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Efficiency of the Principle of Sustainable Development in the European Union Law

REFERENCES Adamczyk, J., Nitkiewicz, T., 2007. Programming of Sustainable Development of Enterprises (in Polish), PWE, Warszawa. Baker, S., 2003. The European Union: Integration, Competition, Growth-And Sustainability [in:] Lafferty, W.M., Meadowcroft, J., Implementing Sustainable Development: Strategies and Initiatives in High Consumption Societes , Oxford Scholarship Online, Oxford. Bara, M., Kmita, T., Korzekwa, J., 2016. Microstructure and properties of composite coatings obtained on aluminium alloys . Arch. Metall. Mater., 61, 1107

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A Possible Answer of the European Union to Hybrid Threats

, available at ., 23, 30. European Commission, (2015). The European Agenda on Security, 1, available at . High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (HRUFASP). (2016). Joint Communication to the European Parliament and the Council – Joint Framework on countering hybrid threats a European Union response , Bruxelles, 2, available at http

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France’s Military Importance for the European Union

References [1] Ionuț Alin Cîrdei and Lucian Ispas, A Possible Answer of the European Union to Hybrid Threats, Buletinul Științific al Academiei Forțelor Terestre „Nicolae Bălcescu”, no. 2 (44), 2017, p. 71. [2] Glenn Bowen, Document Analysis as a Qualitative Research Method, Qualitative Research Journal, vol. 9, issue 2, 2009, pp. 27-40. [3] Robert Yin, Case Study Research: Design and Methods, Sage Publications, 2014. [4] *** The Brussels Treaty, https

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Greece’s Military Importance For The European Union

:// , retrieved on December 12, 2013 [5] European Union External Action Service, Sharing training facilities in the EU in the military field , , retrieved on March 13, 2015 [6] European Defence Agency, Defence Data: EDA participating Member States in 2010 , Bruxelles, 2012, p. 38; European Defence Agency, National Defence Data 2011 , Bruxelles, 2013, p. 42 [7] International Institute for Strategic Studies, Military Balance 2013 , Routledge

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The Challenge Of Asylum To The European Union’s Policy In A Knowledge Based Society

:// [7] Paul Collier, Exodus. How Migration is Changing Our World , Oxford University Press, N.Y. 2013, p.12 [8] (Christopher Booker, Of all the EU failures, its policy on asylum seekers is the worst ) [9] (Peter Sutherland, The Migration Opportunity ) [10] British politician, former Home Secretary (1997-2001) and Foreign Secretary

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Germany’s Military Importance for the European Union


Although a founding member of the European Union, Germany has been rather reluctant to assume a pre-eminent leadership role in the European military integration process, choosing to focus more on social and economic affairs. But following Brexit, Germany might be also called upon to act as an integration “engine” in the defence area. Using the case study method and the analysis of social documents, we argue that Germany’s high level of military integration allows this state to assume, alongside France, a leading role in the defence pursuits of the European Union.

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Environmental Action Programmes of the European Union – Programmes Supporting the Sustainable Development Strategy of the European Union

REFERENCES Coşea, M. & Dunărinţu, A. (2013). Politici de mediu şi strategii de dezvoltare durabilă în Uniunea Europeană , Bucureşti: Editura Prouniversitaria. European Commission. (2013). Living well, within the limits of our planet. 7 th EAP — The new general Union Environment Action Programme to 2020 , available at: , accessed at 06.08.2016. Institutul European din România. (2012). Ghidul politicilor Uniunii Europene – Nr. 4. Politica de Mediu , available at: http

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The Impact of the Case-Law of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the Field of Public Procurement

Spain ECLI:EU:C:2005:14, par.38 [8] Marin N, P. Dimitrov, Economic Effects of the membership of the Republic of Bulgaria in the European Union, Kutafin University Law Review 1/2018, in print; [9] Belova G., N. Marin, G. Georgieva, Y.Kochev, New Moments in Personal Data Protection in the European Union, Scientific papers of Institute of legal studies - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Journal), Vol. XVI, pp. 54-64, 2017;. [10] C-368/10, Commission v Netherlands, ECLI:EU:C:2012:284, [11] C-306/97 - Connemara

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The European Union and Minorities

References 1. Thornberry Patrick, International Law and the Rights of Minorities, (Oxford: Calerendon Press, 1993) 299. 2. De Witte, B., The European Community and its Minorities (in Peoples and Minorities in Internațional Law) 167 și urm. apud. Diaconu Ion, Minoritățile și autodeterminarea popoarelor, (in “Drepturile Omului” magazine, nr. 2, 1996) 43 3. Charpentier, J., Les declarations des Douze sur la reconnaissance des nouveaux Etats, (in Revue Generale de Droit International Public, no. 96, 1962) 343

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EU Military Operation Sophia – Analysing the Shortfalls

REFERENCES Chelcea, S. (2004). Iniţiere în cercetarea sociologică . Bucureşti:, 235-262. Cîrdei, I.A. (2016). Countering the Hybrid Threats. Revista Academiei Forţelor Terestre , vol. XXI, 115-116. Council Decision. (2015). Council Decision (CFSP) 2015/778 of 18 May 2015 on a European Union military operation in the Southern Central Mediterranean (EUNAVFOR MED). Official Journal of the European Union, L122/31 , 19 May 2015. Council Decision. (2015). Council Decision 2015/972 of 22 June 2015 launching the European Union

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