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Factors that Hasten the Integrity of Albania in the European Union

References Poll on Albanians integration in EU , Albania Paper, 14.12.2004, p.10 Milo, Paskal, European Union, Publishing House AlbPaper 2012, p.53 Morin, Edgar, Europe in our thoughts, Ora, Tirane, 2001, p.81. Bogdani, Mirela, John, Loughlin, Albania and EU, Dajt, Tirane, 2004, p.108 A group of authors, European Union, Publishing House AlbPaper, Tirane, 2002, p.89. In polls conducted years ago, 89% of the Albanians were pro EU integration. The

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Insights on Sustainable Universities from Economic and Statistical Perspectives

energy security. A paper by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy. September 2014. Retrieved from European Union Regional Policy. (2011). Connecting Universities to Regional Growth. Smart Specialization Platform. Retrieved from Eurostat. (2019). “GDP per capita in PPS.” Retrieved from https

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Europeanization through Migration Policies: Legislative Comparison between Civil Law Systems and Common Law Systems

Kingdom and the European Community, London, Oxford. Bolaffi, G. (1996). Una politica per gli immigrati, Bologna, Il Mulino. Bonifazi, C. (1998). L’immigrazione straniera in Italia, Bologna, Il Mulino. Bonnet, J.C. (1976). Les pouvoirs publics français et l’immigration dans l’entre-deux-guerres, Lyon, Presse Universitarie de Lyon. Brusa, C. (1997). Immigrazione e multicultura nell’Italia di oggi, Il territorio, i problemi, la didattica, vol I, Milano, Franco Angeli. Bussetta, G. (1993). Il governo propone in Francia il blocco totale dell

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Urban Requalification Policies and Periphery: Notes on the Italian Case

References Andersen H.T. and van Kempen R. eds. (2001). Governing European cities: social fragmentation, social exclusion and urban governance. Aldershot: Ashgate. Atkinson R., Cope S. (1997). Community participation and urban regeneration in Britain, in Hogget P. Contested Communities. Bristol, The Policy Press. Atkinson, R. (2000). Combating social exclusion in Europe: the new urban policy challenge. Urban studies, 37, 1037-1055. Balducci A. (1995). Progettazione partecipata tra tradizione e

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The International Public Procurement Evolution: New Strategic Challenges Met in Collaboration with Internal Audit Advisory Services

from Two Pilot Implementations”, Journal of Information Systems Vol. 22, No 2, pp. 195-214 Alpigiano, Carlotta - Georgios Baltos (2017), “From audit-phobia to shared governance philosophies: librarians meet auditors at the European University Institute”, The 9th Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries International Conference (QQML2017), Conference proceedings, Limerick, Ireland, pp. 51 - 63. Aschauer, Ewald - Matthias, Fink - Andrea, Moro - Van Bakel-Auer - Katharina, and Bent

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Integration of Local Government through Administrative -Territorial Reform in Albania

Government and European integration - beyond Europeanisation?” , Political Perspectives 2012, Michelle Cini, European Union Politics 2nd Edition (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007) p. 407 Technical criteria for the new administrative and territorial division (Minister of State for Local Government ,April 2014)

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Investigating Student’s Needs for English Language as Foundations for Syllabus Design

References Berwick, R. (1989). Needs assessment in language programming: fro theory to practice. In : Johnson, R. K. (Ed). The second language curriculum (p .48-62). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Brindley, G. (1989). The role of needs analysis in adult ESL program design. In: Johnson, R .K. (Ed). The second language curriculum (p.63-78). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Common European Framework of languages, 2001. Dudley

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Some of the Impact of Mediatisation of Mediation Law Process

Action: A Social Cognitive Theory. Englewood Cliffs, NJ, US: Prentice-Hall. Conte, G. (2014). The Italian Way of Mediation. Arbitration Law Review , Volume 6 Yearbook on Arbitration and Mediation,. DellaVigna, S.; Gentzkow, M. (2010). “Persuasion: Empirical Evidence.”. Anual Review of Economics , Vol. 2: 643–669. European Union, D. 2. (2008, May 24). Directive 2008/52/EC of the European Parliament and of the council, of 21 May 2008, on certain aspects of mediation in civil and commercial matters. Retrieved May 24, 2008, from Official Journal of the

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The Functioning of Political Parties as Co-Founders of the Formation of the Political Elite and the Democratic State

References Andrew Gumbell, "The Weaponry We Financed" The Independent February 14, 1997, published in Review Magazine, no. 11-12, Tirana September - December Bogdani Mirela, Loughlin John. Albania and the European Union. European Integration and the Presence of Admission. Publishing "Dajti2000". Tirana, 2004 Bajraba Kosta. Gasoarini Alberto. The Way of Albanian Modernization. Events, Political Class, People and International Relations. Institute of International Sociology GORIZIA2001. Biberaj

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The Fight Against Terrorism

. 86, nr. 3, fq. 630-640 Assembly of the Western European Union, (1994), The European Armaments Agency - Reply to the Thirty-Ninth Annual Report of the Council, teksti 1419, Assembly of the Western European Union Atkinson, S.E., Sandler, T., Tschirart, J.T., (1987), Terrorism in a Bargaining Framework, Journal of Law and Economics, vol. 30, nr. 1, fq. 1-21 Avant, D., (2000), From Mercenary to Citizen Armies: Explaining Change in the Practice of War, International Organization¸ vol. 54, fq. 90 Bainbridge

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