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Occurrence of chemicals with known or suspected endocrine disrupting activity in drinking water, groundwater and surface water, Austria 2017/2018

triiodothyronine (T3) to thyroid hormone receptors (TRs) and suppress T3 actions; b) In vivo, bisphenol A can impair thyroid hormone action by antagonizing T3-induced TR activation (TRα1 and TRβ1) and by suppressing its transcriptional activity in a dose-dependent manner; c) Triclosan affects thyroid hormone-dependent metamorphosis in animals; d) Urinary phthalates are cross-sectionally associated with lower free thyroxine (fT4) and higher thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH); e) PFASs interfere with binding of thyroid hormone to transthyretin and upregulate deiodinase in the

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Comparison of Chemical Structure of Alginite Humic Acids Isolated with Two Different Procedures with Soil Humic Acids

Science Publishers, Inc., pp. 123. ISBN 978-1-61668-965-0. MALCOLM, M.L. 1990. The uniqueness of humic substances in each of soil stream and marine environments. In Analytica Chimica Acta , vol. 232 , pp.19‒30. MAO, J. ‒ OLK, D.C. ‒ FANG, X. ‒ HE, Z. ‒ SCHMIDT-ROHR, K. 2008. Influence of animal manure applicatioín on the chemical structures of soil organic mater as investigated by advanced solid-state NMR and Ft-IR spectroscopy. In Geoderma , vol. 146 , no. 1‒2, pp. 353‒362. ONO, K. ‒ HIRAI, K

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Developmental and biochemical analyses of in vitro drought stress response in ornamental European Bluestar (Amsonia orientalis Decne.)

segments of adult plants. Propag. Ornam. Plants 13(1), 25-32. A cemi A., Tü rker -K aya S., Ö zen F., 2016. FT-IR spectroscopy based evaluation of changes in primary metabolites of Amsonia orientalis after in vitro 6-benzylaminopurine treatment. Not. Bot. Horti. Agrobot. 44(1), 209-214. A cemi A., D uruksu G., Ö zen F., 2017a. Cytostatic effects of methanolic extracts of Amsonia orientalis Decne. on MCF-7 and DU145 cancer cell lines. Not. Bot. Horti. Agrobot. 45(1), 36-42. A cemi A., D uman Y., K arakuş Y.Y., K ömpe Y.Ö., Ö zen F., 2017

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Composition of microbial PLFAs and correlations with topsoil characteristics in the rare active travertine spring-fed fen

method to measure carbonate in soils by FT-IR spectroscopy. Environ. Chem. Lett., 5, 9−12. DOI: 10.1007/s10311-006-0079-5. ter Braak, C.J.F. (1994). Basic theory and linear methods. Canonical community ordination. Part I. Ecoscience, 1, 127-140. ter Braak, C.J.F. & Smilauer P. (2002). CANOCO reference manual and CanoDraw for Windows user’s guide: software for canonical community ordination (version 4.5). Itaca: Microcomputer power. Trofymow, J.A., Moore, T.R., Titus, B., Prescott, C., Morrison, I

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