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Possibilities of effectiveness evaluation of development cooperation of European union

Human Development Index Report, 2011 JELÍNEK P., KROUŽEK J. V., NÁPRSTEK M. (2003): Development policy of European Union (in Czech), Institute of International Relations, Prague 2003 Treaty on establishment of European Economic Community, EU primary law, 1959 Treaty on the European Union, EU primary law, 1992 Treaty on Functioning o f the European Union, EU primary law, Smlouvy, 2009 Verordnung Nr. 7 der Kommission zur Festlegung der Arbeitsweise des Entwicklungsfonds für die überseeischen

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Copernicus Program of the European Union for Environmental Monitoring and Civil Security

References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

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Assessment of the Potential of Introduction, Establishment and Further Spread of Invasive Alien Plant Species of European Union Concern in Lithuania

REFERENCES A lberternst B., N awrath S., 2002: Lysichiton americanus Hultén and St. John new to Continental Europe. Is there a chance for control in the early phase of naturalisation? – Neobiota, 1: 91–99. B ornette G., P uijalon S., 2011: Response of aquatic plants to abiotic factors: a review. – Aquatic Sciences, 73: 1–14. C alçada E.A., C losset -K opp D., G allet -M oron E., L enoir J., R êve M., H ermy M., D ecocq G., 2013: Streams are efficient corridors for plant species in forest metacommunities. – Journal of Applied Ecology

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European Union agri-food quality schemes for the protection and promotion of geographical indications and traditional specialities: an economic perspective

Fruit and Vegetable Producers’ Cooperative, IX Wojewódzkie Święto Kwitnącej Wiśni, Plantpress, Nowe. European Commissi on, notice No 2009/C 104/09. Publication of an application pursuant to Article 6(2) of Council Regulation (EC) No 510/2006 on the protection of geographical indications and designations of origin for agricultural products and foodstuffs, ‘Wiśnia Nadwiślanka’. Official Journal of the European Union, 2009. European Commission, 2011. Europe, the taste of quality, Europe values the diversity of its quality products. European Commission

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Problems implementing the "National Program for Expanding of Forest Cover" following Poland's accession to the European Union

Problemy realizacji "Krajowego programu zwiększania lesistości" po wstąpieniu Polski do Unii Europejskiej

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Problems of the social non-acceptance of mining projects with particular emphasis on the European Union – a literature review

. J. of Business Ethics , 39: 319-335. Cragg W., Pearson D., Cooney J. 1995. Ethics, surface mining and the environment. Resour. Policy , 21, 4, 229-235. Damigos D., Kaliampakos D. 2006. The ‘battle of gold’ under the light of green economics: a case study from Greece. Environ. Geol. , 50: 202-218. De Brucker K., Macharis C., Verbeke A. 2013. Multi-criteria analysis and the resolution of sustainable development dilemmas: A stakeholder management approach. European J. of Operat. Resour. , 224, 1: 122-131. EPA, 1995. Community consultation

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The impact of cattle drinking points on aquatic macroinvertebrates in streams in south-east Ireland

Introduction Agricultural land use accounts for approximately 40% of the land area in the European Union (EU) ( European Commission, 2013 ), rising to approximately 70% of the land area in Ireland ( Central Statistics Office, 2012 ). The losses of nutrients (e.g. phosphorus and nitrogen) and sediment from agricultural systems to surface and groundwater, through diffuse sources (e.g. nutrient run-of from fields following fertiliser application) and point sources (e.g. direct cattle access to streams), have been highlighted as one of the main threats to water

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First evidence of retained sexual capacity and survival in the pyrethroid resistant Sitobion avenae (F.) (Hemiptera: Aphididae) SA3 super-clone following exposure to a pyrethroid at current field-rate

resistance and the para-homologous sodium-channel gene in german cockroaches Blattella germanica Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 24 647 654 Elliott, M., Janes, N.F. and Potter, C. 1978. The future of pyrethroids in insect control. Annual Review of Entomology 23: 443-469. 10.1146/annurev.en.23.010178.002303 Elliott M. Janes N.F. Potter C. 1978 The future of pyrethroids in insect control Annual Review of Entomology 23 443 469 EU. 2018. Legislation of the European Union L132. Official Journal of the European Union 61: 31

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New species and records of saxicolous lichens from the Kodar Range (Trans-Baikal Territory, Russia)

–62. Budajeva, S. E. & Anisimova, N. V. 1992. Lichens of the highlands of the Vitim Reserve. In: Krasnoborov, I. M., Krasnikov, A. A. (eds), X All-Union Conference on the Study of Flora and Vegetation of Highlands , p. 51. Central Siberian Botanical Garden of Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Science, Novosibirsk. Chesnokov, S. & Konoreva, L. 2015. Additions to the lichen biota of SE Siberia: records from the Stanovoye Nagor’e Highlands (Trans-Baikal Region, Russia). Polish Botanical Journal 60: 203–216. Chesnokov, S. & Lishtva, A. 2016. Lichens of

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EU Project of Life Programme “Algae Service for Life” Creates Tools for Ecological Service to Mitigate Cyanobacteria and Macroalgae Blooms in Freshwater Ecosystems

G.A., B ell S.G., K aya K., W ard C.J., B eattie K.A., M etcalf J.S., 1999: Cyanobacterial toxins, exposure routes and human health. – European Journal of Phycology, 34: 405–415. C ole A.J., D e N ys R., P aul N.A., 2014: Removing constraints on the biomass production of freshwater macroalgae by manipulating water exchange to manage nutrient flux. PLoS ONE 9(7): e101284. C ombating E utrophication in the Baltic Sea: further and more effective action needed, 2016: Special report of European court of auditors, 6. D ondajewska R., K

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