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The Impact of EU Political Conditionality on Minority Rights in Western Balkans: Insights from the Croatian Enlargement

”, Journal of Southeastern Europe and the Balkans, 293-307 Council Of The European Union (20 February 2006), Council decision on the principles, priorities and conditions contained in the Accession Partnership with Croatia and repealing Decision 2004/648/EC,(Online). Available: Council Of The European Union (12 February 2008), Council decision on the principles, priorities and conditions contained in the Accession Partnership with Croatia and repealing Decision

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Irish and Polish in a New Context of Diversity in Northern Ireland’s Schools

.d. Studying Scotland/Ionnsachadh Alba. Available at: (accessed 23 November 2016). Education Support for Northern Ireland. n.d. Inclusion and Diversity Service (IDS). Available at: (accessed 23 November 2016). Eur-Lex. Access to European Union Law. Council Regulation (EU, Euratom) 2015/2264 of 3 December 2015. Available at: (accessed 7 July 2017

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Motivational Factors in the Acquisition of Welsh in Poland


For some years now, Welsh has been taught as a foreign language outside Wales, most especially in other Celtic countries, central Europe – and Poland. The first courses were established in the Catholic University of Lublin in the 1980s, and this provision has expanded over the years to include a Celtic language specialisation within the Faculty of English at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Relying at first on teachers from Wales to provide instruction in Welsh, the Centre for Celtic Studies is increasingly producing new, competent speakers/users of Welsh among the Poles. An obvious question to be asked concerns motivational issues – why, on the eastern edges of the European Union, are there people willing to put the effort into learning a language from the far west of Europe, when they have, in some cases, little contact with regular users of Welsh? Through the use of focus group interviews, the present study attempts to discover what motivates Polish students to study Welsh in a context of limited direct contact with the speakers of the language and limited, indirect access to Welsh language and culture.

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Polish Migration’s Socio-Cultural Impact on Wales in the Aftermath of 2004 – Preliminary Findings from Western Wales: An Aberystwyth Case Study

REFERENCES Anderson, Bridget, Martin Ruhs, Ben Rogaly and Sarah Spencer. 2006. “Fair enough? Central and East European migrants in low-wage employment in the UK”, report written for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, published as a COMPAS Report. Available at: (accessed 26 January 2016). British Government. 2016. National Minimum Wage rates. Available at: (accessed 26 January 2016). Bohata, Kirsti. 2004. Postcolonialism revisited

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Total Factor Productivity and Most Favored Nations Tariffs: Evidence from Croatia

(2005). Trade integration and croatian accession to the european union. Chapters in books 3, 61-84. Syverson, C. (2010). What determines productivity? Technical report, National Bureau of Economic Research. Topalova, P. and A. Khandelwal (2011). Trade liberalization and firm productivity: The case of India. Review of economics and statistics 93(3), 995-1009. Trefler, D. The long and short of the Canada-US free trade agreement. Tybout, J., J. De Melo, and V. Corbo (1991). The effects of trade reforms on

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Social and Regional Policies of the European Community for an Integrated Equilibrium

References Luigi Daniele. The Right of European Union, Giuffre Editor, 2010. John Peterson & Michael Shackleton. The Institution of European Union. OUP Oxford, 2012. Institutions of the European Union. Elisabetta Bergamini, p. 10. (cycle of lectures) European Constitution, Publishing office of the European

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CEF Professional Profile as an Instrument in Language Needs Assessment for Business Companies

References Berwick, R. (1989). Needs assessment in language programming: from theory to practice. In: Johnson, R. K. (Ed). The second language curriculum. Cambridge University Press, 48-62. Brindley, G. (1989). The role of needs analysis in adult ESL program design. In: Johnson, R. K. (Ed). The second language curriculum. Cambridge University Press, 63-78. Common European Framework of languages. (2001). . Dudley-Evans, T. & St. Johns. (1998). Developments in AQS: A

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Asymmetry in Priority Perception Form Local Community to PA – Budgeting through Citizen Participation (Municipality of Elbasan)

Legitimation in the European Union , W4. Boardman, Greenberg, Vining and Weimer, (2001), Cost and Benefit Analysis; Concepts and Practice , Second edition, pp. 6-21, 25-45, 56-59, 86-98, 129-135, 166-176, 254-257, 358-363, Prentice Hall. Report of monetary policy on the first trimester 2012, Bank of Albania Burgess, Marisa Carmona and Theo Kolstee, (1997), Contemporary Policies for Enablement and Participation : A Critical Review in The Challenge of Sustainable Cities. Neo-liberalism and Urban Strategies in Developing Countries, London: Zed Books

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Intergenerational Learning: A Cornerstone of Quality Aging

. (2001). Preparing for an Age-Diverse Workforce: Intergenerational Service-learning in Social gerontology and Business Curricula. Educational Gerontology , 27(1): 49-70. Hatton-Yeo, A. (2007). Intergenerational Practise: Active Participation Across the Generations. Stoke on Trent. Beth Johnson Foundation. Hoff, A. (2007). Intergenerational Learning as an Adaptation Strategy in Aging Knowledge Societies. European Commission ur. Education, Employment, Europe. Warsaw: National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the European Union, 126-129. Kornadt

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Problems Encountered in High School Pupils, Who Have Divorced Parents

McLanahan S, Donahue E, Haskins R. Marriage and child Wellbeing. 2005;15:3-12. The Future of Children Kiernan K. European Perspectives on Union Formation. In: Waite LJ, Bachrach H, Christine M, Hindin E, Thompson E, Thornton A, eds. .Neë York: Aldine de Gruyter; 2000:40-58.The Ties that Bind: Perspectives on Marriage and Cohabitation Casper LM, Bianchi SM. . Thousand Oaks, NJ: Sage Publications; 2002. Continuity and Change in the American Family

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