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Technological competitiveness of the EU member states in the era of the fourth industrial revolution

competitiveness report 2010 . Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. EC. (2015). Monitoring the digital economy & society 2016-2021 . Brussels: European Commission, DG Communications Networks, Content & Technology. EC. (2018). Digital transformation scoreboard 2018. EU businesses go digital: Opportunities, outcomes and uptake internal market . Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. Ernst, H., & Omland, N. (2011). The Patent Asset Index: A new approach to benchmark patent portfolios. World Patent Information , 33 , 34

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Constitutional conflicts in the European Union: Court packing in Poland versus the United States

; Republicans take Ohio, Wisconsin, Kansas and Massachusetts. New York Times, 1. Kumm, M. & Ferreres Comella, V. (2005). The primacy clause of the constitutional treaty and the future of constitutional conflict in the European Union. International Journal of Constitutional Law, 3, 473-492. doi: 10.1093/icon/moi029 Letowska, E. (2018, February 20). Position of the Helsinki Committee in Poland. An open letter. Public Seminar. Retrieved from

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Unpacking the provision of the industrial commons in Industry 4.0 cluster

., & Somma, E. (2018). Local industrial structure, agglomeration economies and the creation of innovative start-ups: evidence from the Italian case. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development , 30 (7-8), 749-775. Castelo-Branco, I., Cruz-Jesus, F., & Oliveira, T. (2019). Assessing Industry 4.0 readiness in manufacturing: Evidence for the European Union. Computers in Industry , 107 , 22-32. Cluster Platform Deutschland. Retrieved October 10, 2019 from https

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Does corporate governance influence firm performance? Evidence from India

). Theory of the firm: Managerial behavior, agency costs and ownership structure. Journal of Financial Economics , 3 (4), 305-360. Jermias, J. (2007). The effects of corporate governance on the relationship between innovative efforts and performance. European Accounting Review , 16 (4), 827-854. Kao, M. F., Hodgkinson, L., & Jaafar, A. (2019). Ownership structure, board of directors and firm performance: Evidence from Taiwan. Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society , 19 (1), 189-216. Khanna, T., & Palepu, K. (2000

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General Government Debt and Budget Deficit as Threats to Economic Security of the European Union Countries

. [in] Central European Review of Economics & Finance , Radom: Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities, 29-40. Mucha–Leszko, B., & Kąkol, M. (2011), Portugalia w unii walutowej – problemy gospodarcze i kryzys finansów publicznych , [in] Ekonomista , no. 4, 600-631. Perczyński, M., (1990), Globalne uwarunkowania bezpieczeństwa ekonomicznego , Warsaw, The Polish Institute of International Affairs Rapkiewicz, M. (2010), Tonąca Zielona Wyspa , In Gazeta Finansowa , no. 45, 10. Roubini, N., & Mihm, S. (2011), Ekonomia

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Neighbouring countries – an important segment in inbound tourism An example of the European Union member states

.A., & Díaz, M. (2016). Do neighbouring countries encourage the demand of international business tourism? European Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation, vol. 7(3), 156-167. Charakterystyka przyjazdów cudzoziemców do Polski w 2014 roku. Warszawa: Ministerstwo Sportu i Turystyki, 2015. Charakterystyka przyjazdów cudzoziemców do Polski w 2015 roku. Warszawa: Ministerstwo Sportu i Turystyki, 2016. Charakterystyka przyjazdów nierezydentów do Polski w 2016 roku. Warszawa: Ministerstwo Sportu i Turystyki, 2017

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Fiscal consequences of the abolition of sugar levies

. European Commission. (1998). Financing the European Union. Commission report on the operation of the own resources system, commission of the European communities. Brussels: COM 560 final. European Commission. (2004). Financing the European Union. Commission report on the operation of the own resources system. Brussels: COM 505 final, vol. II, Technical Annex. European Union. (2006). Financial Report 2005. Luxembourg: European Union. European Commission. (2008a). 1st Financial Report from the Commission to the European

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Innovation strategies in SME’s economic growth and job creation in economy

Small Firms Policy and Research Conference: Competing Perspectives of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Brighton, 13th–15th November. Tipurić, D., Kolaković, M. (2002). Competitiveness of the Small and Medium Enterprises in Croatia: Straregic Alliances and Virtual Organization Challenges-Asian Small Business Review. - European Commission. (2016). User Guide to SME Definition. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. White, S. (2017). The global economy drives SME growth and job creation. October 18, 2017: https

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Economic and operational impact of the MRV implementation on maritime transport processes

:// Eyring, V., Köhler, H.W., van Aardenne, J., Lauer, A. (2005). Emissions from International Shipping: 1. The last 50 Years. J. Geophys. Res ., 110: D17305, doi:10.1029/2004JD005619. Final report of the Informal Cross Government/Industry Scientific Group of Experts (2012), IMO documents BLG 12/INF.10 and BLG 12/6/1. Full Report of the Work Undertaken by the Expert Group on Feasibility Study and Impact Assessment of Possible Market-Based Measures (2010), IMO MEPC 61/Inf.2. GREEN PAPER. Towards a future EU maritime policy: a European vision of the oceans

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Convergence in GDP per capita across the EU regions— spatial effects

(1), 3-11. doi:10.18559/ebr.2019.1.1 Esposti, R., & Bussoletti, S. (2008). Impact of objective 1 funds on regional growth convergence in the European Union: A panel-data approach. Regional Studies , 42 (2), 159-173. Eurofound. (2018). Monitoring convergence in the European Union. Upward convergence in the EU: Concepts, measurements and indicators . (Research Report). Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. European Commission. (2015). The five presidents’ report: Completing Europe’s economic and monetary union . Brussels

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