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A Sustainable European Union Own Resources System

References • Alves Rui Henrique and Cieslukowski Maciej, 2006, Financial Autonomy of the European Union after Enlargement , in FEP Working Papers, no. 217: 1-16. • Begg Ian, 2011, ‘An EU Tax. Overdue Reform or Federalist Fantasy?’, in Friedrich Ebert Stiftung , International Policy Analysis, February: 1 – 19. • Begg Ian, Enderlein Henrik, Le Cacheux Jacques and Mrak Mojmir, 2008, Financing of the European Union Budget , Study for European Commission, Directorate General for Budget, Contract No 30-CE-0122101/00-72, Final Report. • Begg

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Regulating Free Movement of Goods within the European Union

:// 6. Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council and the European Economic and Social Committee, The internal market for goods: a cornerstone of Europe’s competitiveness, Brussels, 14.2.2007, COM (2007)35 final, 7. Consolidated version of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, Official Journal of the European Union, C326/51, 26.10.2012, http

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Wroclaw Review of Law, Administration & Economics
The Journal of University of Wroclaw
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Cooperation between the European Union and European Mini-States – Possible Scenarios for Future Closer and Enhanced Integration with the European Union

References Elsuwege P van, Petrov R, ‘Article 8 TEU: Towards a New Generation of Agreements with the Neighbouring Countries of the European Union’ (2011) 36 EL Rev. Gsthöl S, ’Mapping the European Union’s neighbourhood relations. The European Economic Area as a “prototype” for the integration of the EU neighbours’ in S Gsthöl The European Neighbourhood Policy in a Comparative Perspective. Models, challenges and lessons (Routledge 2016). Hanf D, ‘The European Neighbourhood Policy in the Light of the New: Neighbourhood Clause (Article 8 TEU)’ in

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Specific Nature of the Status of a European Union Official Compared to National Officials

References 1. Auer A., Demmke Ch., Polet R., Civil Services in the Europe of Fifteen , Maastricht 1996. 2. Best E., Understanding EU decision-making , New York 2016. 3. Brodecki Z. (ed.), Europa Urzędników , Warsaw 2009. 4. Chorąży G., Reforming the Commission. A White Paper , „Służba Cywilna” autumn-winter 2000-2001, number 1. 5. Cini M., Perez-Solorzano Borragan N., European Union Politics , Oxford 2013. 6. Corner M., The European Union: An Introduction , London 2014. 7. Czaputowicz J., Implikacje integracji z

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Effects of International Customary Law in the Legal Order of the European Union

Slynn (2000). de Búrca G, ‘The European Court of Justice and the International Legal Order after Kadi’ (2009) 51 Harvard International Law Journal 1. Eckes C, ‘International Law as the Law of the EU: the Role of the ECJ’ in E Cannizzaro, P Palchetti, RA Wessel (eds), International Law as the Law of the European Union (2011). Eckes Ch, ‘International law as law of the EU: the role of the European Court of Justice” (2010) 6 Cleer Working Papers, Centre for Law of EU External Relations. Elias O, ‘General International law in the European Court

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The Phenomenon of Mixed Agreements – between Public International and European Union Law

Constitutional law (2001). Maresceau M, ‘A Typology of Mixed Bilateral Agreements’ in C Hillion and P Koutrakos (eds) Mixed Agreements Revisited. The EU and its Member States in the World (2010) 12. McLeod I, Henry ID, Hyett S, The external relations of the European Communities (1996). Mortelmans K, ‘The Principle of loyalty to the Community (Article 5) and the obligations of the Community Institutions’ (1998) 5 Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law 67. Neframi E, ‘Mixed Agreements as a Source of European Union Law’ in E Cannizzaro, P

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Union Solidarity in Eastern and Central Europe from the Example of Poland

zakładowych z dnia 5 kwietnia 2002 r. [Act on European Employees’ Councils of 5 April 2002], Dz.U. 2002, No 62, item 556. Ustawa o informowaniu pracowników i przeprowadzaniu z nimi konsultacji z dnia 7 kwietnia 2006 r. [Act on Informing and Consulting Employees of 7 April 2006], Dz.U. 2006, No 79, item 550. Aczel J, ‘Changes in the role of the trade union in the Hungarian printing industry. A transition from socialism to a market economy’ (2005) 27/6 Employee Relations 566-580. Florek L, ‘Zalety i wady działalności związków

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Sources of Extradition Law in the Legal System of the European Union

Justice’ in A Arnull, D Wincott, Accountability and Legitymacy in the European Union (2002) 69. Mozgawa M, ‘Ekstradycja i jej substytuty. Zarys problematyki’ (2008) 3 Wojskowy Przegląd Prawniczy 41. Peers S, ‘EU responses to terrorism’ (2003) 1 ICLQ 227. Płachta M, ‘Europejski nakaz aresztowania (wydania): kłopotliwa „rewolucja” w ekstradycji’ (2000) 3 Studia Europejskie 61. Płachta M, ‘Recent Developements in the Extradition Law Within the European Union, and the New Polish Domestic Legislation’ (1998) 2 Yearbook of Polish European Studies 95

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Towards a New Comprehensive Partnership - Economic and Trade Relations between the Gulf Cooperation Council and the European Union

References Ayadi Rym, S. Gadi, ‘Trade and Investment Cooperation between the EU and the Gulf Cooperation Council: Current trends and future prospects’ < >. Bhala Raj, International Trade Law: Interdisciplinary Theory and Practice (LexisNexis, New York 2008). Carey George, W. Mohadi, ‘GCC Members Suspend Free Trade Talks with Europe, GCC Members Suspend Free Trade Talks with Europe’ < >. Echagüe Ana, ‘The European

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