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The European Union’s Relations with Greenland

and Research for the Sociology of Education, ed. Richardson, J.G., Greenwood, New York 1986. Brańka, T. Znaczenie Grenlandii w polityce Danii oraz we współczesnych stosunkach międzynarodowych, [w] Arktyka na początku XXI wieku. Między współpracą a rywalizacją, red. Łuszczuk, M., Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej, Lublin 2013. Degeorges, D., China in Greenland: A challenge for the European Union, “EurActiv” 15.06.2012, Web. 16 September 2015.

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The European Union’s Activity in Regard to the Conflict in Ukraine before the 2014 Presidential Election

.ua/home/ > Civilian Headline Goal 2010 : Web. 28 May 2014 < > Council of the European Union. Council Conclusions on Ukraine Foreign Affairs Council Meeting . Brussels, 10 February 2014: Web. 6 May 2014 < > Council of European Union, Council Conclusions on Ukraine, 3209th Foreign Affairs Council Meeting, Brussels, 10 December 2012 : Web. 4 June 2014

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The Rise of Right-Wing Extremism in European Union

References Atanasovska, Zaneta. “Шефот на норвешката полиција поднесе оставка поради Брејвик.” (August, 2012).Web. 24 August 2012 <> Bartlett, Will and Prica, Ivana. “The Variable Impact of the Global Economic Crisis in South Eastern Europe.” London School of Economics and Political Science- Research on South Eastern Europe. (April, 2012). Web. 10 May 2012 p. 4-8. <

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Countering Radicalisation of Muslim Community Opinions on the EU Level

(Directorate General Justice, Freedom and Security), London 2008. Council of the European Union, The European Strategy for Combating Radicalisation and Recruitment to Terrorism, Brussels 24 Nov. 2005. Web 3 March 2015 <>. Council of the European Union, Revised UE Strategy for Combating Radicalisation and Recruitment to Terrorism, 19 May 2013. Web 6. March 2015 <>. European

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Military Culture, Subtitling, and Branches of Service in Band of Brothers

. Budapest: Scholastica. Kuhiwczak, P.–Littau, K. (eds). 2007. A companion to translation studies . Clevedon–Buffalo: Multilingual Matters. Mujzer-Varga, K. 2007. A reáliafogalom változásai és változatai. Fordítástudomány IX(2): 55–84. Murray, W. 1999. Does military culture matter? Orbis 43(1): 27–42. Newmark, P. 1988. A textbook of translation . Prentice-Hall International. Pym, A.–Grin, F.–Sfreddo, C.–Chan, A. L. J. 2012. The status of the translation profession in the European Union. Studies on translation and multilingualism. No

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The Framing of the EU Visa Liberalization with Ukraine

through metaphor, hyperbole, and irony. Communication Theory 26: 410–430. Burlyuk, O.–Shapovalova N. 2017. “Veni, vidi,… vici?” EU performance and two faces of conditionality towards Ukraine. East European Politics 33(1): 36–55. Chaban, N.–L. Elgström–Gulyaeva, O. 2017. Russian images of the European Union: Before and after Maidan. Foreign Policy Analysis 13: 480–499. Charteris-Black, J. 2006. Britain as a container: Immigration metaphors in the 2005 election campaign. Discourse–Society 17(5): 563-581. Cornelissen, J. P., R. Holt

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Ukraine 2014 – The End of the Second European Belle Époque

. Balcerak W., Zjednoczenie ziem rumuńskich jesienią 1918 , [in:] Z dziejów stosunków polsko-radzieckich i rozwoju wspólnoty państw socjalistycznych , vol. 20, 1980. Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean . Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council Brussels. COM, 319 (Final), pp. 1–13, 2008. Bielecki J., Unia nie chce Ukrainy, „Rzeczpospolita” 155(5625), 5 July 2000. Brzeziński Z., The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives Wielka szachownica , Warszawa: Politeja 1998

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Future Perspectives of the Implementation of EU Urban Agenda

References 2nd European CITIES Forum. An Urban Agenda for Europe, Brussels, 2 June 2015, (access on: 21.12.2016). European Union. Regional Policy, Cities of tomorrow. Challenges, visions, ways forward. October 2011, (access on: 21.12.2016). Joint Declaration of the Eastern Partnership Summit (Riga, 21–22 May 2015), http

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Review Article.n European Identity and Turkey’s Quest for the EU Membership

References Caporaso, J. and M. Kim, “The dual nature of European identity: subjective awareness and coherence”, Journal of European Public Policy, 16(1), 2008, pp. 19-42. Checkel, J. and P. Katzenstein, “Preface“, in European Identity, eds. J. Checkel and P.Kaztzenstein, Cambridge University Press, UK, 2009, pp. xi-xiii. Fligstein, N., A. Polyakova and W. Sandholtz, “European Integration, Nationalism and European Identity, Journal of Common Market Studies, 50(1), 2012, pp. 106-122. Kaelble, H

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Die Österreicher zu Verstehen… Österreichs Beziehung zur Frage der EU-Erweiterung

im Donauraum“ [in:] Morgen, Jg. 21, Nr. 111, Februar 1997, S. 8–11. Nikbakhsh M., „Reden wir darüber“ [in:] Profil, vom 1. Dezember 2003, S. 43. Nikbakhsh M., „Wir Neurotiker“ [in:] Profil, vom 5. Januar 2004, S. 41. Offene Fragen. Offene Antworten. Eine Informationsinitiative der österreichischen Bundesregierung in Zusammenarbeit mit der Europäischen Union, Wien: UW Verlag, 2000. Pelinka A., Rosenberger S., Österreichische Politik. Grundlagen. Strukturen. Trends , Wien: Wien Verlag, 2000. Profil vom 22. Dezember 2003, S. 18

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