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Aida Barkauskaite and Violeta Naraskeviciute

References Antwi S., Mills. E. F. E. A., Mills G. A., Zhao X. (2013). Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from Ghana. International Journal of Academic Research in Accounting, Finance and Management Sciences, 3(1), 18-25. Axarloglou K., Pournarakis M. (2007). Do All Foreign Direct Investment Inflows Benefit the Local Economy? The World Economy, 424-445. Doing Business (2014). Doing Business Economy Rankings. World Bank

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Rahmi Cetin and Sami Taban

References Abe, S. 1983. "ASEAN Dilemma: An Analysis of Interdependence between Japan and the ASEAN Countries", Sekai Keizai Hyoron, 27 (4): 10-16. Arndt, H.W. 1974. "Professor Kojima on the Macroeconomics of Foreign Direct Investment", Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics, 15: 26-35. Bayoumi, T., P. Isard., S.A. Symansky. and T. Ito. 1996. "Exchange Rate Movements and Their Impacts on Trade and Investment in the APEC Region", IMF Occasional Papers No. 145

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Joel Deichmann

References Balasubramanyam' V.N, M. Salisu' David Sapsford. 1999. Foreign Direct Investment as an Engine of Growth. Journal of International Trade and Economic Development. 8(1) 27-40. Bandelj, Nina. 2002. How EU Integration and Legacies Mattered for Foreign Direct Investment into Central and Eastern Europe. Europe-Asia Studies. 62 (3), 481-501. Bandelj, Nina. 2010. Embedded Economies: Social Relations as Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Central and Eastern Europe

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Bardhyl Dauti

): 277-297 Arellano, M., Bover, O. 1995. Another Look at the Instrumental Variable Estimation of Error-Components Models. Journal of Econometrics 68 (1): 29–51. Baldwin, R., Taglioni, D. 2006. Gravity for dummies and dummies for gravity equations. National Bureau of Economic Research. Working Paper 12516, NBER Bevan, A., Estrin, S. 2000. The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Transition Economies. William Davidson Institute. Working Paper 342. Bevan, A., Estrin, S. 2004. The determinants of foreign direct investment into European

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Laura Diaconu Maxim and Daniel Sterbuleac

. Ayanwale, A. B., & A. S. Bamire. (2001). The Influence of FDI on Firm Level Productivity of Nigeria’s Agro/Agro-Allied Sector. Final Report Presented to the African Economic Research Consortium, Nairobi. Bedi, A., S., & Cielik, A. (2002). Wages and growth in Poland: The role of foreign direct investment, Economics of Transition , 10 (1), 1-27. Bellak, C., Leibrecht, M., & Riedl, A., (2008). Labour costs and FDI flows into Central and Eastern European countries: a survey of the literature and empirical evidence, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics

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Ligita Gaspareniene

References Agrawal, G., & Khan, A. (2011). Impact of FDI on GDP: A Comparative Study of China and India. International Journal of Business and Management, 6(10), 71-79. Alam, A., & Shah, S. (2013). Determinants of foreign direct investment in OECD member countries. Journal of Economic Studies, 40(4), 515-527. Bhattacharyya, S. (2012). Legal regimes governing foreign direct investment (FDI) in host countries. Advocates for

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Grażyna Kozuń-Cieślak NBP. (2007). Informacja o zagranicznych inwestycjach bezpośrednich w 2005 roku. Warszawa NBP. (2007). Information on FDI in Poland in 2006. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. (Reprinted 1999). OECD Benchmark Definition of Foreign Direct Investment. Third Edition. Poland's Investment Challenge. (2004). The McKinsey Quarterly. Vol. 3

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Slavica Penev

- Privatization, Regulation and Competition, a co-publication of the World Bank and Oxford University Press. Kokko, Ari and Patrik Gustavsson (2004). Regional integration, foreign direct investment, and regional development, Volume 9 N° 1 2004 110 EIB papers. Luxembourg Linn, Johannes (2005) Central Asia Human Development Report: Bringing Down Barriers, UNDP 2005, New York Loukoianova, Elena and Anna Unigovskaya 2004. Analysis of Recent Growth in Low-Income CIS Countries. IMF Working Paper/ 04

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Violeta Domanović and Sandra Stojadinović Jovanović

corporate performance in transition economies. Quarterly Journal of Economics, November, 1153-1192. Grosfeld, I. & Tressel, T. (2002). Competition and ownership structure: Substitutes or complements? Evidence from the Warsaw stock exchange. The Economics of Transition, 10(3), 525-551. Hunya, G. (2000). International competitiveness impacts of FDI in CEECs (Research Reports 268), Vienna: Institute for International Economic Studies. Hunya, G. (2002). Recent impacts of foreign direct investment on growth and restructuring in

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Olgica Nestorović

References Alfaro, L. (2013) Foreign Direct Investment and Growth: Does the Sector Matter [pristup 8.11.2014.] Alfaro, L., Charlton, A. (2007) Growth and the Quality of Foreign Direct Investment: Is All FDI Equal , Working Paper, [pristup 8.11.2014.] Alfaro, L., Charlton, A. (2006) Growth and the Quality of Foreing Direct Investment: Is All FDI Equal“, Working Paper http