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How demographic patterns and social policies shape interdependence among lives in the family realm

. Gallie, A. Hemerijck, & J. Myles (Eds.), Why we Need a New Welfare State, pp. 26–67. Oxford: Oxford University Press. European Commission (2015). The 2015 Pension Adequacy Report: Current and Future Income Adequacy in Old Age in the EU. Volume I. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. 396 p. Eydal, G. B., & Rostgaard, T. (Eds.) (2015). Fatherhood in the Nordic Welfare States: Comparing Care Policies and Practice. Bristol: Policy Press. 352 p. Gee, E. M. (1987). Historical changes in the family life course of Canadian men and women

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Adjusting to population ageing: evidence for policy action

. Economist Intelligence Unit (2012). A new vision for old age: Rethinking health policy for Europe’s ageing society. London; The Economist Intelligence Unit Ltd. 39p. http:// Accessed 9 September 2015. European Union (2014). Population ageing in Europe: Facts, implications and policies. Outcomes of EU-funded research. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. Accessed 8 September 2015

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900 million and counting
Epidemiologic data for demographic and policy transitions

. 264-271. Stiglitz, J., Sen, A., Fitoussi, J-P. (2010) Report by the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress. (accessed 16 Sep 2015). Suhrcke, M., McKee, M., Stuckler, D., Arce, R.S., Tsolova, S., & Mortensen, J. (2006) ‘The contribution of health to the economy in the European Union’, Public Health, vol. 120, October, pp. 994-1001. United Nations Population Division. (2015) World population prospects: The 2015 revision. New

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Experiences of Young Motherhood and Youth in Mexico: Medical Discourses and the Definition of Women as ‘Too Young to Care’.

involuntary abortion.] CNN México 22 July 2010. Accessed 1 July 2015 at Castro Martín, T. (2002). Consensual unions in Latin America: Persistence of a dual nuptiality system. Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 33(1): 35–55. Cruz, M. (2011). Madres Adolescentes: “La verdad, me apendejé”. [Teenage Mothers: “Truth be told, I screwed up”.] Emeequis, 24 January 2011. Accessed 1 July 2015 at Davids

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Population Policy Adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Interplay of Global and Local Forces

Alberto Fujimori." European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies 82:3-20. Bongaarts, John. 2003. “Completing the Fertility Transition in the Developing World: The Role of Educational Differences and Fertility Preferences.” Population Studies 57(3):321-35. Bongaarts, John, Thomas Buettner, Gerhard Heilig, and Francois Pelletier. 2008. “Has the HIV Epidemic Peaked?” Population and Development Review 34(2):199-224. Bongaarts, John. 2011. “Can Family Planning Programs Reduce High Desired Family Size in Sub

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