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’The Struggle for Spiritual Values’: Scottish Baptists and the Second World War

History of the United Board Volume Two . Norfolk, VA: United Navy, Army, and Air Force Board. Balfour I (1984) The Twentieth Century since 1914 in Bebbington D (ed) Baptists in Scotland: A History. Glasgow: Baptist Union of Scotland. Balfour I (2007) Revival in Rose Street: Charlotte Baptist Chapel, Edinburgh 1808-2008. Edinburgh: Rutherford House. Bardgett F (2010) Scotland’s Evangelist D.P. Thomson. Haddington: The Handsel Press. Buchman F (1947) Remaking the World: The Speeches of Frank N. D. Buchman. London: Blandford Press

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The intellectual-theological leadership of John Amos Comenius

JA (1942) The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart. Spinka M (trans). Chicago, IL: The National Union of Czechoslavak Protestants in America. Comenius JA (1993) Panorthosia or Universal Reform: Chapters 19-26. Dobbie AMO (trans). Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press. Eby F (1952) The Development of Modern Education, second edition. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall. Falkner WF (2001) Comenius, Johann Amos (1592-1671). In Anthony MJ (ed) Evangelical Dictionary of Christian Education. Grand Rapids, MI

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Strangers in the Land and True Lovers of the Nation: the Formation of Lithuanianspeaking Baptist Identity, 1918-1940

-92. Naruševičius J (1925) Žmonės užimti be galo… [People are endlessly busy…]. Tiesos Draugas 2(3): 1. Randall IM (2009) Communities of Conviction: Baptist Beginnings in Europe. Schwarzenfeld: Neufeld Verlag. Pirmininko pranešimas metiniame Evangelikų baptistų drauguomenių suvažiavime [Chairman’s Report for the Annual Convention of the Union of Evangelical Baptist churches] (1937) Included in the Minutes, 14 June. Available through the author. Remmel M (2007) The Ausbund as a Source and Expression of Anabaptist Primary Theology and Moral Sense of Virtue. In

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A Calvinist and Anabaptist Understanding of the Ban

. _____. et Jean-Francois Gilmont. Biblioteca Calviniana. Les oeuvres de Jean Calvin publies au XVI Siecle. I. Ecrits theologiques, litteraires, et juridiques (1532-1554). Geneva: Droz, 1991. Parsons, Burk, ed. John Calvin. A Heart for Devotion, Doctrine, and Doxology. Orlando, FL: Reformation Trust, 2008. Pettegree, Andrew. Calvinism in Europe. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996. Pollet, J. V. Martin Bucer. Paris: Presses Universitaire, 1962. Rahner, Karl

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Immigrants and the space of national minorities in contemporary Europe

2010. Sowiński S., Zenderowski R., Europa drogą Kościoła. Jan Paweł II o Europie i europejskości , Wrocław-Warszawa-Kraków 2002. Standardy Unii Europejskiej a polskie realia. Wybrane problemy , edit. T. Wallas, Poznań 2002. Szwecja – kraj i ludzie informacja dla imigrantów , Norrköping 1982. Urbaniak P., Strach przed obcymi , “Angora Peryskop” 24.10.2004, No. 43. Vigerson H., Polska mniejszość narodowa w Szwecji , Stockholm 1996. Zuchowicz K., Bielecki J., Imigranci dzielą Europę , “Rzeczpospolita” 8.02.2005, No. 32.

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Slavic idea in political thought of underground Poland during World War II


After the German invasion in 1941, the USSR declared to be the defender of the Slavic nations occupied by Germany. It did not defend their allies, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, against the Germans in the 1938-1941. In alliance with Germans it attacked Poland in 1939. Soviets used the Slavic idea to organize armed resistance in occupied nations. After the war, the Soviet Union intended to make them politically and militarily dependent. The Polish government rejected participation in the Soviet Slavic bloc. In the Polish political emigration and in the occupied country the Slavic idea was really popular, but as an anti-Soviet idea. Poland not the Soviet Union was expected to become the head of Slavic countries in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

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