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An Empirical Analysis of Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan

References Akhtar, M., Radic, H., (2001), Foreign direct investment in Pakistan: Trends and policy issues. Journal of Asian Business, pp.1-17. Aqeel, A., Nishat, M., (2005), The determinants of foreign direct investment in Pakistan. 20th Annual PSDE Conference held on 10-12 January 2005, Islamabad , pp.1-13. Barrell, R., Pain, N., (1996), An econometric model of U.S. foreign direct investment. The Review of Economics and Statistics, pp. 200-207. Guisinger, S., (2001), From OLI to OLMA

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Institutions and Outward Foreign Direct Investment

2 Earlier version of this paper was presented at the European Trade Study Group Conference 2013 in Birmingham, United Kingdom. References Ali, F., Fiess, N., MacDonald, R. (2010), Do Institutions Matter for Foreign Direct Investment? Open Economies Review , Vol. 21 (2), pp. 201–219. Baum, C. (2006). An Introduction to Modern Econometrics Using Stata, College Station: Stata Press. Bénassy-Quér, A., Coupet, M., Mayer, T. (2007), Institutional Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment. The World Economy , Vol. 30 (5), pp. 764

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Considerations Regarding the Relevance of Direct Foreign Investments in the Global Economy

7. References Biró, D.(2013): Contemporary international relations. Central themes in world politics, Polirom Publishing House, Iași. Bîrsan, M., Mașca, S.G.(2012): Foreign direct investment: from the eclectic paradigm (OLI) to the paradigm of investment development (IDP) , The Publishing House of the University Al.I.Cuza, Iași. Caraganciu, A., Cărare, A., Tverdun, L., Costandache, Gh. (2006): Changing economy: research and opinions, IEFS, Chișinău. Ciobanu, M., (2015), Determinant factors of direct foreign investment . Engineering

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Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment: A Review

R eferences 1. Arbatli, E. (2011), Economic Policies and FDI Inflows to Emerging Market Economies. International Monetary Fund Working Paper . 2. Barassi, M., & Zhou, Y. (2012), The effect of corruption on FDI: A parametric and non-parametric analysis. European Journal of Political Economy , Vol. 28, pp. 302-312. 3. Bhardwaj, A., Dietz, J., & Beamish, P. (2007), Host Country Cultural Influences on Foreign Direct Investment. Management International Review, Vol. 47, pp. 29-50. 4. Crespo, N., & Fontoura, M. (2007), Determinant Factors of

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Inward Foreign Direct Investment: A Case Study of Pakistan

References Arslan, M. (2010). Pakistani Foreign Direct Investment Declines by 44%. Balasubramanyam, V. N., Salisu, M., & Sapsford, D. (1996). Foreign direct investment and growth in EP and IS countries. The economic journal , 92-105. Briefs, U. I. (2009). Global FDI in Decline Due to the Financial Crisis, and a Further Drop Expected: Investment Issues Analysis Branch of UNCTAD. Cali, M., Massa, I., & te Velde, D. W. (2008). The global financial crisis: financial flows to developing countries set to fall by one quarter. London: ODI

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Agglomeration Economies and Foreign Direct Investment in Advanced Business Services in Poland

1 Introduction For many years, services attracted most of the foreign direct investment (FDI) in Central and Eastern European countries (CEECs). Recently, a distinctive type of business services, i.e., advanced business services (ABS), has become the focal point in FDI in the region. These services are also described as knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS). ABS include business process outsourcing (BPO), shared service centers (SSC), information technology (IT) outsourcing (ITO), and research and development (R&D) centers. The first investments of

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Foreign Direct Investment Inflows into Zimbabwe

References Alfaro, L. (2017). Gains from Foreign Direct Investment: Macro and Micro Approaches. World Bank Economic Review, 30 Supplements 1, S2 - S15. Asheghian, P. (2011). Economic Growth Determinants and Foreign Direct Investment Causality in Canada, International Jornal of Business and Social Sciences, 2(11), 1-9. Bean, C. R. (1981). An econometric model of manufacturing investment in the UK, The Economic Journal, 91, 106-121. Blanco, L. (2012). The Spatial Interdependence of FDI in Latin

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Does foreign direct investment cause financial sector development – evidence from an emerging economy

R eferences 1. Adam, A. M. and Tweneboah, G. (2009), “foreign direct investment and stock market development: Ghana’s Evidence”, International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, Vol. 26 No. 1, pp. 178-185. 2. Adeniyi, O., Omisakin, O, Egwaikhide, F.O., and Oyinlola, A. (2012), “Foreign direct investment, economic growth and financial sector development in small open developing economies”, Economic Analysis & Policy, Vol. 42 No.1, pp. 105 – 127. 3. Al Nasser, O. M. and Soydemir, G (2010), “Domestic and international determinants of

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An Analysis of China's Outward Foreign Direct Investment to the EU: Features and Problems

: Patterns, Impacts and Policy Implications, MOFCOM, Statistical Bulletin of China's Outward of Foreign Direct Investment , various issues. Rios -Morales, R. and Brennan L., (2010), Te emergence of Chinese investment in Europe [J]. EuroMed Journal of Business ., Vol. 5, Issue 2, pp. 215–231. Song L., Liu H., (2012), Chinese Direct Investment in Europe Union: Distribution, Characteristics and Future Trends, Journal of International Trade , No. 12, (2012), pp. 52–60. Tao H., (2011

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International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment as Innovation Factors of the U.S. Economy

References Branstetter L., (2004), Is Foreign Direct Investment a Channel of Knowledge Spillovers? Evidence from Japan's FDI in the United States, Columbia Business School and NBER, June 2004. Cheung K., Lin P., (2004), Spillover Efects of FDI on Innovation in China: Evidence from Provincial Data, China Economic Review, No. 15. Keller W., Yeaple S.R., (2003), Multinational Enterprises, International Trade, and Productivity Growth: Firm Level Evidence from the United States, NBER Working Paper 9504. Keller W., (2009), International Trade, Foreign

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