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Are Empires Striking Back? A Political and Cultural Comparison of the European Union and Russia

the EU’s Pragmatic Engagement with Belarus in the Eastern Partnership Policy. The European Union and Its Neighbours: Values versus Security in European Foreign Policy, 173-194. Carrrère d’Encausse, Hélène, (1992), Victorieuse Russie, Fayard. Conte, A. (1992). L'épopée coloniale de la France, Plon. Debaere, P. (2015). The European Union and the Gx System. In EU Coordination in International Institutions: Policy and Process in Gx Forums (pp. 10-19). Palgrave Macmillan UK. Demchenko, O., & Golosov, G. V

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Cyber Security Policy and Strategy in the European Union and Nato

References European Commission. (2010). Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions: A Digital Agenda for Europe, available at:, accessed on: 20 February 2018. European Commission. (2013). Cybersecurity Strategy of the European Union: An Open, Safe and Secure Cyberspace, available at: https

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Current Status and Prospects for the Quality Assurance in Border Guards Training: European Experience

References 1. Balendr, A. (2018). Information and communication technologies in foreign languages training of the border guards in the European Union Countries. Information Technologies and Learning Tools, 67 (5), 56-71. 2. Bidiuk, N., Ikonnikova, M., & Komochkova, O. (2018). Overview of professional education of linguistics students at universities of Great Britain. Advanced Education, 9, 5-10. 3. Bloshchynskyi, I. (2017). Enhancement of cadets’ practical training at the National Academy of the State Border

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Legal Aspects of the Implementation of European Union’s Common Commercial Policy: Lithuanian Experience and Practice

Hauptzollamt Frankfurt am Main, 2015 EU:C:2015:783. Case C-442/08 Commission v Germany, 2010 E.C.R. I-0000. Case C-472/12 Panasonic Italia SpA, Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH, Scerni Logistics Srl v Agenzia delle Dogane di Milano, 2014 EU:C:2014:2082. Case C-97/95 Pascoal & Filhos Ld. v Fazenda Pública, 1997 E.C.R. I-04209. Case T-412/13 Chin Haur Indonesia, PT v Council of the European Union, 2015 EU:T:2015:163. Commission Regulation No. 1101948/200914 on the tariff and statistical nomenclature

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Polish Experience of Foreign Language Teachers’ Training

REFERENCES 1. Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment. (2001). Cambridge, MA: Cambridge University Press. 2. Jakowicka, M. (2008). Nauczyciel w ksztal ceniu I doskonaleniu w kontekscie reformy edukacji. Warszawa: Eurydice. 3. Kelly, M., Grenfell, M., Gallagher-Brett, A., Jones, D., Richard, L., & Hilmarsson-Dunn, A. (2002). The training of teachers of a foreign language: developments in Europe. A Report to the European Commission Directorate General for Education and Culture . Retrieved from

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The impact of sport education on fundamental values

School Health , VL.76, Issue 8, Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Inc., pp. 1746-1561. 4. FRA - European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (2010). Racism, ethnic discrimination and exclusion of grants ties in sport: A comparative overview of the situation in the European Union . Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, p. 89. 5. Clandinin D. J. (1986). Classroom practice: Teacher images in action . London. The Falmer Press. 6. Beijaard D., de Vries Y. (1997). Building expertise: A process perspective on the development or change of

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Youth Start Social Entrepreneurship Program for Kids: Portuguese UKIDS-Case Study

References Alves, V. P. T. (2016). Educação para o empreendedorismo: A ativação criativa no 1 0 CEB [Entrepreneurship Education: The creative activation in the Basic Education]. (Masters dissertation). Aveiro: Universidade de Aveiro. Austin, J. E., Stevenson, H. H., & Wei-Skillern, J. (2006). Social and commercial entrepreneurship: Same, different, or both? Entrepreneurship: Theory & Practice , 30 (1), 1–22. Council of the European Union, 8 th May 2018, Draft Council conclusions on moving towards a vision of an European education area

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Journey from academics to employment: labor market insertion of the Fitness and Motor Performance Master Physical Education Faculty of Timisoara West University Alumni 2011-2016- a pilot study

References 1. Bartlett W., Uvalić M., Durazzi N., Monastiriotis V., Sene T. (2016). From University to Employment : Higher Education Provision and Labour Market Needs In the Western Balkans Synthesis Report, European Commission 2016 , Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 1-473. 2. Andrei S.C. (2015). Studiu de oportunitate inserție pe piața munci i, accesed at 28.09.2017 3. Spatarelu E. (2015). Youth insertion on

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Parental Thinking, Beliefs and Values: Establishing Entrepreneurial Skills in the Family

’s academic ability: Implications for educational investment. NBER Working Paper , No. 24610, Issued in May. Cambridge: National Bureau of Economic Research. Eriksen, K. G. (2013). Why education for sustainable development needs early childhood education: The case of Norway. Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability , 15 (1), 107–120. European Commission. (2010). Europe 2020 . Brussels: Publication Office of the European Union. EU Commission. (2016). Draft 2015 joint report of the Council and the Commission on the implementation of the

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Entrepreneurship Education in a Democratic Perspective

–80. European Commission. (2018). Council Recommendation of 22 May 2018 on Key Competences for Lifelong Learning. Official Journal of the European Union , 189 (4). Jarvis, P. (2010). Adult education and lifelong learning. Theory and practice . Fourth Edition. London: Routledge. Johansen, P., & Tetzschner, H. (2006). Casestudiemetoden [Case study method]. In Voxsted, S. (Ed.), Valg der skaber viden [Choises that create knowledge]. Hans Reitzels Forlag. Korsgaard, O. et al. (2001). Learning for democratic citizenship . Copenhagen: DPU. McCallum

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