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Factors that Hasten the Integrity of Albania in the European Union

References Poll on Albanians integration in EU , Albania Paper, 14.12.2004, p.10 Milo, Paskal, European Union, Publishing House AlbPaper 2012, p.53 Morin, Edgar, Europe in our thoughts, Ora, Tirane, 2001, p.81. Bogdani, Mirela, John, Loughlin, Albania and EU, Dajt, Tirane, 2004, p.108 A group of authors, European Union, Publishing House AlbPaper, Tirane, 2002, p.89. In polls conducted years ago, 89% of the Albanians were pro EU integration. The

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Foreign language portfolio and EU funded foreign language courses in Poland

. European Commission. 2012a. Europeans and Their Languages. Special Eurobarometer 386, Summary . European Commission. 2012b. Studies on Translation and Multilingualism. Language and Translation in International Law and EU Law , Publications Office of the European Union Luxembourg. Fiedler, Sabine. 2011. English as a Lingua Franca – a Native-Culture-Free Code? Language of Communication vs. Language of Identification. Apples – Journal of Applied Language Studies 5(3). 79-97. Gawrycka, Małgorzata. 2006. Wybrane aspekty zmian zatrudnienia w gospodarce

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”The Heart of this People is in its right place”: The American Press and Private Charity in the United States during the Irish Famine

June 1847: 3. . Web. 21 July 2017. “Donations for the Starving People in Ireland.” The Liberator 25 July 1847: 3. . Web. 21 July 2017. “Donations to Ireland.” Daily National Intelligencer 3 Dec. 1847: 3. . Web. 21 July 2017. “Emigration.” New York Herald 6 Jan. 1848: 5. . Web. 21 July 2017. “Fifteen Days Later from Europe.” Daily National Intelligencer 6 Oct. 1845: 3. . Web. 21 July 2017. “Food for Suffering Ireland.” Daily National Intelligencer 25 Feb. 1847: 3. . Web

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China’s New Silk Roads. Categorising and Grouping the World: Beijing’s 16+1+X European Formula

References Arase, David. 2015. “China’s Two Silk Roads Initiative: What It Means for Southeast Asia.” Southeast Asian Affairs, 1, pp. 25-45. Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. 2018. “‘A Europe that Protects’ - Priorities of the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.” Online: (accessed: June 6, 2018). Bachler, Martina. 2013. “China kauft Österreich.” In Trend (June 6). Online: https

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Between Mainland and Island: Causes for Migration and the Way of Life of Chinese Mainland Migrant Workers in Bó’áo

: Lìzú Hǎinán de zhuīqiú hé tànsuǒ 策划天涯:立足海南的追求和探索 [Planning the End of the World: Gain a Foothold in the Pursuit and Exploration of Hǎinán]. Beijing: Rénmín Chūbǎnshè, 2008 China Labour Bulletin (CLB). “Migrant workers in China.” In China Labour Bulletin , 2008, , accessed September 2009 Council of the European Union. “Conclusions of the Council and the Representatives of the Governments of the Member States on the establishment of Common Basic Principles for immigrant integration policy in the European

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AHP Analysis of Cross-Cultural Friction and Synergy in Korean Subsidiaries of Austrian Companies

-177. Markowitsch, Jorg, Iris Kollinger, John Warmerdam, Hans Moere, John Konrad, Catherine Burell, and David Guile. 2002. Competence and Human Resource Development in Multinational Companies in Three European Union Member States: A Comparative Analysis Between Austria, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. Moran, Robert T., Philip R. Harries, and Sarah V. Moran. 2007. Managing Cultural Differences: Global Leadership Strategies for the 21st Century. 7th edition. Oxford: Elsevier Inc

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Sino-Russian Relations: The Impact of Central Asian Energy Resources

” 中俄美欧与中亚国家能源合作现状及前景 [Current State of and Prospects for Energy Co-operation in Central Asia Between China, Russia, the United States and the European Union]. In Guójì Shíyóu Jīngjì 国际石油经济 [International Petroleum Economics], 11, 2009, pp. 31-33 Xià, Yìshàn 夏义善. “Zhōng-É néngyuán hézuò de xiànzhuàng hé qiánjǐng” 中俄能源合作的现 状和前景 [Current State of and Prospects for Sino-Russian Energy Co-operation]. In Hépíng yú Fāzhǎn 和平与发展 [Peace and Development], 3, 2007, pp. 5-8 Xú, Déróng 徐德荣 and Wáng Yán 王岩. “Lùn Zhōng-É shíyóu hézuò de zhìyuē yīnsù” 论中俄石 油合作的制约因素

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Japanese and South Korean Official Development Assistance (ODA): A Comparative Analysis of Rhetoric and Behaviour

, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea, Speeches and Published Materials website,, accessed January 2014 Aggestam, Lisbeth. “Role Theory and European Foreign Policy: A Framework for Analysis.” In The European Union’s Roles in International Politics: Concepts and Analysis, edited by Ole Elgström and Michael Smith. London and New York: Routledge, 2006, pp. 11

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Tolerance and Human Resources in Science and Technology in East Asia

, June 2007, pp. 135-70 Sachs, Jeffrey, and Woo Wing Thye. “Structural Factors in the Economic Reforms of China, Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union.” In Economic Policy Panel Meeting . Brussels, October 22-23, 1993, pp. 102-145 Salmenhaara, Perttu. “The Flight of the Creative Class.” Book review, Acta Sociologica , 49/2, 2006, pp. 234-35 Saxenian, Anna Lee. “Brain Circulation and Capitalist Dynamics: The Silicon Valley-Hsinchu-Shanghai Triangle.” CSES Working Paper Series No. 8, Center for Economy and Society, Department of Sociology

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