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“Verum Est Ipsum Factum” – True is What Has Been Made as Such / 23 January 2007]. European Commission (1997) Europe from A to Z - Guide to European integration. Belgium. European Union (1987) “The Single European Act” (Date of signature: 28 February 1986). Official Journal of the European Union L 169, 29 June 1987. Gadamer, Hans-Georg (2004). Philosophical Hermeneutics (Renewed version). Translated and Edited by David E. Linge. The United States of Amer-ica: University of California Press. Geertz, Clifford (2000). The Interpretation of Cultures. United States of

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War as nothing but a duel: war as an institution and the construction of the Western military profession

primacy of standing together with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies or highlighting the lessons useful in national defence (as the Norwegian and Swedish official inquiries, respectively, attempted to do) is beside the point here: no later reprioritization will change the fact that the NATO-led coalition struggled against the deteriorating situation ( Departementenes sikkerhets- og serviceorganisasjon 2016 ; Regeringen 2017 ), and that the European responses largely followed the same patterns ( Honig and Käihkö 2014 ). What is at stake here is nothing

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Rethinking the unthinkable – revisiting theories of nuclear deterrence and escalation

. According to Wohlstetter (1958) , the balance is not automatic. First, since thermonuclear weapons give an enormous advantage to the aggressor, it takes great ingenuity and realism at any given level of nuclear technology to devise a stable equilibrium. And second, this technology itself is changing with fantastic speed. Deterrence will require an urgent and continuing effort. 2 Going ballistic In the beginning of the nuclear era, the U.S. had nuclear monopoly. The resulting strategy options were different from what they became when the Soviet Union acquired

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