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Are Empires Striking Back? A Political and Cultural Comparison of the European Union and Russia

the EU’s Pragmatic Engagement with Belarus in the Eastern Partnership Policy. The European Union and Its Neighbours: Values versus Security in European Foreign Policy, 173-194. Carrrère d’Encausse, Hélène, (1992), Victorieuse Russie, Fayard. Conte, A. (1992). L'épopée coloniale de la France, Plon. Debaere, P. (2015). The European Union and the Gx System. In EU Coordination in International Institutions: Policy and Process in Gx Forums (pp. 10-19). Palgrave Macmillan UK. Demchenko, O., & Golosov, G. V

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Sectoral State Aid in the European Union and the Western Balkan Countries

-2013”, Official Journal of the European Union (2006/C 54/08). European Commission. (2009) “Communication from the Commission concerning the criteria for an in-depth assessment of regional aid to large investment projects”, Official Journal of the European Union (2009/C 223/02). Eurostat, Accessed 23 October 2014. Flam, K. (2008) “EU Environmental State Aid Policy - Wide Implications, Narrow Participation?”, CANES Working Paper, Fridtjof Nansen Institute, http

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Financial Services in the VAT System in the European Union and Croatia

the Proposal for a Council Directive, COM/2007/747, Impact assessment [online]. Available at: <> at/how_vat_works/vat_insurance/sec%282007%291554_en.pdf [Accessed 5 January 2011]. European Commission, Taxation and Customs Union, 1996. Value Added Tax, A study of Methods of Taxing Financial and Insurance Service. Brussels [online]. Available at: <> at/key_documents/reports_published/methods_taxing.pdf [Accessed 7 March

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Industrial Policy As The European Union Competitiveness Factor On The Global Market

the European Union, (2005) The Economic Costs of Non-Lisbon, A survey of the literature on the economic impact of Lisbon-type reforms, Comission Staff Working Document, Commission of the European Communities, Brussels 2005. SEC 385, pristupljeno 13. 06. 2014 Devine, P., Katsoulacos Y., and Sugden R., (1996) “Competitiveness, subsidiarity and industrial policy”, Routledge London, England, 62 Economist online, Januar 6 th 2011., Africa’s impressive growth, http

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Heterogeneity and Competitiveness of Entrepreneurial Processes in the European Union with Special Attention on Croatia as Candidate Country

. "Determinants of entrepreneurial engagement levels in Europe and the US". Industrial and Corporate Change 17 (6): 1113-1145. Grilo, I, and Thurik, A. R. 2005a. Entrepreneurial engagement levels in the European Union, International Journal of Entrepreneurship Education 3 (2): 143-168. Grilo, I. and Thurik, A. R. 2005b. "Latent and actual entrepreneurship in Europe and the US: some recent developments". International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal 1 (4): 441-459. Grilo, I. and Thurik, A

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The Impact of European Economic Integration on Migration in the European Union

. Critical Studies in Media Communication , pp. 410-425. [8] Esses, V. M., Medianu, S., & Lawson, A. S. (2013). Uncertainty, threat, and the role of the media in promoting the dehumanization of immigrants and refugees. Journal of Social Issues , pp. 518-536. [9] Fihel, A. & P. Kaczmarczyk (2009) ‘Migrația: a threat or a Chance? Recent migrația of Poles and its impact on the Polish labour market’, in Burrell, K. (ed.) Polish migrația to the UK in the ‘new’ European Union: after 2004 . England: Ashgate. [10] Galgóczi, B., Leschke, J., & Watt, A. (2009

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Analysis of Innovations in the European Union Via Ensemble Symbolic Density Clustering

:// Hollanders H., Es-Sadki N. (eds.), 2017b, European Innovation Scoreboard, growth/industry/innovation/facts-figures/scoreboards. Hollanders H., Es-Sadki N., Kaberva M. (eds.), 2015, Innovation Union Scoreboard, http://ec.europa. eu/growth/industry/innovation/facts-figures/scoreboards. Hornik K., 2005, A CLUE for CLUster ensembles, Journal of Statistical Software, vol. 14, pp. 65-72. Jahirabadkar S., Kulkarni P., 2013, Clustering for high dimensional data: density based subspace clustering algorithms

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Macroeconomic Factors of Economic Growth in the European Union in 2000-2016: A Multidimensional Analysis

. Choudhury A.H., Naidu G.N., 2009, Turkey’s Economic Integration with the EU: An Evaluation of Current Status and Future Prognosis , Journal of International Business Research, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 29-43. Cortés E.A., Navarro J.L.A., 2011, Do ICT Influence Economic Growth and Human Development in European Union Countries? , International Advances in Economic Research, vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 28-44, DOI: 10.1007/s11294-010-9289-5. Czerwiński Z., 2002, Stopa inwestycji a maksymalizacja spożycia , [in:] Moje zmagania z ekonomią , Wydawnictwo Akademii Ekonomicznej w

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A balanced approach: Brexit from political and business perspectives

and regions of the European Union. European Journal of Political Research, 49(6), pp.787-817. New York Times. (2017). “How ‘Brexit’ Could Change Business in Britain”. Retrieved from: Oliver, T. (2017). “Fifty Shades of Brexit: Britain’s EU Referendum and its Implications for Europe and Britain”, The International Spectator. 52(1). p. 1-11. Partington, R. (September 01 2018). “Who are the British business leaders still backing Brexit?”. The Guardian

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Was Euro the magic wand for economic growth? An analysis of the real benefits of Euro adoption for the New Member States

References Artelaris, P., Kallioras, D. & Petrakos, G. (2010.), Regional Inequalities and Convergence Clubs in the European Union New Member-States, Eastern Journal Of European Studies, Centre For European Studies , Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, 1 (1), 113-133. Auf dem Brinke, A., Henrik E. & Joachim F. V. (2015). What kind of convergence does the Euro area need?, Gütersloh: Bertelsmann Stiftung und Jacques Delors Institut: Berlin. Retrieved from:

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