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The Socio-economic Impact of European Funds on Eastern European Countries

References dall'Erba, S., R. Guillain and J. le Gallo (2009) ‘Impact Of Structural Funds On Regional Growth: How To Reconsider A 9 Year-Old Black Box’. Region et Developpement, Region et Developpement, LEAD, 30:77-100. Universite du Sud - Toulon Var. Ederveen, S., H. Groot and R. Nahuis (2003) Fertile soil for structural funds? a panel data analysis of the conditional effectiveness of European cohesion policy, pp. 3 – 14. Working Papers, Utrecht School of Economics,. Jora, O. D., V. M. Topan and R. Mușetescu, (2008) ‘European ‘c’ quest

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Migrants and healthcare within the European Union

References Appadurai, A. (2005) [1996] Après le colonialisme. Les conséquences culturelles de la globalisation Modernity at Large. Cultural Dimensions of Globalization . Paris : Payot et Rivages. Baldwin-Edwards, M. (1997) Third Country Nationals and Welfare Systems in The European Union . Jean Monnet Working Papers: 12.97 Belza, M.J. (2004) Prevalence of HIV, HTLV-1 and HTLV-11 among female sex workers in Spain, 2000-2001. European Journal of Epidemiology , 19(3): 279-282. Bollini, P. and H. Siem (1995) No real progress towards equity

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Public banking for the cultural sector: financial instruments and the new financial intermediaries

/04). Official Journal C 19/4. 22.1.2014 European Council (2012) Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on establishing the Creative Europe Programme - Partial general approach, 16155/12, 2011/0370 (COD), Brussels, 16.11.2012 European Council (2014) European Council (18 December 2014) - Conclusions EUCO 237/14, CO EUR 16, CONCL 6 - Brussels, 18.12.2014 European Parliament (1999) Working paper. The Future of the audiovisual sector in the European Union. Education and Culture Series. EDUC 103 EN. Luxembourg. Available from: http

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Efficiency and Social Impact of Public Policies and Third Sector Practices in Bulgaria


The consequent enlargement of the European Union in 2004 and 2007 gave the new-member-states an access to programs and financial sources with significant capacity and impact. The present paper aims to analyze the influence of the social policy framework over the public service delivery in Bulgaria. The first part of the paper is devoted to the general categorization of social services’ suppliers and the already established mechanism of their functioning. In the second part the focus on the conceptual framework introduces the main dimensions of the policy, institutional regulations and operational programs. The third part provides empirical results from the efficiency analysis of the social programs implementation and discussion on their impact.

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Notes on the Demographic Transformations in Postcommunist Romania

’s Situation. Romanian Journal of Population Studies, 1:11-32. Rotariu, T. (2010). Nonmarital Births in Romania versus Other European Countries - A Few Considerations. Studia UBB Sociologia, 55(2):37-60. Rotariu, T. (2011). Some Considerations on the End of the Demographic Transition and Post-Transitional Processes. Romanian Journal of Population Studies, 1:5-35. Rotariu, T., Dumănescu, L. (2014). La démographie de la Roumanie pendant la période du régime communiste (1948-1989) [The Demography of Romania during the communist regime (1948

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Mapping students’ organizations in post-communist Romania: a structuration perspective

References Almqvist, J., Baumann, B., Fontes, P., Lao, B., Neetens, S., & Puskás, P. (2003). Bologna with student eyes 2003 . ESIB - The National Unions of Students in Europe. Altbach, P. G. (1989). Student political activism: an international reference handbook . New York: Greenwood Press. Altbach, P. G. (2006). Student Politics: Activism and Culture. In P. G. Altbach & J. J. F. Forest (Eds.), International Handbook of Higher Education (pp. 329–45). Springer International Publishing. Antoniu

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Social Cooperatives in Greece. Introducing New Forms of Social Economy and Entrepreneurship

References Archambault E. (1997) The Non Profit Sector in France . Manchester University Press. Campbell R. Et al (ed). (2006) Voluntary Action: Meeting challenges of the 21 st century . NCVO. CEP-CMAF. (2002) The Social Economy. CIRIEC. (2000) The enterprises and organizations of the third system: a strategic challenge for employment. Pilot action “Third System and Employment” of the European Commission. Liege. CIRIEC. (2007) Social Economy in the European Union. N°. CESE/COMM/05/2005 European Economic and Social Committee

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Quality of Government and Decentralization in Romania

References Bondar, F. (2014) ‘Romanian Public Administration Structure and Functions’, Report developed for supporting the National Territorial Strategy (2014-2035), Ministry of Administration and Regional Development Romania. MS. Charron, N., L. Dijkstra and V. Lapuente (2013) Regional Governance Matters: Quality of European Union Member States Within Government, DG Regional Policy and Urban . Göteborg University. Grabbe, H. (2001) ‘How Does Europeanization Affect CEE Governance? Conditionality, Diffusion and Diversity’. Journal of European

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Hidden in plain sight: student fund-raising in Romanian universities

: cases of transformation in Central and Eastern Europe , University of Southampton, Centre for Higher Education Management and Policy at Southampton, PhD Thesis Bateson, R., and Taylor, J. (2004) “Student involvement in university life-Beyond political activism and university governance: A view from central and eastern Europe” in European Journal of Education , 39 (4), pp. 471-483 Brooks, R., Byford, K., & Sela, K. (2015). The changing role of students’ unions within contemporary higher education. Journal of Education Policy , 30 (2), 165

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Fluxus Spaces as Alternative Cultural Spaces. A social cartography of the urban cultural scenery

:// Chatterton, P. and Hollands, R. (2002). ‘Theorising urban playscapes: producing, regulating and consuming youthful nightlife city spaces’ Urban studies , 39(1): 95-116. Dixon, J. and Durrheim, K. (2004) ‘Dislocating identity: Desegregation and the transformation of place’ Journal of Environmental Psychology 24: 455–473 European Union (2011). Cities of tomorrow. Challenges, visions, ways forward . Publications Office of the European Union Florida, R. (2004). The rise of the

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