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Dietary Fiber Extraction from Defatted Corn Hull by Hot-Compressed Water


Corn hulls were abundant and inexpensive byproducts of the corn dry or wet milling processes, but most of them were discarded as agro-wastes. The aim of this study was to extract the dietary fiber by hot-compressed water (HCW) from defatted corn hull and to determine the chemical properties. Results showed that temperature and time played critical roles in extraction efficiency; the maximal yield of dietary fiber A (DFA) extracted by HCW reached 33.0% at 150°C for 60 min. The yield of dietary fiber B (DFB) increased from 2.0% to 56.9% as the temperature increased from 110 to 180°C, while the yield of solid residue (SR) decreased from 88.7% to 27.7%. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) results demonstrated that C-H, O-H, C=O, COO- occurred in the DFA, SR and DFB. The dietary fiber polysaccharides consisted of arabinose, galactose, glucose, xylose and uronic acid.

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Analysis of European Honeybee (Apis Mellifera) Wings Using ATR-FTIR and Raman Spectroscopy: A Pilot Study

, 32, 1577-1583. Iconomidou JA, Chryssikos GD, Gionis V, Willis JH, Hamodrakas SJ (2001): ‘Soft’-cuticle protein secondary structure as revealed by FT-Raman, ATR FT-IR and CD spectroscopy. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 31, 877-885. Kaya M, Mujtaba M, Bulut E, Akyuz B, Zelencova L, Sofi K (2015): Fluctuation in physicochemical properties of chitins extracted from different body parts of honeybee. Carbohydrate Polymers, 132, 9-16. Kong J, Yu S (2007): Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic

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Comparison of Chemical Structure of Alginite Humic Acids Isolated with Two Different Procedures with Soil Humic Acids

Science Publishers, Inc., pp. 123. ISBN 978-1-61668-965-0. MALCOLM, M.L. 1990. The uniqueness of humic substances in each of soil stream and marine environments. In Analytica Chimica Acta , vol. 232 , pp.19‒30. MAO, J. ‒ OLK, D.C. ‒ FANG, X. ‒ HE, Z. ‒ SCHMIDT-ROHR, K. 2008. Influence of animal manure applicatioín on the chemical structures of soil organic mater as investigated by advanced solid-state NMR and Ft-IR spectroscopy. In Geoderma , vol. 146 , no. 1‒2, pp. 353‒362. ONO, K. ‒ HIRAI, K

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Crude Protein and Non-protein Nitrogen Content in Dairy Cow Milk

review. Veterinarija ir zootechnika, t. 44 (66). 21. Šustova, K., Ružičkova, J., Kuchtik, J. (2007). Application of FT near spectroscopy for determination of true protein and casein in milk. Czech journal Animal Science, Vol. 52, No 9, 284-291. 22. Твердохлеб, Г. В., Раманаускас, Р. И. (2006). Химия и физика молока и молочных продуктов. (Chemistry and physics of milk and dairy products) Москва : ДеЛи принт, 360.

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Developmental and biochemical analyses of in vitro drought stress response in ornamental European Bluestar (Amsonia orientalis Decne.)

segments of adult plants. Propag. Ornam. Plants 13(1), 25-32. A cemi A., Tü rker -K aya S., Ö zen F., 2016. FT-IR spectroscopy based evaluation of changes in primary metabolites of Amsonia orientalis after in vitro 6-benzylaminopurine treatment. Not. Bot. Horti. Agrobot. 44(1), 209-214. A cemi A., D uruksu G., Ö zen F., 2017a. Cytostatic effects of methanolic extracts of Amsonia orientalis Decne. on MCF-7 and DU145 cancer cell lines. Not. Bot. Horti. Agrobot. 45(1), 36-42. A cemi A., D uman Y., K arakuş Y.Y., K ömpe Y.Ö., Ö zen F., 2017

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