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Institutional Efficiency, Entrepreneurship, and the Premises of Economic Development in the Eastern European Countries

References Acs, Z. J., Desai, S., Hessels, J. (2008) Entrepreneurship, economic development and institutions. Small business economics , 31 (3), 219-234. Afonso, A., Aubyn, M. S. (2019) Economic growth, public, and private investment returns in 17 OECD economies. Portuguese Economic Journal , 18 (1), 47-65. Ahlborn, M., Wortmann, M. (2018) The core-periphery pattern of European business cycles: A fuzzy clustering approach. Journal of Macroeconomics , 55 , 12-27. Antunes, S., Loughlin, J. (2018) The European Union, subnational

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The Importance of Supplier Evaluation in Short Supply Chains

-supplier relationship, RAUSP Management Journal, 53(4), Sao Paulo, p.598. Ilbery, B., Maye, D. (2005) Alternative (shorter) food supplychains and specialist livestock productsin the Scottish-English borders, Environment and Planning, 37, pp. 823-844. Jarzebowski, S., Pietrzyck, K. (2017) The concept of short supply chains in the food economy, The Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union- the present and the future, Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics National Research Institute, p.197-198. Jin, S., Vidyaranya, B.G. (2016) Supplier selection in small

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The Role of EU Innovation Policies in the Sustainable Development of the Energy Sector

energy, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg *European Commission (2015) State of the Energy Union 2015, Commission Staff Working Document on the European Energy Security Strategy SWD(2015), Brussels, Belgium *European Commission (2017) Intelligent Energy Europe, Projects database. Available online at: *European Commission (EUROSTAT) (2004-2015), Database, available online at: *European Commission (EUROSTAT) (2008-2015), Database

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Alternative Views on the Participation of Non-Euro Zone Countries at the Bank Union

Paper, WP/11/238 Neagu F., Tatarici L., Mihai I. (2014) Implementing loan-to-value and debt to income ratios: learning from country experiences, International Monetary Fund, Monetary and Capital Markets Department project Schoenmaker D., Siegmann A. (2013). Winners of a European Banking Union. DSF Policy Committee on the Global Financial System (CGFS) ( 2012). Operationalising the selection and application of macroprudential instruments, Bank For International Settlements, Papers No 48, retrieved from http

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Trade Competition Measurement and the Choice of Measurement Indexes

, Economic Growth, and Inflation in African Economies, MPRA Paper No. 57377 Midelfart-Knarvik et al., (2003) The Spatial Distribution of Economic Activities in the European Union, Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics: Cities and Geography, Elsevier 4:2845-2909 Moreira S., Simoes N., Crespo N. (2017) A contribution to a multidimensional analysis of trade competition, The World Economy, 40(10), 2301-2326 Palan N. (2010) Measurement of Specialization – The Choice of Indices, FIW Working Paper N° 62 Palan N., Schmiedeberg C. (2010) Structural

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Teachers’ Motivations and Expectations Regarding Lifelong Learning

-long learning, Corporate Governance: The international journal of business in society, 6(4) pp. 349 – 357. Sălcudean, I.N., Vereş, V.A., Pop, C.M. (2014) The Social and Cultural Dimension of Lifelong Learning in the European Union. Study Case: Babeş-Bolyai University, Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences , 142, pp. 162-168. Tate, P., Klein-Collins, R. & Steinberg, K. (2011) Lifelong Learning in the USA: A Focus on Innovation and Efficiency for the 21 st Century Learner, International Journal of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning , 4(1), pp. 1

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The FDI-Growth Nexus in South Africa: A Re-Examination Using Quantile Regression Approach

study, Journal of International Economics , 33, 41-56. Moudatsou A. (2003), Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in the European Union, Journal of Economic Integration , 18(4), 689-707. Moudatsou A. and Kyrkilis D. (2011), FDI and economic growth: Causality for the EU and ASEAN, Journal of Economic Integration , 26(3), 554-577. Naguibi R. (2002), The effects of privatization and foreign direct investment on economic growth in Argentina, The Journal of International Trade and Economic Development , 21(1), 51-82. Najaf K. and Najaf R

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The Impact of the Problems Faced by Online Customers on Ecommerce

-commerce 2012: Business. Technology, Society. Lixandroiu R. (2017). E-Commerce Trend Forecasting For Romania Vs European Union. Journal of Smart Economic Growth, 2(1). Malkawi B. H. (2006). E-commerce in light of international trade agreements: The WTO and the United States-Jordan Free Trade Agreement. International Journal of Law and Information Technology, 15(2), 153-169. McKay J., Marshall, P. (2004). Strategic management of e-business. Brisbane: John Wiley & Sons. Nejadirani F., Masoud B., Reza R. (2011). Developing Countries and Electronic

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Performance Through Efficiency in the Public Healthcare System – A DEA Approach in an Emergent Country

Systems, 21(2), 67-74 Eurostat (2007) Regions in the European Union. Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics. NUTS 2006/EU-27, Eurostat Methodologies and working papers. Evans, D.B., Tandon, A., Muray, C.J.L. and Lauer, J.A. (2001) ‘Comparative efficiency of national health systems: Cross national econometric analysis’, British Medical Journal, 323, 307-310 Ferrier, G.D., Leleu, H., Moises, J. and Valdmanis, V.G. (2013) ‘The focus efficiency of US hospitals’, Atlantic Economic Journal, 41(3), 241

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The Effect of Exchange Rate Movements and Economic Growth on Job Creation

America. The Journal of Policy Reform, 7(4):191-208. Hendriks, J. F. (2016). Critical evaluation of possible policy options to reduce unemployment in South Africa. . Date of access: 08 November 2016. Herman, E. (2011). The impact of economic growth process on employment in European Union countries. The Romanian Economic Journal, 14(42):47-67. Huang, H. & Tang, Y. (2015). How did exchange rates affect employment in U.S. cities? Contemporary Economic Policy, 34(4):678-697. Hull, K. (2009

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