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Karolina Czerwieńska, Waldemar Szendera and Waldemar Chmielewski

study of humic acids isolated from sediments and soils, Senckenbergiana maritima , 32, 1–2, pp. 183–189. Giovela, M., Parlanti, E., Soriano-Sierra, E.J., Soldi, M.S. & Sierrae, M.M.D. (2004). Elemental compositions, FT-IR spectra and thermal behavior of sedimentary fulvic and humic acids from aquatic and terrestrial environments, Geochemical Journal , 38, pp. 255–264. Godlewska, M., Mazurkiewicz-Boro, G., Pociecha, A., Wilk-Woźniak, E. & Jelonek, M. (2003). Effects of flood on the functioning of the Dobczyce Reservoir ecosystem, Hydrobiologia , 504, pp

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Jan Paweł Bogacki and Hussein Al-Hazmi

References Babuponnusami, A. & Muthukumar, K. (2014). A review on Fenton and improvements to the Fenton process for wastewater treatment, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering , 2, pp. 557–572. Barreto-Rodriguesa, M., Silva, F.T. & Paiva, T.C.B. (2009). Optimization of Brazilian TNT industry wastewater treatment using combined zero-valent iron and Fenton processes, Journal of Hazardous Materials , 168, pp. 1065–1069. Bautitz, I.R., Velosa, A.C. & Nogueira, R.F.P. (2012). Zero valent iron mediated degradation of the pharmaceutical

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Jacek Antonkiewicz, Czesława Jasiewicz, Małgorzata Koncewicz-Baran and Renata Bączek-Kwinta

References Alexander, B., Browse, D.J., Reading, S.J. & Benjamin, I.S. (1999). A simple and accurate mathematical method for calculation of the EC50, Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods, 41 (2-3), pp. 55-58. DOI:10.1016/S1056-8719(98)00038-0 Allender, W.J., Cresswell, G.C., Kaldor, J. & Kennedy, I.R. (1997). Effect of lithium and lanthanum on herbicide induced hormesis in hydroponically-grown cotton and corn, Journal of Plant Nutrition, 20, 1, pp. 81-95. DOI:10.1080/01904169709365235 Al