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Locally uniform water utility pricing. Social and economic issues in an emergent policy in France and Italy.

-455. Barraqué, B, Juuti, S. P., Katko, T. S., 2012. Urban water conflicts in recent European history: changing interactions between technology, environment and society, in: Barraqué B. (ed.), Urban water conflicts, UNESCO-IHP Urban water series no. 8, 15-32. Bauby, P., Similie, M.M., 2013. Quelle européanisation du service public de l’eau?, in: Pecqueur B. et Brochet A. (eds.), Le service public d’eau potable et la fabrique des territoires, Paris, L’Harmattan, 97-106. Beecher J.A., et al., 1994, Revenue effects of water conservation and conservation pricing

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Multiculturalism and Ostalgie

European Television. Alphaville Journal of Film and Media, (12). Barney, T. (2009). When We Was Red: Good Bye Lenin! and Nostalgia for the “Everyday GDR”. Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, 6(2), 132-151. Battaglia, M., (2010). “Unità di apprendimento per la riflessione culturale ed interculturale sulla caduta del Muro di Berlino”. Berdahl, D. (1999). ‘(N) Ostalgie for the present: memory, longing, and East German things. Ethnos, 64(2), 192-211. Berger P., Luckmann T., (1997), La realtà come costruzione sociale, Bologna, Il Mulino

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The Erasmus + Project Strategy

). Directorate General for Internal Policies. Policy Department D: Budgetary Affairs, EU Budget and National Budgets: Facts, Figures And Impact Retrieved January/February, 2019 European Union Law (2012). Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, art. 165. Retrieved January/February, 2019 from Fernández Agüero, M. (2017). Erasmus Mobility and the Education of Interculturally Competent

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Introduction to diplomatic Sciences (handbook and glossary).

:// , ABC of Diplomacy, Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, 2008 [Online] Available: [Online] Available: [Online] Available: [Online] Available: [Online] Available: [Online] Available: [Online] Available:

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