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Comparison of methods for the identification and sub-typing of O157 and non-O157 Escherichia coli serotypes and their integration into a polyphasic taxonomy approach

bacteria to utilise 95 various carbon sources and assigns unknown strains to a species by mathematically comparing their utilisation pattern (metabolic fingerprint) with the Biolog database ( Odumeru et al ., 1999 ; Kootallur et al ., 2011 ). Fourier transform-infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy is considered a chemotaxonomic method that is able to provide a great amount of taxonomic data. Spectra obtained from cellular biomass are very characteristic and can be considered as ‘fingerprints’ or molecular patterns distinctive of a particular bacterial strain ( Naumann, 2000

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Milk acetone determination by the photometrical method after microdiffusion and via FT infra-red spectroscopy

freezing point measurement via infrared spectroscopy (MIR-FT) for laboratories of milk quality (in Czech). Cattle Research 51: 40-53. Hanuš O, Hulová I, Genčurová V, Štolc L, Kučera J, Kopecký J, Jedelská R, Motyčka Z (2009b): Result interpretation of experimental calibration for milk citric acid determination via infra-red spectroscopy (MIR-FT) (in Czech). Acta Univ Agric et Silvic Mendel Brun 57: 87-101. Hanuš O, Kučera J, Genčurová V, Kopecký J, Jedelská R (2009c): Selected parameters of MIR-FT method validation to

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Influence of Soil Traits on Polyphenols Level in Moltkia petraea (Tratt.) Griseb. (Boraginaceae)

. H., 2007: An alternative method to measure carbonate in soils by FT-IR spectroscopy. Environmental Chemistry Letters 5, 9–12. Tavarini, S., Sgherri, C., Ranieri, A. M., Angelini, L. G., 2015: Effect of nitrogen fertilization and harvest time on steviol glycosides, flavonoid composition and antioxidant properties in Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chem istry 63, 7041–7050. Young, J. E., Zhao, X., Carey, E. E., Welti, R., Yang, S. S., Wang, W., 2005: Phytochemical phenolic in organically grown vegetables. Molecular Nutrition

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Comparison of Chemical Structure of Alginite Humic Acids Isolated with Two Different Procedures with Soil Humic Acids

Science Publishers, Inc., pp. 123. ISBN 978-1-61668-965-0. MALCOLM, M.L. 1990. The uniqueness of humic substances in each of soil stream and marine environments. In Analytica Chimica Acta , vol. 232 , pp.19‒30. MAO, J. ‒ OLK, D.C. ‒ FANG, X. ‒ HE, Z. ‒ SCHMIDT-ROHR, K. 2008. Influence of animal manure applicatioín on the chemical structures of soil organic mater as investigated by advanced solid-state NMR and Ft-IR spectroscopy. In Geoderma , vol. 146 , no. 1‒2, pp. 353‒362. ONO, K. ‒ HIRAI, K

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Puff-by-puff Mainstream Smoke Analysis by Multiplex Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

References 1. Seligman, R.B, F.E. Resnik, A.E. 0Nkeeffe, J.C. Holmes, F.A. Morrell, D.P. Murrill, and F.L. Gager: Gas chromatography in tobacco research; Tob. Sci. 1 (1957) 120K125. 2. Koller, K, C. Thomas, M. Parrish, and D. Leyden: Puff-by puff determination of gas phase acetaldehyde, HCN, NO, and CO using FT-IR spectroscopy; Buli. Spec. CORESTA, Symposium Kallithea, 1990, abstr. S06, p. 211. 3. Zhang, M. and J. Philips: Applications of multiplex gas chromatography to the

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Application of Fourier Transform Infra-red Evolved Gas Analysis (FT-IR-EGA) to the Study of Tobacco Curing

References 1. Lephardt, J. O., and R. A. Fenner: Characterization of pyrolysis and combustion of complex systems using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy; Appl. Spectrosc. 34 (1980) 174—185. 2. Lephardt, J, O., and R. A. Fenner: Fourier transform infrared evolved gas analysis — Additional considerations and options; Appl. Spectrosc. 35 (1980) 95—101. 3. Lephardt, J. O.: Fourier transform infrared evolved gas analysis (FT-IR-EGA); Appl, Spectrosc. Rev. 18 (1982-3) 265

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Quantitative and Structure Analysis of Cellulose in Tobacco by 13C CP / MAS NMR Spectroscopy

CP-MAS NMR and FT-IR Spectroscopic Analysis of Cuticular Fractions of Berries and Suberized Membranes of Potato; J. Food Comp. Anal. 24 (2011) 334–345. Jarvinen R. Silvestre A.J.D. Gil A.M. Kallio H. Solid State 13 C CP-MAS NMR and FT-IR Spectroscopic Analysis of Cuticular Fractions of Berries and Suberized Membranes of Potato J. Food Comp. Anal. 24 2011 334 345 21. Tokoh, C., K. Takabe, J. Sugiyama, and M. Fujita: CP/MAS 13 C NMR and Electron Diffraction Study of Bacterial Cellulose Structure Affected by Cell Wall

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Investigation of Tobacco Pyrolysis Gases and Puff-by-puff Resolved Cigarette Smoke by Single Photon Ionisation (SPI) - Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry (TOFMS)

cigarette smoke; Rec. Adv. Tob. Sci. 3 (1977) 28–58. 14. Dube, M.F. and C.R. Green: Methods of collection of smoke for analytical purposes; Rec. Adv. Tob. Sci. 8 (1982) 42–102. 15. Streibel, T., K. Hafner, F. Mühlberger, T. Adam, R. Warnecke, and R. Zimmermann: Investigation of NO x precursor compounds and other combustion by-products in the primary combustion zone of a waste incineration plant using on-line, real time mass spectrometry and Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectrometry (FT-IR); Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 384 (2005

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Developmental and biochemical analyses of in vitro drought stress response in ornamental European Bluestar (Amsonia orientalis Decne.)

segments of adult plants. Propag. Ornam. Plants 13(1), 25-32. A cemi A., Tü rker -K aya S., Ö zen F., 2016. FT-IR spectroscopy based evaluation of changes in primary metabolites of Amsonia orientalis after in vitro 6-benzylaminopurine treatment. Not. Bot. Horti. Agrobot. 44(1), 209-214. A cemi A., D uruksu G., Ö zen F., 2017a. Cytostatic effects of methanolic extracts of Amsonia orientalis Decne. on MCF-7 and DU145 cancer cell lines. Not. Bot. Horti. Agrobot. 45(1), 36-42. A cemi A., D uman Y., K arakuş Y.Y., K ömpe Y.Ö., Ö zen F., 2017

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Composition of microbial PLFAs and correlations with topsoil characteristics in the rare active travertine spring-fed fen

method to measure carbonate in soils by FT-IR spectroscopy. Environ. Chem. Lett., 5, 9−12. DOI: 10.1007/s10311-006-0079-5. ter Braak, C.J.F. (1994). Basic theory and linear methods. Canonical community ordination. Part I. Ecoscience, 1, 127-140. ter Braak, C.J.F. & Smilauer P. (2002). CANOCO reference manual and CanoDraw for Windows user’s guide: software for canonical community ordination (version 4.5). Itaca: Microcomputer power. Trofymow, J.A., Moore, T.R., Titus, B., Prescott, C., Morrison, I

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