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Musicology Today
The Journal of University of Warsaw
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Witold Szalonek Seen Through His Own Views

. Szalonek, W. (1962). Moje trzy grosze [My Two Cents’ Worth], Trybuna Robotnicza. 13-14.10.1962. Szalonek, W. (1970). Mutazioni. In: the “Warsaw Autumn” Programme Book. Warsaw: Polish Composers’ Union, (Polish version pp. 14-15, French version pp. 15-16). Szalonek, W. (1970). Chopin nasz współczesny? Emocja i dyscyplina [Chopin Our Contemporary? Emotions and Discipline], Polska. No. 9, pp. 4, 20-21. Szalonek, W. (1972). O nie wykorzystanych walorach sonorystycznych instrumentów dętych drewnianych [On the Unexploited

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From Restrictions to Freedom The Perilous Path to the First Warsaw Autumn Festival

SOURCES Archive of New Acts (AAN), KC PZPR 237/XVIII-120 [Central Committee, Polish United Workers’ Party]. AAN, KC PZPR 237/XVIII-143. AAN, MKiS 366-1 2768 [Ministry of Culture and Art]. Archive of Polish Composers, Warsaw University (AKP), Korespondencja Z. Lissy (1945-1955) [Z. Lissa Correspondence]. AKP, Palester Audycje RWE [Palester. Radio Free Europe Broadcast]. AKP, Zofia Lissa: Korespondencja polskojęzyczna [Zofia Lissa: Correspondence in Polish]. Audycje Polskiego Radia od 16.V do 22.V. 1955 Roku (1955) (Polish

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Romania in The Last Hundred Years Historical and Musical Considerations What was done? What are we doing? What to do?

References Boia, L. (2015). Cum s-a românizat România [How did Romania become Romanian]. București: Humanitas. Boia, L. (2014). Primul război mondial. Controverse, paradoxuri, reinterpretări [World War I. Controversies, paradoxes, reinterpretations]. București: Humanitas. Boia, L. (2012). România, țară de frontieră a Europei [Romania, a European Border Country]. București: Humanitas. Boia, L. (2016). Strania istorie a comunismului românesc (și nefericitele ei consecințe) [The Strange History of the Romanian Communism (and its

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Problems Generated by Poor Support of Young Talented People

References 1. Creţu, C. (1997) Psihopedagogia succesului , Ed. Polirom, Iaşi. 2. Creţu, C. (2006) Global Curriculum: Concept Development, Emerging Theories and Curriculum Policy Issues, in Crişan, A. (Ed), Current and Future challenges in curriculum Development: Policies, Practices and Networking for Change , Humanitas Educaţional, Bucureşti 3. Dracea, R.., Cristea, M., Mitu, N. (2010) Migrația și competiția fiscală. Implicații la nivelul Uniunii Europene, [Migration and tax competition. Implications at the level of the European Union] http

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