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Mohammad Amir Anwar

online at DoA: 11 August 2014 IMF 2014: Coordinated Direct Investment Survey, Available online at DoA: 11 August 2014 Land Matrix 2014: URL DoA: 21 July 2014 Matondi, P., Havenevik, K. and Beyene, A. editors, 2011: Biofuels, land grabbing and food security in Africa, London: Zed Books, pp. 68-89. Mawdsley, E., 2008: Fu Manchu versus Dr Livingstone in the dark continent

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Anna Tobolska

References Buszko, A. and Vashchenko, M., 2012: Bezpośrednie inwestycje zagraniczne na Ukrainie: rola czynników instytucjonalnych (Foreign direct investment in Ukraine: The role of institutional factors - in Polish). In: Ekonomista, 2012/4, pp. 515-528. Cieślik, A., 2005: Geografia inwestycji zagranicznych. Przyczyny i skutki lokalizacji spółek z udziałem kapitału zagranicznego w Polsce (Geography of foreign investment. Causes and effects of the location of companies with foreign capital participation in Poland - in

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Sitong Qi


The EU is the world’s largest trade group, occupying an important position in the world trade in goods and services, especially in the field of service trade. The EU trade in services exports and imports are higher than the United States and Japan, and the EU is the world’s largest capital output and input group, and the world’s largest foreign aid providers. With the deepening of the European integration process, Europe’s position in the world economy and trade is on the rise. Therefore, the EU’s trade policy has increasingly become the focus of attention. From the vertical point of view, research directions can be divided into trade in goods policy, trade in services policy, international direct investment policy, trade-related intellectual property policy four field. In this paper, the four vertical areas are illustrated as the focus of the study.

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Alexey V. Kuznetsov and Anastasia A. Nevskaya

References Andreff, W., 2003: The newly emerging TNCs from economies in transition: a comparison with Third World outward FDI. In: Transnational Corporations, Vol. 12, Issue 2, pp. 73-118. Bank of Russia, 2016a: Russian Federation: Inward Foreign Direct Investment Positions by Geographical Allocation in 2009-2015, available from:, DoA: 15 June 2016. Bank of Russia, 2016b: Russian Federation: Outward Foreign Direct

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Ewa Cieślik

State Capital in the New Financial Order, Singapore: Imperial College Press. Orlik, T. and Davis, B., 2012: Beijing Diversifies Away From U.S. Dollar. In: The Wall Street Journal, 2 March. Pignal, S. and McCrum, D., 2013: China to Buy US Assets via GM Pension. In: Financial Times: http:// Reuters, 2013: Russian Direct Investment Fund, 2013: Shemirani, M., 2011

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Marcin Bogdański

peripheral centers in metropolis - in Polish), Warszawa: CeDeWu. Nazarczuk, J.M. and Kisel, R., 2013, Postrzeganie pomocy publicznej w SSE jako instrumentu pozyskiwania bezpośrednich inwestycji zagranicznych (Perception of state aid in the SEZs as an instrument to attract foreign direct investment - in Polish). In: Acta Universitatis Nicolai Copernici. Economia, Vol XLIV, Number 1, Toruń: Nicolaus Copernicus University, pp. 7-16. DOI: ECON.2013.001 Nowak, A., 2012, Przemiany strukturalne oraz zmiany w

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Jarosław M. Nazarczuk

2b4.html, DoA: 04 March 2013. Timofiejuk I., 2006: Pomiar dynamiki miernikow ekonomicznych (The measurement of economic indicator dynamics - in Polish), Warsaw: WSE-I in Warsaw. Tsang, E.W.K. and Yip, P.S.L., 2007: Economic Distance and the Survival of Foreign Direct Investments. In: Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 50 (5), pp. 1156-1168. DOI: Williamson, J.G., 1965: Regional Inequality and the Process of National Development: A Description of the Patterns. In: Economic

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Tomasz Rachwał

of services? In: Geoforum , 22, 4, pp. 359-376. Domański, B. 2001: Kapitał zagraniczny w przemyśle Polski, Kraków: Instytut Geografii i Gospodarki Przestrzennej UJ. Domański, B. 2003: Industrial Change and Foreign Direct Investment in the Postsocialist Economy: the Case of Poland. In: European Urban and Regional Studies , 10, 2, pp. 99-118. Domański, B. 2006: Polski przemysł na tle przemysłu Europy Środkowej i Wschodniej. In: Zioło, Z. and Rachwał, T. editors, Międzynarodowe

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Piotr Raźniak and Anna Winiarczyk-Raźniak

/5, Glasgow: Routlege, pp. 653‒677. Derudder, B., Taylor, P.J., Ni, P., De Vos, A., Hoyler, M., Hansens, H., Basens, D., Huang, J., Witlox, F., Shen, W. and Yang, X., 2010: Pathways of Change: Shifting Connectivities in the World City Network, 2000‒08. In: Urban Studies , Glasgow: Routlege, Vol. 47, pp. 1861‒1877. Domański, B., Gwozdz, K., Sobala-Gwozdz, A., 2009: Inwestycje zagraniczne na obszarach wiejskich i w małych miastach Polski południowo-wschodniej (Foreign direct investment in rural areas and small towns of southeastern Poland