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Internationalization of Japanese Business Groups – Literature Review

://www.sidalcnet/cgi-bin/wxis.exe/?IsisScript=iicacrxis&method=post&formato=2&cantidad=1&expresion=mfn=032843> [Accessed 15 October 2018]. [29] Gerlach, M.L. (1997). Alliance Capitalism, Group. [online] Available at: <;;doc.view=print> [Accessed 13 April 2018]. [30] Grabowiecki, J. (2006). Keiretsu groups: Their role in the Japanese economy and a reference point (or a paradigm) for other countries, Institute of Developing Economies, (413), pp. 1-79. [online] Available at: <

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The Issues of the Management of Receivables: Lithuanian Case

working paper 1344. Accessed [10.01.2016]. Available from Internet: Mackevičius, J. (2008). Įmonių veiklos analizė - informacijos rinkimo, tyrimo ir vertinimo Sistema. Informacijos mokslai, (4), 46-56. Mackevičius, J., & Rakštelienė, A. (2005). Altman modelių taikymas Lietuvos įmonių bankrotui prognozuoti. Ekonomikos ir teorijos praktika: Pinigų studijos, (1), 24-42. Malinauskas, G. (2014). Pirkėjų skolų valdymo modelis smulkaus verslo įmonėje. Jaunasis mokslininkas

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Identification of Indicators’ Applicability to Settle Borrowers’ Probability of Default

. (2002). Capital Charges under Basel II: Corporate Credit Risk Modelling and the Macro Economy. Sveriges Riksbank Working paper Series, (142), 1-54. Chan-Lau, J. A. (2006). Market-Based Estimation of Default Probabilities and Its Application to Financial Market Surveillance. IMF Working Paper. Monetary and Financial Systems Department. [Accessed 10.02.2016]. Available from Internet: Cibulskienė, D., Butkus, M., & Žakarė, S. (2014). Bankroto Diagnostikos Modelis ir jo Pritaikymas

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