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Małgorzata Michalczyk, Adam Zajac, Kazimierz Mikolajec, Grzegorz Zydek and Józef Langfort

( Simopoulos, 2008 ). Additionally, they reduce the concentration of LDL-cholesterol. The current study evaluated the effects of a well-controlled 4-week low carbohydrate diet (LCD) followed by a 7-day carbohydrate loading protocol (Carbo-L) on the blood concentration of lipoproteins, glucose, insulin and the HOMA-IR index in competitive basketball players. Changes in body mass and body composition were also assessed. Methods Eleven male basketball players (age 24.27 ± 2.6 y; body mass (BM) 91.41 ± 5.17 kg; body height 192.8 ± 3.6 cm; fat free mass (FFM) 48.62 ± 6