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Application of Fourier Transform Infra-red Evolved Gas Analysis (FT-IR-EGA) to the Study of Tobacco Curing

References 1. Lephardt, J. O., and R. A. Fenner: Characterization of pyrolysis and combustion of complex systems using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy; Appl. Spectrosc. 34 (1980) 174—185. 2. Lephardt, J, O., and R. A. Fenner: Fourier transform infrared evolved gas analysis — Additional considerations and options; Appl. Spectrosc. 35 (1980) 95—101. 3. Lephardt, J. O.: Fourier transform infrared evolved gas analysis (FT-IR-EGA); Appl, Spectrosc. Rev. 18 (1982-3) 265

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Zeolite as Material for Hydrogen Storage in Transport Applications / CEOLĪTA KĀ ŪDEŅRAŽA UZGLABĀŠANAS VIDES IZPĒTE

., & Kleperis, J. (2012) Research of hydrogen storage possibility in natural zeolite. International Scientific Journal for Alternative Energy and Ecology ISJAEE , 9 , 16-20. 14. Li, G. (2005). FT-IR studies of zeolite materials: characterization and environmental applications. Dissertation, University of Iowa, 15. Arean C.O., Bonelli B., Delgado M.R., & Garrone E. (2009). Hydrogen storage via physisorption: the combined role of adsorption enthalpy and entropy. Turk. J. Chem ., 33 , 599-606; DOI:10.3906/kim-0812

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Peptides conformational changes of the erythrocyte membrane induced by organometallic tin compounds

-130. Garip S., Yapici E., Simsek Ozek N., Severcanc M., Severcan F. (2010) Evaluation and discrimination of simvastatin-induced structural alterations in proteins of different rat tissues by FTIR spectroscopy and neural network analysis. Analyst   135 , 3233-3241. Hoch M. (2001) Organotin compounds in the environment - an overview. Appl. Geochem. , 16 , 719-743. Jackson M. & Mantsch H. H. (1993) Biomembrane structure from FT-IR spectroscopy. Spectrochim. Acta Rev. , 15 53-69. Kim S-H., Shin D

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A comparison of the activation energy of viscous flow for hen egg-white lysozyme obtained on the basis of different models of viscosity for glass-forming liquids

moment. Biopolymers   58 , 398-409. Turula V. E., de Haseth J. A. (1996). Particle beam LC/FT-IR spectrometry studies of biopolymer. Conformations in reversed - phase HPLC separations: native globular proteins. Anal. Chem.   68 , 629-638. Vinogradov GV, Malkin AYa. (1980). Rheology of Polymers. Mir, Moscow, 1980. Woods K. N. (2010). Solvent-induced backbone fluctuations and the collective librational dynamics of lysozyme studied by terahertz spectroscopy. Phys. Rev. E   81 , 031915

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An Application of Fourier Transform Infra-red (FT-IR) Microspectroscopy to the Study of Cigarette Manufacturing Defects


FT-IR microspectroscopy was used to investigate a common type of cigarette defect in which the filter separates from the tobacco rod. Infra-red imagings of the adhesive located at this junction on the tipping papers from both defective and acceptable cigarettes were obtained. A comparison of these data revealed that although adhesive was present in the seam area of the defective cigarettes, the amount of adhesive was significantly less and its distribution was not uniform.

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Puff-by-puff Mainstream Smoke Analysis by Multiplex Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

References 1. Seligman, R.B, F.E. Resnik, A.E. 0Nkeeffe, J.C. Holmes, F.A. Morrell, D.P. Murrill, and F.L. Gager: Gas chromatography in tobacco research; Tob. Sci. 1 (1957) 120K125. 2. Koller, K, C. Thomas, M. Parrish, and D. Leyden: Puff-by puff determination of gas phase acetaldehyde, HCN, NO, and CO using FT-IR spectroscopy; Buli. Spec. CORESTA, Symposium Kallithea, 1990, abstr. S06, p. 211. 3. Zhang, M. and J. Philips: Applications of multiplex gas chromatography to the

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Adhesive Distribution between Paper Components of Cigarettes

References 1. Thompson, M.M. and M.S. Ireland: An application of Fourier transform infra-red (FT-IR) microspectroscopy to the study of cigarette manufacturing defects; Beitr. Tabakforsch. Int. 15 (1992) 59–64 2. Komatsubara O., T. Yoshida, and K. Kaneki: Computational analysis of flow through perforations in tipping paper; Paper presented at the CORESTA Meeting of the Smoke and Technology Groups, Innsbruck, 1999. 3. Conners, T.E. and S. Banerjee (eds.): Surface analysis of paper

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Chemical modification of alginic acid by ultrasonic irradiation

]. Pereira, L., Sousa, A., Coelho, H., Use of FTIR, FT-Raman and 13C-NMR spectroscopy for identification of some seaweed phycocolloids, Biomolecular Engineering. 2003, 20, 223-228 [22]. Sartori, C, Finch, D. .S, Ralph B., Gilding, K. Polymer, 1997, 38 (1):43-51. [23]. Nivens, D. E., Ohman, D. E., Williamn, J., Franklin M. J., J Bacteriol. 2001;183:1047-57. [24]. Matsuhiro, B., Torres, S., Guerrero, J., Block structure in alginic acid from Lessonia vadosa (Laminariales, phaeophyta), J. Chil. Chem. Soc. 2007, 52, (1), 1-9.

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Quantitative and Structure Analysis of Cellulose in Tobacco by 13C CP / MAS NMR Spectroscopy

CP-MAS NMR and FT-IR Spectroscopic Analysis of Cuticular Fractions of Berries and Suberized Membranes of Potato; J. Food Comp. Anal. 24 (2011) 334–345. Jarvinen R. Silvestre A.J.D. Gil A.M. Kallio H. Solid State 13 C CP-MAS NMR and FT-IR Spectroscopic Analysis of Cuticular Fractions of Berries and Suberized Membranes of Potato J. Food Comp. Anal. 24 2011 334 345 21. Tokoh, C., K. Takabe, J. Sugiyama, and M. Fujita: CP/MAS 13 C NMR and Electron Diffraction Study of Bacterial Cellulose Structure Affected by Cell Wall

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Intermittent transition to chaos in vibroimpact system

state-of-art technique for nonstationary signals analysis. There are quite a few articles, books, and textbooks written on them [ 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 ]. There is developed Software: Wavelet Toolbox in Matlab, Mathcad and so on [ 15 ]. Mathematical transformations are applied to signals to obtain a further information from signal that is not readily available in the raw signal. There is number of transformations that can be applied, among which the Fourier transforms (FT) are probably by far the most popular. The FT gives the frequency information of the signal

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