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The colour analysis method applied to homogeneous rocks

lemélyített szakaszáról fúrásműszaki záródokumentáció [ Borehole Ib-4 Drilling Engineering Report ]. Golder Associates, Pécs, 756 pp. Haas, J. & Péró, Cs., 2004. Mesozoic evolution of the Tisza Mega-unit. International Journal of Earth Sciences 93, 297–313. Halász, A., 2009. Cycles and rhythms within the Boda Claystone in the borehole Ib-4. Central European Geology 52, 325–342. Halász, A., 2012. A Bodai Agyagkő Formáció ciklusos felépítése lyukgeofizikai szelvények alapján [Cyclostratigraphic analysis of the Boda Claystone Formatian using borehole

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Megaclasts in geoconservation: sedimentological questions, anthropogenic influence, and geotourism potential

References Allison, S.K., 2012. Ecological restoration and environmental change: renewing damaged ecosystems. Routledge, London, 245 pp. Arita, K., Maeda, J. & Niida, K., 2003. Deep-seated plutonic and metamorphic rocks of the Hidaka Mountains, Hokkaido. XXIII General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics. Field Trip Guidebook. The Volcanological Society of Japan, 265-308. Blair, T.C. & McPherson, J.G., 1999. Grain-size and textural classification of coarse sedimentary particles

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Crustal geomagnetic field and secular variation by regional and global models for Austria

field to degree and order 720. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 11, Q06015. Maus, S. and Haak, V., 2002. Is the Long Wavelength Crustal Magnetic Field Dominated by Induced or by Remanent Magnetization? Journal of Indian Geophysical Union, 6/1, 1-5. Mayhew, M.A., 1979. Inversion of satellite magnetic anomaly data. Journal of Geophysics, 45, 119-128. Merrill, R. and Mcfadden, P.H., 1999. Geomagnetic polarity transitions. Reviews of Geophysics, 37, 201-226.

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Gierałtów versus Śnieżnik gneisses - what is the real difference?

References Aleksandrowski, P., Kryza, R., Mazur, S., Pin, C. & Zalasiewicz, J.A., 2000. The Polish Sudetes: Caledonian or Variscan? Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Earth Sciences 90, 127-146. Aleksandrowski, P. & Mazur, S., 2002. Collage tectonics in the northeasternmost part of the Variscan Belt: the Sudetes, Bohemian Massif. [In:] J.A. Winchester, T.C. Pharaoh & J. Verniers (Eds): Palaeozoic amalgamation of central Europe . Geological Society of London Special Publications 201, 237

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Roundness and matt degree of quartz grain surfaces in (fluvio-)glacial deposits of the Pomeranian Stage (Weichselian) in northeast Germany

References Bremer, F., 1994. Geologische Karte von Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Übersichtskarte 1 : 500 000 - Oberfläche. Geologisches Landesamt MV, Schwerin. Bussemer, S., Gärtner, P. & Schlaak, N., 1995. Pomeranian terminal moraine near Schiffmühle. [In:] W. Schirmer (Ed.): Vol. 1. Regional field trips. International Union for Quaternary Research, XIV Intern. Congress INQUA, Berlin 3-10.08.1995, 1223-1224. Cailleux, A., 1942. Les action eoliennes periglaciaires en Europe. Mémoires de la Société géologique de France

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Mantle rock exposures at oceanic core complexes along mid-ocean ridges

rocks at ridge-transform intersections . [In:] A.R. Ritsema (Ed.): European Seismological Commisssion Meeting and Abstracts. Eos, Transaction American Geophysical Union 62, 406. Dick H.J.B., Schouten, H., Meyer, P,S., Gallo, D.G., Bergh, H., Tyce, R., Patriat, P., Johnson, K.T.M., Snow, J. & Fisher, A., 1991. Tectonic evolution of the Atlantis II Fracture Zone. [In:] R.P. Von Herzen, P.T. Robinson et al. (Eds): Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results 118, 359–398. Dick H.J.B., Natland J.H., Alt J.C., Bach, W., Bideau, D., Gee, J

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Late Glacial and Holocene sedimentary infill of Lake Mondsee (Eastern Alps, Austria) and historical rockfall activity revealed by reflection seismics and sediment core analysis

References Andersen, N., Lauterbach, S., Erlenkeuser, H., Danielopol, D. L., Namiotko, T., Huls, M., Belmecheri, S., Dulski, P. Nantke, C., Meyer, H., Chapligin, B., von Grafenstein, U. and Brauer, A., 2017. Evidence for higher-than-average air temperatures after the 8.2 ka event provided by a Central European δ18O record. Quaternary Science Reviews, 172, 96-108. Baster, I., Girardclos, S., Pugin, A. and Wildi, W., 2003. High-resolution seismic stratigraphy of an Holocene

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Cenozoic synthem stratigraphic architecture of the SE Brazilian shelf and its global eustatic context: evidence from the Pelotas Basin (offshore Brazil)

.U. Mohriak & M. Talwani (Eds): Atlantic rifts and continental margins. American Geophysical Union, Monograph 115, 235-259. Berggren, W.A. & Aubry, M.-P., 1996. A late Paleocene- early Eocene NW European and North Sea magnetobiochronological correlation network. [In:] R.W.O.B. Knox, R.M. Corfield & R.E. Dunay (Eds): Correlation of the Early Paleogene in Northwestern Europe. Geological Society of London Special Publication 101, 309-352. Billups, K., Channell, J.E.T. & Zachos, J., 2002. Late Oligocene to early Miocene geochronology and

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Serpentinite in the Śnieżnik Massif: petrology and ecological impact

References [1] Bederke E. 1943. Ein Profil durch das Grundgebirge der Grafschaft Glatz. Sonderdruck aus der Geologische Rundschau, 34: 6–9. [2] Chopin F., Schulmann K., Skrzypek E., Dujardin J.R., Lehmann J., Martelat J.E., Lexa O., Corsini M., Edel J.B., Štípská P., Pitra P. 2012. Crustal influx, indentation, ductile thinning and gravity redistribution in a continental wedge: building a Moldanubian mantled gneiss dome with underthrust Saxothuringian material (European Variscan belt). Tectonics, 31: 1–27. [3] Directive 1992. Council

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Estimation of measurement uncertainty for determination of sulphate content in cement by an alternative approach

References [1] Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2011 laying down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products and repealing Council Directive 89/106/EEC, Official Journal of the European Union, 43 p. [2] EN 197-2:2014: Cement-Part 2: Conformity evaluation. [3] Lawrence, C.D. (1998): The Constitution and Specification of Portland Cements, In: Hewlett, P.C. (Ed): Lea´s Chemistry of Cement and Concrete, London: Arnold, pp. 131

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