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Proposal for an Alternative Indicator for Testing the Presence of the Political-Budget Cycle in the Case of Tax Policy

Nordhaus.” Public Choice 166(1), 235 - 259. Efthyvoulou, Georgios. 2012. “Political Business Cycles in the European Union and the Impact of Political Pressures.” Public Choice 153(3 - 4), 295 - 327. Ehrhart, Helene. 2013. “Elections and the Structure of Taxation in Developing Countries.” Public Choice 156(1), 195 - 211. Election Resources. 2017. Election Resources on the Internet. Available at (last accessed 12 March 2017). European Election Database. 2017. Parliamentary

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European Union, 2017

). European Council (Art. 50) guidelines for Brexit negotiations. Retrieved from [22 January 2018]. Heated protest: Turkey’s embattled opposition is marching to Istanbul. (2017, July 8). Retrieved from [22 January 2018]. Juncker, J.-C. (2017). President Jean-Claude Juncker’s State of the Union address 2017. Retrieved from http

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Measuring for Absorption: How the Institutionalisation of EU Cohesion Policy Influences the Use of Performance Indicators in Hungary

Initiatives Are a Mixed Blessing.” Regional and Federal Studies 12(1), 43 - 65. Van Berkel, Rik, Fritz Sager and Franziska Ehrler. 2012. “The Diversity of Activation Markets in Europe.” International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy 32(5), 273 - 285. Wostner, Peter. 2008. “The Micro-Effi ciency of EU Cohesion Policy.” IQ-Net Thematic Paper 64. Glasgow: European Policies Research Centre. Zängle, Michael. 2004. “The European Union Benchmarking Experience: From Euphoria to Fatigue ?” European Integration online Papers (EIoP

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Administrative Aspects of Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution in the European Union (EU), Slovenia and Croatia

7. References Agrar, C. Haydar. 2012. Research of B2C and B2B International Markets in the Context of Benchmarking of European Union and Spain Performances. Master in International Business Administration and Languages. Universidad de Almería. Barnes, Javier. 2009. Transforming Administrative Procedure: Towards a Third Generation of Administrative Procedures. Seville: Global Law Press. Cardona, P. Francesco and Anke Freibert. 2007. “The European Administrative Space and Sigma Assessments of EU Candidate Countries.” Hrvatska javna uprava 7

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"Golden" Customers and "Bronze" Citizens in CEE Countries

References Bouckaert, G., J. Nemec, V. Nakrošis, G. Hajnal and Tõnnisson, K. (eds). 2008. Public Management Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe. Bratislava: NISPAcee Press. Drechsler, W. 2005. "The Re-Emergence of ‘Weberian’ Public Administration after the Fall of New Public Management: The Central and Eastern European Perspective." Halduskultuur 6, 94-108. European Union (EU). 2005. Europe for Citizens Programme, 2007-2013. Available online at: http

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The Hungarian Experiences with Handling Irregularities in the Use of EU Funds

Government & Public Policy University of Strathclyde. Davies, S and L. Polverari. 2011. “Financial Accountability and European Union Cohesion Policy.” Regional Studies 45(5):695-706 DOI:10.1080 / 00343404.2010.529118 Dragan, G. 2008. “Who’s Afraid of the Absorption Capacity ? A Romanian Perspective.” Presented at 48 th ERSA Congress, 27 – 31 August 2008, Liverpool, United Kingdom. Grazianoa, P. and C. Halpern. 2015. EU Governance in Times of Crisis: Inclusiveness and Effectiveness beyond the ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’ law divide. Comparative European Politics DOI

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Public Support for Higher Education Institutions from EU Structural Funds and its Evaluation: Case Study of Slovakia

(6), 822 - 834. Baslé, Maurice. 2006. “Strengths and Weaknesses of European Union Policy Evaluation Methods: Ex-Post Evaluation of Objective 2: 1994 - 99” Regional Studies 40, 225 - 236. Batterbury Simon. 2006. “Th e Principles and Purposes of EU Cohesion Policy Evaluation.” Regional Studies, 40(2), 179 - 188. Bernini, Cristina and Pellegrini Guido. 2011. “How are growth and productivity in private fi rms aff ected by public subsidy ? Evidence from a regional policy.” Regional Science and Urban Economics 41, 253

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Facilitators and Constraints of Policy Learning for Administrative Capacity in the Western Balkans

. Evans, Mark. 2009. “Policy Transfer in Critical Perspective.” Policy Studies 30(3), 243 - 268. Hoffmann, Judith. 2005. “Integrating Albania: Th e Role of the European Union in the Democratization Process.” Albanian Journal of Politics 1(1), 55 - 74. Holmberg, Sören and Bo Rothstein. 2009. “Quality of Government: What You Get.” Annual Review of Political Science VOL. 12: 135 - 161. Hyden, Goran. 2008. “Aft er the Paris Declaration: Taking on the Issue of Power.” Development Policy Review 26(3), 259 - 274

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A Content Analysis of the Rule of Law within Public Governance Models: Old vs. New EU Member States

.” International Journal for the Semiotics of Law - Revue internationale de Sémiotique juridique 27(4), 587 - 611. Koprić, I. 2012. “Managing Public Aff airs in South Eastern Europe: Muddled Governance.” In A. M. Bissessar (ed.). Governance: Is it for everyone ? Hauppauge: Nova Science Publisher, 25 - 47. Kovač, P. and M. Bileišis (eds). 2017. Public Administration Reforms in Eastern European Union Member States: Post-Accession Convergence and Divergence. Ljubljana: University of Ljubljana; Vilnius: Mykolas Romeris University

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New Concepts for Rural Development in the Strategies and Policies of the European Union

Rady na rzecz Rozwoju Obszarów Wiejskich (EFRROW) i uchylenie Rozporządzenia Rady (UE) Nr 1698/2005 Dziennik Urzędowy Unii Europejskiej z 20.12.2013. 24. Rozporządzenie Parlamentu Europejskiego i Rady UE Nr 1303/2013 z dnia 17 grudnia 2013 r. w sprawie ustanawiając wspolne przepisy dotyczące funduszy europejskich- uchylając rozporządzenie 1083/2006, Dziennik Urzędowy Unii Europejskiej z 20.12.2013. 25. Rural Development in the European Union-Statistical and Economic infromation, Raport 2006-2013. 26. Russel, P. (2012). Ewolucja wieloletnich ram

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