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The European Union as a Totalitarian Nightmare: Dystopian Visions in the Discourse of the UK Independence Party (UKIP)

-169 Farage, Nigel. 2010. “UKIP Nigel Farage MEP – European Union and its Communist Roots”. YouTube , ,9 February. Available: [Accessed 2013, November 4]. Farage, Nigel. 2011a. “Farage: EU Economic Governance is Anti-Democratic Dictatorship”, YouTube, 14 September. Available: [Accessed 2013, November 4]. Farage, Nigel. 2011b. “What Gives You the Right to Dictate to the Greek and Italian People?”, YouTube, 16 November. Available: www. youtube .com/watch?v=bdob6QRLRJU

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Polish Migrants In Sweden: An Overview

: Polonica. -2013. Leksykon emigracji polskiej w Szwecji: do 2012 roku . Sztokholm: Polonica. Och, Jarosław. 1997. Some organisational structures of contemporary Polish colonies in Sweden. Their organisation and activities. In Olszewski, Edward (ed.). Poles in Scandinavia. Lublin: Panta, pp. 229-237. Okólski, Marek. 1998. Poland’s population and population movements: An overview. In: Frejka, Tomas, Marek Okólski & Keith Sword (eds.). In-depths Studies on Migration in Central and Eastern Europe: The Case of Poland. New

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Profiling the Cambridge Preliminary Candidate. A British Council Open Centre Case Study in Western Romania

References European Commission, 2012, Rethinking Education: Investing in Skills for Better Socio-economic Outcomes, Luxembourg: Publication Office of the European Union Goșa, C., Frențiu, L., 2008, ‘Exploring attitudes: the Romanian Bacalureat versus CAE’, in Research Notes, Issue 34, University of Cambridge ESOL examinations, November 2008, pp. 33-36 Goșa, C., Gherdan, M.E., 2009, ‘Notes on the Cambridge ESOL Teaching Knowlege Test in Western Romania’, in The Romanian Journal of English Studies, Timișoara

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Working with Bilingual Corpora to Enhance Legal Translation Competence

. The Status of the Translation Profession in the European Union. [Online]. Available: EUROPEAN MASTER’S IN TRANSLATION NETWORK. Annual report 2017. [Online]. Available:

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Culture in Esp Syllabus: Why and How

. Developments in ESP: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. European Union. 2007. “Treaty of Lisbon Amending the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty Establishing the European Community” in Official Journal of the European Union . C 306/1 [Online]. Available: [Accessed 2011, March 15]. Fenner, Anne-Britt. 2001. “Introduction” in Cultural awareness and language awareness based on dialogicinteraction with texts in foreign language learning

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Translator Training Programmes in Hungary and the United States of America

-Needed Translation and Interpreting Program”. Available: [Accessed 2016, May 30]. Klaudy K. 1997. Fordítás I. Bevezetés a fordítás elméletébe. Budapest: Scholastica. Pym, A. - Grin, F. - Sfreddo, C. - Chan, A. L. J. 2012. The Status of the Translation Profession in the European Union. European Commission DGTS. 2016a. “Become a Certified Translator: Certification and Career Roadmap”. Available: http

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A marriage of convenience or an amicable divorce: Metaphorical blends in the debates on Brexit

und Sternenkranz. Von der Union mit Zeus zum Staatenverbund . Gottingen: V&R unipress – Bonn University Press, 536–548. Musolff, Andreas (2010). The Eternal outsider? Scenarios of Turkey’s ambitions to join the EU in the German press. Šaric, Ljiljana, Andreas Musolff, Stefan Manz, Ingrid Hudabiunigg, eds. Contesting Europe’s Eastern Rim: Cultural Identities in Public Discourse . Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 157-171. Musolff, Andreas (2016). Political Metaphor Analysis: Discourse and Scenarios . London-Oxford – New York: Bloomsbury

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Focus on Form in Content-Based Instruction: in Primary School Arts and Crafts CLIL

. Ellis, Rod. “Task-Based Language Teaching: Sorting out the Misunderstandings.” International Journal of Applied Linguistics , vol. 19, no. 3, 2009, pp. 221-46. Ellis, Rod. “Focus on Form: A Critical Review.” Language Teaching Research , vol. 20, no. 3, 2016, pp. 405-28. Ellis, Rod, et al. “Preemptive Focus on Form in the ESL Classroom.” Tesol Quarterly , vol. 35, no. 3, 2001, pp. 407-32. Eurydice. Key Data on Teaching Languages at School in Europe. Publications Office of the European Union, 2017. Gajo, Laurent. “Linguistic Knowledge and

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