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Cyber Security Policy and Strategy in the European Union and Nato

References European Commission. (2010). Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions: A Digital Agenda for Europe, available at:, accessed on: 20 February 2018. European Commission. (2013). Cybersecurity Strategy of the European Union: An Open, Safe and Secure Cyberspace, available at: https

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Security and immigration: national and European policies in the globalized era

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Communication and didactics, the difficult but needful symbiosis in higher education systems


The first purpose of the university system is to deliver qualitative education through solid didactics/educational, but not many university structures seem really interested in the subject.

Sets of laws, measures, rules, and prescriptions of all kinds are in fact relegating it to a corner, making it less and less central and effective while also increasing the difficult to decipher, update and innovate it.

As a matter of fact, the issue of modernization of teaching methods has been tackled decisively by the European Commission, which has placed it among the priorities of its agenda. By acting in this way, EU is manifesting the conviction that a better quality for higher education will determine a growth in development and competitiveness not only for the Union itself but also for the individual universities that will define a strategy to improve the level of their teaching and learning and to give equal importance to research and teaching.

In its report on the theme of modernization and quality of teaching and learning, the European Commission summarizes its conclusions in 16 recommendations, including:

- the need for adequate teaching training for teachers;

- the need for the merits of teachers who make a significant contribution to improving teaching and learning methods to be recognized and rewarded.

But in order to achieve such quality prospects, it is necessary for university teachers to combine the knowledge of their discipline with specific communicative, cognitive and, more generally, relational skills. All this must become a principle of the university teaching of the future.

However, on a practical level, it is not uncommon to meet teachers who are not sufficiently attentive to these dimensions of the teaching-learning dynamic, failing to identify the “language” capable of transferring their theoretical/practical knowledge in the function of real learning of the student.

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Old age individuals on the Russian labor market: challenges and opportunities

–429. Weil, D. (2006). Population Ageing. New Palgrave Encyclopedia of Economics (2nd ed.). New York, 1–15. Zolin, I.Ye. (2014). Rynok truda v kontekste demograficheskogo razvitiya. National interests: priorities and security', 42 (279), 12–22. Web References 1 2 Eurofound (2012). Income from work after retirement in the EU. Luxembourg: Publications office of the European Union, p. 88.

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Challenges in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Future. Doll, W., & Vonderembse, M. (1991). The evolution of manufacturing systems: Towards the post-industrial enterprise. Omega, Vol. 19, Issue 5 , 401-411. doi:10.1016/0305-0483(91)90057-z. Eichhorst, E., & Tobsch, V. (2013). Has atypical work become typical in Germany?. IZA Institute of Labor Economics, Discussion Paper, No, 7609 . Eurofound. (2015). New forms of employment . Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. Farina, E., Green, C., & McVicar, D. (2019). Zero hours contracts and their growth. IZA Institute of Labor

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The road ahead for age-friendly community in Ukraine

]. 3. Strategy for Healthy Active Longevity 2022 [Stratehia derzhavnoyi polityky z pytanʹ zdorovoho ta aktyvnoho dovholittya naselennya na period do 2022 roku]. 4. Active Ageing. Policy Framework 5. Growing the Silver Economy in Europe.

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Locally uniform water utility pricing. Social and economic issues in an emergent policy in France and Italy.

-455. Barraqué, B, Juuti, S. P., Katko, T. S., 2012. Urban water conflicts in recent European history: changing interactions between technology, environment and society, in: Barraqué B. (ed.), Urban water conflicts, UNESCO-IHP Urban water series no. 8, 15-32. Bauby, P., Similie, M.M., 2013. Quelle européanisation du service public de l’eau?, in: Pecqueur B. et Brochet A. (eds.), Le service public d’eau potable et la fabrique des territoires, Paris, L’Harmattan, 97-106. Beecher J.A., et al., 1994, Revenue effects of water conservation and conservation pricing

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Central Bank Independence and Inflation IN EU-28

WSEAS International Conference on Economy and Management Transformation, issue I, 180-185. Eijffinger, S., & de Haan, J. (1996). The political economy of Central Bank Independence, Special Papers, International Economics, No. 19 . Eijffinger, S., & Schaling E. (1992). Central bank independence: Searching for the philosophers’s stone (Revised version), CentER Discussion Paper, Vol. 51 Eijffinger, S., Schaling E., & Hoeberichts M. (1998). Central bank independence: A sensitive snalysis, European Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 14, 73

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Multiculturalism and Ostalgie

European Television. Alphaville Journal of Film and Media, (12). Barney, T. (2009). When We Was Red: Good Bye Lenin! and Nostalgia for the “Everyday GDR”. Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, 6(2), 132-151. Battaglia, M., (2010). “Unità di apprendimento per la riflessione culturale ed interculturale sulla caduta del Muro di Berlino”. Berdahl, D. (1999). ‘(N) Ostalgie for the present: memory, longing, and East German things. Ethnos, 64(2), 192-211. Berger P., Luckmann T., (1997), La realtà come costruzione sociale, Bologna, Il Mulino

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The Erasmus + Project Strategy

). Directorate General for Internal Policies. Policy Department D: Budgetary Affairs, EU Budget and National Budgets: Facts, Figures And Impact Retrieved January/February, 2019 European Union Law (2012). Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, art. 165. Retrieved January/February, 2019 from Fernández Agüero, M. (2017). Erasmus Mobility and the Education of Interculturally Competent

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