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Unity in Diversity. The Language Policy of the European Union

References Ahn, E. (2007). A Region Divided/United: Language Policy Developments in the European Union. Retrieved June 10, 2014 from Ammon, U. (2006). Language conflict in the European Union. On finding a polit- ically acceptable and practicable solution for EU institutions that satisfies diverging interests. International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 16(3), 319-338. DOI: 10.1111/j.1473-4192.2006.00121.x. Branchadell, A. (2007). The language of the Europe is translation. An

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References Alter, K. (2001). Establishing the Supremacy of European Law: The Making of an International Rule of Law in Europe. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Andrassy, G. (2001). European Integration and European Languages: Will the Diversity Be Maintained? Studia Iuridica Auctoritate Universitatis Pecs , 127, 11-22. Arnull, A. (2006). The European Union and its Court of Justice (2nd ed.). Oxford EC Law Library. Baaij, C. J. (2012). The EU Policy on Institutional Multilingualism

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Dominance of English in the European Union and in European Law

:// en.html. Directorate-General for Translation. (2011). English Style Guide - a handbook for authors and translators in the European Commission. 7 edition (Luxembourg). Retrieved from European Court of Auditors (2013) A Brief list of misused English terms in EU pub- lications. (Luxembourg). Retrieved from Grin, F. (2005) L

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Poland towards the German leadership in the European Union

Polityczne”, vol.2, 2012, p. 237-257 [„Nice or death”, that Polish political discourse on the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe and its impact on Polish-German relations]. J. Barcz, Wiarygodnie i aktywnie w Unii Europejskiej, „SM”, nr 1(LXV) 2012, p. 105-109 [Reliably and actively in the European Union]. J. Bielecki, Prezydent Francji może ustąpić Polsce, „Dziennik”, 12th November 2008, p. 4 [French President may give way to Poland]. J. Bielecki, Unia uratowała jedność, ale kosztem ekologii, „Dziennik”, 13th-14th

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Germany’s stance on the idea of the constructionof a federal European Union

:// [05.05.2014]. Das Programm der CSU zur Europawahl 2014. Entwurf zur Vorlage an den Parteivorstand in Kloster Andechs am 25. und 26. April 2014 , „”, [15.05.2014]. dpa, dlf, s-o / Iwona D. Metzner, Joachim Gauck: W poszukiwaniu europejskiej tożsamości, „Deutsche Welle”, 22.02.2013, . Europa eine neue Richtung geben. Wahlprogramm für die Europa-wahl am 25

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Polish “Entrepreneur” and EU “Undertaking”: Multilingualism and Differences in Legal Identification

, D. and Hadjiemmanuil, C. and Maduro, M.P. and Monti, G. (2006). European Union Law: Text and Materials . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Craig, P. and de Burca, G. (2003). EU Law: Text, Cases and Materials . New York: Oxford University Press. Cieśliński, A. (2001). Stosowanie prawa wspólnotowego – wyzwanie dla prawnika praktyka . “Radca Prawny” 2001 (4). Doczekalska, A. (2006). Interpretacja wielojęzycznego prawa Unii Europejskiej . “Europejski Przegląd Sądowy” 2006 (5). Etel, M. (2012). Pojęcie przedsiębiorcy w prawie polskim i

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Party positions on the European union in the Baltic states: do they compete? Do they mirror voters’ positions?

References Austers, A., 2016. The Case Of Latvia: Popular Euroscepticism In Impasse. In: K. Bukovskis, ed. 2016. Euroscepticism In Small EU Member States. Riga: Latvian Institute of International Affairs. pp.85-197. Bakker, R., de Vries, C., Edwards, E., Hooghe, L., Jolly, S., Marks, G., Polk, J., Rovny, J., Steenbergen, M. and Vachudova, M. A., 2015a. Measuring Party Positions In Europe: The Chapel Hill Expert Survey Trend File, 1999-2010. Party Politics, [e-journal] 21(1), pp.143-152.

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Preparation of a Legislative Proposal in the Multilingual Legal System of the European Union

:// Borchardt, K.D. (2010). The ABC of European Union Law. Luxemburg: Publications office of the European Union. Buitendijk, G.J. and Van Schendelen, M.P.C.M. (1995). ‘Brussels Advisory Committees: A Channel for Influence?’ European Law Review, 20, 1, 37-57. Chittenden, F., Ambler, F.T., and Xiao, D. (2007). ‘Impact Assessment’ in S.R. Weatherill (Ed.), Better Regulation. Oxford-Portland: Hart Publishing. Christiansen, T. (2001). The European Commission: Administration in Turbulent Times, in Richardson, J. (ed.) European Union

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Multilingualism in the EU and Consistency of Private Enforcement of Competition Law: Two Examples from CEE Countries

rights granted under Union Law (OJ L 201, 26.07.2013). Commission Staff Working Document – Practical guide “Quantifying harm in actions for damages based on breaches of Article 101 or 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union” (C (2013) 3440, 11.06.2013). Communication from the Commission on quantifying harm in actions for damages based on breaches of Article 101 or 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (OJ C 167, 13.06.2013). Conway, G. (2015). EU Law . London–New York: Routledge. Directive 2014/104/EU of

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Contemporary populism and the economic crisis in western Europe

://> [Accessed 6 October 2016]. Rovira Kaltwasser, C., 2012. The Ambivalence of Populism: Threat and Corrective for Democracy. Democratization, Vol. 19, No. 2, pp. 184-208. Siemens, D., 2013. No Experiments? The German Federal Elections 2013. UCL, [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 6 October 2016]. Stabenow, M., 2010. EU-Ratspräsident Van Rompuy. Anlaufstelle für Merkel und Sarkozy. Frankfurter Allgemeine, [online] Available at: <

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