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Monomodal and multimodal instantiations of conceptual metaphors of Brexit

List of abbreviations CMT – Conceptual Metaphor Theory EU – European Union G8 – Group of Eight G20 – Group of Twenty IMF – International Monetary Fund NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization OED – Oxford English dictionary UN – United Nations UK – United Kingdom UKIP – United Kingdom Independence Party References Adler-Nissen, R. (2016). The vocal euro-outsider: the UK in a two-speed Europe. In Political quarterly, 87 (2), p. 238-246. Ahmed, K. (2016). What does ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ Brexit mean? Available at: http

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Religious ideologemes in transition: A residue of theological virtues in the emotionalist ethics of Victorian novels

the Oxford movement . Oxford: Oxford University Press, p. 38-50. Cathectic Energy. (2017). In International dictionary of psychoanalysis . Available at: Clements, N. (1998). The myth of Victorian prudery: Promoting an image. In Articulāte , vol. 3, p. 12-19. Available at: De Landtsheer, C. & Van Oortmerssen, L. (2000). A psycholinguistic analysis of the European Union's political

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A marriage of convenience or an amicable divorce: Metaphorical blends in the debates on Brexit

und Sternenkranz. Von der Union mit Zeus zum Staatenverbund . Gottingen: V&R unipress – Bonn University Press, 536–548. Musolff, Andreas (2010). The Eternal outsider? Scenarios of Turkey’s ambitions to join the EU in the German press. Šaric, Ljiljana, Andreas Musolff, Stefan Manz, Ingrid Hudabiunigg, eds. Contesting Europe’s Eastern Rim: Cultural Identities in Public Discourse . Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 157-171. Musolff, Andreas (2016). Political Metaphor Analysis: Discourse and Scenarios . London-Oxford – New York: Bloomsbury

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Representational Systems in Zoosemiotics and Anthroposemiotics Part I: What Have the So-Called “Talking Animals” Taught Us about Human Language?

Clever Hans phenomenon: Communication with horses, whales, apes, and people . Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 364, pp. 94–114. [55] Sebeok, T.A., 1980. Looking in the destination for what should have been sought in the source. In Umiker-Sebeok, J., Sebeok, T.A. (Eds.), 1980. Speaking of apes: A critical anthology of two-way communication with man. New York: Springer, pp. 407–428. [56] Sebeok, T.A., 1981. The ultimate enigma of “Clever Hans”: The union of nature and culture. In Sebeok, T. A., Rosenthal, R. (Eds.), The Clever Hans phenomenon

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