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A dynamical-systems approach to the evolution of morphonotactic and lexical consonant clusters in English and Polish

–178. Rueffler C. Van Dooren T. Metz J.A.J. 2004 “Adaptive walks on changing landscapes: Levins’ approach extended” Theoretical Population Biology 65 165 178 Sadeniemi, M., K. Kettunen, T. Lindh-Knuutila and T. Honkela. 2008. “Complexity of European Union languages: A comparative approach”. Journal of Quantitative Linguistics 15(2). 185–211. Sadeniemi M. Kettunen K. Lindh-Knuutila T. Honkela T. 2008 “Complexity of European Union languages: A comparative approach” Journal of Quantitative Linguistics 15 2 185 211

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Conceptual metaphors in Ukrainian prime ministers’ discourse involving renewables

. Science & Education, vol. 23, no. 6, pp. 1245-1267. LANGACKER, R. W., 1991. Foundations of cognitive grammar, vol. 2. Descriptive application. LILLIESTAM, J. and ELLENBECK, S., 2011. Energy security and renewable electricity trade - Will Desertec make Europe vulnerable to the “energy weapon”?. Energy Policy, vol. 39, no. 6, pp.3380-3391. MALEK, M., 2012. Challenges of European Union’s Energy Policy in the Central Asia and Caspian Region. Elektronik Siyaset Bilimi Araştırmaları Dergisi, no. 5, pp.1

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Acquisition of adverbs and pronominal adverbs in a Czech child

Time in Language. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang GmbH, pp. 297-312. NEUSTUPNÝ, J. V. and NEKVAPIL, J., 2003. Language Management in the Czech Republic. Current Issues in Language Planning, 4, 181-366. Reprinted 2006 In: R. B. Baldauf and R. B. Kaplan, eds. Language planning and policy in Europe 2: The Czech Republic, the European Union and Northern Ireland. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters, pp. 16-201. PAČESOVÁ, J., 1968. The development of vocabulary in the child. Brno: Univerzita J. E. Purkyně. PAČESOVÁ, J., 1979. Řeč v

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A Cross-Departmental Approach to Supporting Students with a Disability Affecting Foreign Language Acquisition

lifelong learning. Official Journal of the European Union L394/10. Web. 15 April 2014. “Reasonable accommodations and services.” Services for Students with Disabilities at Northwestern University. 2013. Web. 27 June 2013. Rubin, Joan. 1975. “What the ‘good language learner’ can teach us.” In TESOL Quarterly, 9(1) (March 1975). 41-51. Web. 30 December 2013. Russell, Louise H. “The transition to college: Practice doesn’t always make perfect.” Perspectives, the newsletter of The International Dyslexia Association 28 (2002

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