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News Media and the Öresund Region
A Case of Horizontal Europeanisation?

References Allan, Stuart (2004). News Culture . London: Open University Press. Andersen, Benedict (1983). Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism . London: Verso. Berg, Per-Olof, & Löfgren, Orvar (2000). Studying the Birth of a Transnational Region, in Berg, Per-Olof; Linde-Laursen, Anders, & Löfgren, Orvar (eds.) Invoking a Transnational Metropolis. The Making of the Öresund region . Lund: Studentlitteratur. Brüggerman, Michael, & Katharina Köningslöw (2009). “Let’s Talk about Europe”: Why

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Fictions of Europe
On ”Eurofiction” – A Multinational Research Project

. In Buscombe, E (ed.) British Television. Oxford: Clarendon Press. Povlsen, K Klitgaard (1999) Beverly Hills 90210: Soaps, ironi og danske Unge. [Beverly Hills 90210: Soaps, irony and Danish youth]. Århus: Klim. Vasconcelos; A-P (ed.) (1994) Report by the Think-Tank on the Audiovisual Policy in the European Union. Brussels/Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities.

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Current Research Projects. More Balanced Election Coverage with Media Researchers on Location

from a Scandinavian Horizon. Nordicom Review, Jubilee Issue, 2007 Cederberg, Ingemar & Källstrand, Martin (2003) Landöversikt Venezuela. Report from Swedish embassy in Bogota 2003-03-10. European Union Election Observation Mission: Final report. Presidential Elections, Venezuela 2006. <> Klein, Naomi (2003) Venezuela’s Media Coup. The Nation, March 3. Monitoring the Media Coverage of the 2005 Presidential Elections in Palestine. The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global

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Panel Discussion II: Culture and Media Technology. The Internet and Differentiation in the Political Public Sphere

the conference Changing Politics through Digital Networks. October, University of Florence, Italy. Rawls, John (1993) Political Liberalism. NY: Columbia University Press. Ruth, Arne (2007) The Press and Europe’s Public Sphere, 09/05/2007 Schlesinger, Philip (1999) ‘Changing Spaces of Political Communication. The Case of the European Union’, Political Communication (16) 263-279 Shah D. V. et. al (2001) ‘Connecting and Disconnecting with Civic Life: Patterns of Internet Use and the

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Development of Media Research in Estonia

. 8, 193-204. Lauristin, Marju (1984) The Possibilities of Social Prognosis in Mass Communication Research. In City - Way of Life - Mass Communication. Report of the third Soviet-Finnish seminar. University of Tampere, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Publications, Series B, Vol. 13, 235-245. Lauristin, Marju (1991) Public Participation as an Educational Process. An East European View. In Deelstra, Tjeerd & Oleg Yanitsky (eds.) Cities of Europe: The Public’s Role in Shaping the Urban Environment. Moscow: Mezhdunarodnye

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Good Europeans?
Euro-themes in Swedish, Danish and British TV News during a November Week

Conflict: Foreign Policy Orientation as a Factor in Television News Reporting. Edsbruk: Akademitryck. Robertson, Alexa (2001) ‘Us, Them in Television News Narratives’, Paper presented at the Arts and Politics Conference on Narrative, Identity and Order at the University of Tampere, 13-15 September 2001. Robertson, Alexa (2000a) Depictions of the European Union in 19 Swedish Media. Stockholm: Mediagruppen. Report for Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Robertson, A. (2000b) Europa erzählt: Erzählananlyse und

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Media User Types among Young Children and Social Displacement

.O., Menéndez, M.R., & González, M.V.R. (2007) ‘Diffusion and Usage Patterns of Internet Services in the European Union’, Information Research , 12,2. Heim, J., Brandtzæg, P.B., Kaare, B.H., Endestad, T., & Torgersen, L. (2007) Children’s Usage of Media Technologies and Psychosocial Factors’, New Media & Society, 9 , 425-454. Johnsson-Smaragdi, U., & Roe, K. (1986) ‘Teenagers in the New Media World: Video Recorders, Video Games and Home Computers’. Research Paper in The Sociology of Communication. University of Lund, (2). Johnsson-Smaragdi, U. (2001

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Plenary I. Global, Hybrid or Multiple? Global, Hybrid or Multiple?
Cultural Identities in the Age of Satellite TV and the Internet

, T. (2007) ‘Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) in Western Europe: History and Concept’, Tampere Summer School on International Communication. Tampere, Finland. ITU (2007) International Telecommunication Union. Trends in Telecommunication Reform - The Road to Next Generation’, (Summary) International Telecommunication Union. Iwabuchi, K. (2002) Recentering Globalization : Popular Culture and Japanese Transnationalism. Durham: Duke University Press. Katz, E. (1977) ‘Can Authentic Cultures Survive New Media?’, Journal of

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Cameroonians in Oslo, Diaspora, and Uses of the Media

References Aksoy, A. & Robins, K. (2000) ‘Thinking Across Spaces: Transnational Television from Turkey’, European Journal of Cultural Studies , 3(3) 343-365. Appadurai, A. (1990) ‘Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy’, Public Culture , 2(2) 1-24. Bhabha, H. (1990) Nation and Narration . London: Routledge. Burnheim, S. (1999) ‘The Right to Communicate: The Internet in Africa’, Southern African Media Law Briefing 4(3) 6-11. Castells, M. (2001) The Internet Galaxy: Reflections on the Internet, Business and

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The Challenge of Qualitative Generalisations in Communication Research

Research Going? Cross-fertilization of Paradigms: A Synthesizing Approach to Qualitative Audience Research. Nordicom Review. Vol. 22 (1). Schrøder, K (2000) Making Sense of Audience Discourses. Towards a Multidimensional Model of Mass Media Reception. European Journal of Cultural Studies. Vol. 3 (2). Schrøder, K & Hansen, S E (in press) Beyond Duality. Danes’ Views on Denmark and the European Union 2001. In R. Roby (ed.): The Changing Face of European Identity: An Eight-Nation Q Study of (Supra) National Attachments. Lynne Riener

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