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Computation and Monitoring of the Soil Moisture Index on Bulgarian Territory

R eferences [1] D e J ager , A., J. V ogt . Development and Demonstration of a Structured Hydrological Feature Coding System for Europe. Hydrol. Sci. J. , 55 (2010), No. 5 , 661–675. [2] H orion , S., H. C arrão , A. S ingleton , P. B arbosa , J. V ogt . JRC Experience on the Development of Drought Information Systems. Europe, Africa and Latin America, JRC Scientific and Technical Report, Publication office of the European Union, (2012), DOI 10.2788/15724. [3] K alnay et al . The NCEP/NCAR 40-year Reanalysis Project. Bull. Amer. Meteor

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Improved Model for Forecasting Global Solar Irradiance During Sunny and Cloudy Days

References [1] ***, The Directive 2010/31/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 May 2010 on the energy performance of buildings , Official Journal of the European Union, 53 (2010). [2] Aelenei L., Gonçalves H., From solar building design to Net Zero Energy buildings: Performance insights of an office building , Energy Procedia, 48 (2014), 1236–1243. [3] Burduhos B.G., Neagoe M., Duta A., Adaptive Stepwise Orientation Algorithm for Non-concentrated Dual-Axis Solar Tracking Systems , Proc. of 14th World Congress in Mechanism

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Buckling Analysis of Orthotropic Thick Cylindrical Shells Considering Geometrical Imperfection Using Differential Quadrature Method (DQM)

, D. K elly , R. T homson , R. D egenhardt . Influence of Imperfections on Axial Buckling Load of Composite Cylindrical Shells. The 19 th International Conference on Composite Materials . 2012. [5] D egenhardt , R. DESICOS. European Union 7th Framework , Web. 06 Dec. 2012. . [6] K oiter , W. T. On the Stability of Elastic Equilibrium. NASA TT-F-10833, National Aeronautics and Space Administration , USA, 1967. [7] D egenhardt , R., A. K ling , A. B ethge , J. O rf , L. K& auml;rger , K. R ohwer , et al . Investigations of

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One Approach to the Synthesis, Design and Manufacture of Hyperboloid Gear Sets with Face Mating Gears. Part 2: Review of Practical Realization

References [1] Annual Report on the Status and Development of the Policy in the Field of Innovation, Ministry of Economy and Energy of Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, 2005, 36. [2] Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization of the Republic of Bulgaria 2014-2020, SMART SPECIALIZATION, Ministry of Economy of Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, 2015, 149. [3] Innovation Union Scoreboard 2010. The Innovation Performance Scoreboard for Research and Innovation, PRO INNO EUROPE, INNO METRICS, 1 February 2011, 72

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