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The Qualitative and Quantitative Structure of Oral Microbiocenosis in Rats with Periodontitis in a Setting of Hyper- and Hypothyroidism

periodontitis. Arch Balk Med Union 54(1): 64-71, 2019. 7. Marushchak M, Krynytska І, Mazur L, Klishch I, Gabor G, Antonyshyn I. The Relationship between Experimental Alimentary Obesity and Hard Tooth Tissues Mineralization. Jordan Medical Journal 51(1): 25-33, 2017. 8. Tomilina TV. Development of dysbiosis in periodontal rats after splenectomy. Journal of Health Sciences 04(01): 125-134, 2014. (in Russian). 9. Yartseva AA, Stepanov AV, Grebenyuk AN, Antushevich AE, Antonov VG. Microbiocenosis of oral cavity in experimental animals exposed to

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Postępowanie u pacjentek z nowotworem mieloproliferacyjnym BCR-ABL ujemnym w ciąży

Konflikt interesu/ Conflict of interest Nie występuje. Finansowanie/ Financial support Nie występuje. Etyka/ Ethics Treści przedstawione w artykule są zgodne z zasadami Deklaracji Helsińskiej, dyrektywami EU oraz ujednoliconymi wymaganiami dla czasopism biomedycznych. Piśmiennictwo/ References [1] Moulard O, Mehta J, Fryzek J, Olivares R, Iqbal U, Mesa RA. Epidemiology of myelofibrosis, essential thrombocythemia, and polycythemia vera in the European Union. Eur J Haematol 2014;92:289–97. 24372927 10.1111/ejh.12256 Moulard O Mehta J

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Meeting Report- EASD Postgraduate Course on Clinical Diabetes and Its Complications, 29 – 31 October 2015, Prague, Czech Republic

Union (EU) Commission Directive 2009/112/EC of 25 August 2009 amending Council Directive 91/439/EEC on driving licences. Official Journal of the European Union. L223:26–30, 2009. 5. EU Commission Directive 2009/113/EC of 25 August 2009 amending Directive 2006/126/EC of the European Parliament and of the council on driving licences. Official Journal of the European Union. L 223:31–35, 2009. 6. Brož J, Brabec M, Ždárská DJ et al . Fear of driving license withdrawal in patients with insulin-treated diabetes mellitus negatively influences their decision to

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Prevalence of Obesity and Newly Diagnosed Diabetes in the Roma Population from a County in the South Part of Romania (Călăraşi County) -Preliminary Results

R eferences 1. Hajioff S, McKee M. The health of the Roma people: a review of the published literature. J Epidemiol Community Health 54: 864-869, 2000. 2. Dobranici M, Buzea A, Popescu R. The cardiovascular risk factors of the Roma (Gypsies) people in Central-Eastern Europe: a review of the published literature. J Med Life 5: 382-389, 2012. 3. McKee M, Adany R, MacLehose L. Health status and trends in candidate countries. In: McKee M, MacLehose L, Nolte E (eds). Health Policy and European Union Enlargement. Open University Press

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Reproductive Disorders in Streptozotocin-Treated Male Rats Following Co-Administration of Ethambutol, Rifampicin, Isoniazid and Pyrazinamide

References 1. Mladovsky P, Allin S, Masseria C et al. Health in the European Union. Trends and Analysis . Observatory Studies Series № 19, Publications, World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe , Copenhagen, pp 200, 2009. ( 2. Jeon CY, Murray MB . Diabetes mellitus increases the risk of active tuberculosis: a systematic review of 13 observational studies. PLoS Med 5: e152, 2008. 3. Amaral S, Oliveira PJ, Ramalho-Santos J. Diabetes and the impairment

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Diabetes-mediated changes in rat type i collagen and spermatogenesis indices

References 1. Mladovsky P, Allin S, Masseria C et al. Health in the European Union. Trends and Analysis . Observatory Studies Series № 19 . Publications, World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe , Copenhagen, pp 200, 2009. ( 2. American Diabetes Association. Diabetic nephropathy. Diabetes Care 24[Suppl 1]:S69-S72, 2001. 3. Ramalho-Santos J, Amaral S, Oliveria PJ. Diabetes and the impairment of reproductive function: Possible role of mitochondria and reactive

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Implantoprosthetic rehabilitation of a patient with severe form of hemophilia B: a case report

aesthetic procedures within the field of oral surgery and implantology [ 8 , 9 ]. This greater accessibility of aesthetic procedures increases not only the comfort but also the quality of life of patients with hemophilia. The aim of this paper is to present the case of an implantoprosthetic rehabilitation performed in a patient with severe hemophilia B. The surgical procedures were performed after infusion of recombinant FIX (BAX 326) during the clinical surgery study. BAX 326 was registered in the European Union in 2014 under the trade name of Rixubis ( http

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Retrospection of the effect of hydroxyurea treatment in patients with sickle cell disease

synthesized in 1869, trials for testing the safety of this drug in humans started only after a century [ 18 ]. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1967 approved HU for the treatment of certain solid, myeloid tumors. Further, both the US FDA and, in the European Union, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) have approved HU for the treatment of SCD in 1998 and 2007, respectively. The present review focuses on the clinical benefits of HU in SCD and enhances the current understanding of the possible mechanisms of benefit for these hemoglobinopathies. HbF

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