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Health-related quality of life in Croatian general population and multiple myeloma patients assessed by the EORTC QLQ-C30 and EORTC QLQ-MY20 questionnaires

Oncol 1998; 16: 1188-96. doi: 10.1200/JCO.1998.16.3.1188 10.1200/JCO.1998.16.3.1188 9508207 Hjermstad MJ Fayers PM Bjordal K Kaasa S Health related quality of life in the general Norwegian population assessed by the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Core Quality –of-Life Questionnaire: The QLQ=C30 (+3) J Clin Oncol 1998 16 1188 96 10.1200/JCO.1998.16.3.1188 26 Ministry of Regional Development and European Union Funds. Development index . [cited 2018 Jun 21]. Available at: https

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Medical physics in Europe following recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency

rationales behind the recommendations as well as to limited extent also legislative backgrounds, mostly within recently published international documents and basic safety standards (BSS) – European Union Council Directive 2013/59/EURATOM (EU BSS Directive), European Commission RP 174 European Guidelines for Medical Physics Experts (EC RP 174), IAEA Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources: International Basic Safety Standards (IAEA IBSS) and IAEA Human Health Series No. 25, Roles and Responsibilities, and Education and Training Requirements for Clinically

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Is there any progress in routine management of lung cancer patients? A comparative analysis of an institution in 1996 and 2006

References Debevec L, Debeljak A, Eržen J, Kovač V, Kern I. Characterization of lung cancer patients, their actual treatment and survival: experience in Slovenia. Radiol Oncol 2005; 39 : 115-21. UICC International Union Against Cancer. TNM classification of malignant tumours. Sobin LH, Wittekind CH, editors, Sixth edition. New York: Wiley-Liss; 2002. p. 99-103. Debevec L, Erzen J, Debeljak A, Crnjac A, Kovac V. Exploratory thoracotomy and its influence on the survival of

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3D-conformal radiotherapy for inoperable non-small-cell lung cancer - A single centre experience

, Koch R, Strelocke K, Paul U. CHARTWEL-Bronchus (ARO 97-1): a randomized multicenter trial to compare conventional fractionated radiotherapy with CHARTWEL radiotherapy in inoperable non-small-call bronchial carcinoma. Strahlenther Onkol 1997; 173 : 663-7. Ferlay, J, Bray F, Sankila R, Parkin DM. EUCAN: Cancer incidence, Mmortality and prevalence in the European Union 1997. Version 4.0. IARC Cancer Base No. 4. Lyon: IARC; 1999. Bray F, Tycynski JE, Parkin DM. Going up or coming down? The changing phases of lung

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Cancer burden in slovenia with the time trends analysis

Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia 2008 279 96 10 Luengo-Fernandez R, Leal J, Gray A, Sullivan R. Economic burden of cancer across the European Union: a population-based cost analysis. Lancet Oncol 2013; 14 : 1165-74. 10.1016/S1470-2045(13)70442-X 10.1016/S1470-2045(13)70442-X Luengo-Fernandez R Leal J Gray A Sullivan R Economic burden of cancer across the European Union: a population-based cost analysis Lancet Oncol 2013 14 1165 1165 10.1016/S1470-2045(13)70442-X 11 Ministry of Health RS. Slovene national cancer

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Comparison of anteroposterior and posteroanterior projection in lumbar spine radiography

. European Commission European guidelines on quality criteria for diagnostic reference levels in thirty-six european countries Luxembourg 1996 2 European Union. Diagnostic Reference Levels in Thirty-six European Countries. Part 272. Radiat Prot 2014; 180 : 1-73. European Union. Diagnostic Reference Levels in Thirty-six European Countries Part 272. Radiat Prot 2014 180 1 73 3 Mekis N, Zontar D, Skrk D. The effect of breast shielding during lumbar spine radiography. Radiol Oncol 2013; 47 : 26-31. 10.2478/raon-2013-0004 Mekis N Zontar D Skrk D

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Interval cancers after negative immunochemical test compared to screen and non-responders’ detected cancers in Slovenian colorectal cancer screening programme

Introduction Colorectal cancer is a major public health problem in developed world. In 2012, it was the third most common cancer in the world with 1.4 million new cases and was responsible for 8.5% of all cancer-related deaths. 1 In Slovenia, the average incidence of colorectal cancer in the period 2009-2013 was 1,569 cases per year. Incidence rate was higher in men (92.4/100,000) than in women (60.8/100,000). It was the third most common cancer and was responsible for 13.6% of all cancer-related deaths. 2 In 2003, Council of the European Union proposed

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High dose hypofractionated proton beam therapy is a safe and feasible treatment for central lung cancer

–6 months after evaluating the initial tumor response. The cause of death was determined as lung cancer when patients had local recurrence or metastases and no other causes of death except for cancer, were presented. Toxicities were evaluated using the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group and European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer criteria. 19 The following dosimetric factors were examined with the use of a dose volume histogram of the lung minus the GTV and heart: mean lung dose, lung V5 (lung irradiated 5 Gy [RBE]), lung V10, lung V15, lung V20, and

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Influence of surgical treatment and radiotherapy of the advanced intraoral cancers on complete blood count, body mass index, liver enzymes and leukocyte CD64 expression

References Black RJ, Bray F, Ferlay J, Parkin DM. Cancer incidence and mortality in the European Union: cancer registry data and estimates of national incidence for 1990. Eur J Cancer 1997; 33: 1075-107. Forastiere A, Koch W, Trotti A, Sidransky D. Head and Neck Cancer. N Engl J Med 2001; 345: 1890-900. Rogers SN, Brown JS, Woolgar JA, Lowe D, Magennis P, Shaw RJ, et al. Survival following primary surgery for oral cancer. Oral Oncol 2009; 45: 201

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Treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma using simultaneous modulated accelerated radiation therapy via helical tomotherapy: a phase II study

2014-048-01, and all eligible patients provided informed consent in written form. Inclusion criteria were as follows: histologically proven type I and II NPC according to World Health Organization (WHO) criteria; stage I–IVa according to the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) 2002 Staging System; aged between 15 and 75 years; Karnofsky performance status score ≥ 70; white blood cell count ≥ 3,500/μL, platelet count ≥ 100,000/μL, serum creatinine concentration < 133 umol/L, and liver transaminase level < 2.0 times of the upper normal value. Exclusion

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