Discussion Paper No. 97-07, University College London. Boadway, R

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Bashir Olayinka Kolawole

. Kolawole, B.O. & Odubunmi, S.A. (2015). Government capital expenditure, foreign direct investment and economic growth relationship in Nigeria, Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 6 (4S3), 444-453. Doi:10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n4s3p444 Kolawole, B.O., Omobitan, O.A. & Yaqub, J.O. (2015). Poverty, inequality and rising growth in Nigeria: Further empirical evidence. International Journal of Economics and Finance, 7(2), 51-62. Kormendi, R. & Meguire, P. (1985). “Macroeconomic determinants of growth: Cross-country evidence”. Journal

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Bushra Yasmin and Wajeeha Qamar

”, in A. Harrison (Ed.), Globalization and Poverty . University of Chicago Press for NBER. Feenstra, R. and G. Hanson (1997), “Foreign Direct Investment and Relative Wages: Evidence from Mexico’s Maquila-doras”, Journal of International Economics , 42 (3): 371–393. Fields, G. S. (1989), “Changes in Poverty and Inequality in Developing Countries”, World Bank Research Observer , World Bank Group, 4(2): 167-85 Fosu, A. (2010), “Growth, Inequality and Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries: Recent Global Evidence”, Background Paper for Global

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Predrag Bejaković and Ruslan Stefanov

Bulgaria: 2015 – 2016, Policy brief No 64 , September 2016, Sofia: Center for the Study of Democracy. Dallago, B. (1987). The underground economy in the West and the East: a comparative approach. In Alessandrini, S., & Dallago, B. (ed.) The Unofficial Economy , Andershot: Gower, 147-163. Davidescu, A., & Strat, V. (2015). Shadow Economy and Foreign Direct Investments: an Empirical Analysis for the Case of Romania , ECOFORUM, 4(2), 265-283. Davidescu, A., Strat, V., & Paul, A. (2015). Revisiting the Size of the Romanian Informal Economy Using the