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Counter Terrorism in the 21st Century and the Role of the European Union

European Union. In: Nesi G. (ed.), Cooperation in Counterterrorism. The United Nations and Regional Organizations in the Fight Against Terrorism . Aldershot: Ashgate. European Security Strategy (2003). Available at < > [Accessed on June 12th 2014]. Extraordinary Council Meeting, Justice, Home Affairs and Civil Protection, 20 September 2001. Available at < > [Accessed on June 13th 2014]. Galli F. (2008). “The Legal and Political

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Legitimacy through Subsidiarity? The Parliamentary Control of EU Policy-Making

References: Bauer Michael, Pitschel Diana and Philip Studinger. Governance Preferences of Sub-national Administrative Elites in the European Union, Lehrstuhl Politik und Verwaltung , Working Paper Series 2010, Vol. 4. Benz Arthur. Linking multiple demoi. Inter-parliamentary relations in the EU, Institut für Europäische Verfassungswissenschaften, IEV-Online , 2011/1 Borońska-Hryniewiecka Karolina. [a]. Regional parliaments and subsidiarity after Lisbon: Overcoming the regional blindness?, Democracy and Subsidiarity in the EU. National

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External and Internal Policies of Belarus After Crimea Annexation

Республикой Крым и образовании в составе Российской Федерации новых субъектов] Available at: [Accessed on: 08.12.2016] Internet: Antonowicz M. (2016). Czy Alaksandr Łukashenka Zalegalizuje Pogoń?. Przegląd Bałtycki. Available at:,alaksandr-lukaszenka-zalegalizuje-pogon.html [Accessed on: 07.12.2016] BBC (2014). Putin Helped Yanukovych to fleeUkraine. BBC. Available at [Accessed on: 09

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Mechanisms of Europeanisation and Compliance in Judicial Politics: Understanding the Past and Anticipating the Future

References Bodnar, A. & Bojarski, L. (2011) ‘Judicial Independence in Poland’, in Anja Seibert-Fohr (ed.), Judicial Independence in Transition , Springer. Bobek, Michal 2007. ‘Iudex Ex Machina : Institutional and Mental Transitions of Central and Eastern European Judiciairies’, in Coman Ramona and Jean-Michel De Waele (eds.), Judicial Reforms in Central and Eastern European Countries , Brugge: Vanden Broele. Brusis, M. 2005. European Union enlargement and the Europeanization of Eastern Europe: research puzzles and policy issues. In: Z

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EU Initiatives for Democratisation in Eastern Europe

]. Available: . Council of the European Union, (2009) Joint Declaration of the Prague Eastern Partnership Summit, Prague, 7 May 2009, Brussels: Author. Dryzek John S. and Holmes Leslie Templeman. Post-Communist Democratization: Political Discourses Across Thirteen Countries (Theories of Institutional Design) . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002, p. 79. ISBN 13: 9780521001380. Election Administration of Georgia. Preliminary Results of the Presidential Elections of Georgia [online]. [access 29 October

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Eastern Partnership and the Preferences of New EU Member States

References: Christou George. European Union security logics to the east: the European Neighbourhood Policy and the Eastern Partnership. European Security 2010, vol. 19, vo. 3, pp. 413-430. Copsey Nathaniel and Haughton Tim. Choices for Europe: National Preferences in Old and New Member States. Journal of Common Market Studies 2009, vol. 47, no.2, pp. 263-286. Copsey Nathaniel and Pomorska Karolina. Poland’s power and influence in the European Union. Comparative European Politics 2010, vol. 8, no. 3, p. 304-26. Iangbein Julia and

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Challenges of the Illiberal Democracy in Hungary. Some Aspects to the 2018 Elections

References Appelbaum, (2018): A Warning from Europe: The Worst is yet to Come, Berend, Iván (1997): Central and Eastern Europe 1944–1993 , Cambridge University Press Berend, Iván (2010): Europe since 1980 , Cambridge University Press Biro-Nagy, András (2017): Illiberal democracy in Hungary. The social background and practical steps of building an illiberal state. In: Morillas, Pol (ed.): Illiberal democracies in the EU. The Visegrad Group and the risk of

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Russia’s Containment and Engagement Strategies in the U.S. Foreign Policy during the Presidency of G. W. Bush

:// > [Accessed 22 December 2013]. Shanker Th. (2007). ‘Administration Rebukes Putin On His Policies’. New York Times . June. State of the Union Address. January 29, 2002. Available at < > [Accessed 22 December 2013]. State of the Union Address. January 28, 2003. Available at < > [Accessed 22 December 2013]. State of the Union Address. January 23, 2007. Available at < http

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From the Concept to the Practice of Parliamentary Immunity

Applications’. NSW Parliamentary Library Research Service Paper . No. 1. Hardt, S. (2013). Parliamentary Immunity. A Comprehensive Study of the Systems of Parliamentary Immunity of the United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands in a European Context . Portland: Intersetia Hulst, M. (2000). The Parliamentary Mandate. A Global Comparative Study . Geneva: Inter-Parliamentary Union Press. Kantorowicz, E. (1997). The King’s Two Bodies. Study in Medieval Political Theology . Princeton: Princeton University Press. Livius, T. (1857). History of Rome

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“New Public Policy” As an Example of Pro-Innovation Policy – The Neo-Institutional Perspective

university-industry-government relations’. Research Policy . Vol. 29, No. 2. Freeman, Ch. (1995). ‘The ‘National Systems of Innovation’ in Historical Perspective’, Cambridge Journal of Economics , Vol. 19, No. 1. Goodin, R. (ed.) (1996). The Theory of Institutional Design . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Hardin, G. (1968). ‘The Tragedy of the Commons’. Science 13 , Vol. 162/3859. Hausner, J. (2008). Zarządzanie publiczne . Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Scholar. Innovation Union Scoreboard 2014 , European Commission, Brussels

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