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Late Miocene volcanic activity in the České středohoří Mountains (Ohře/Eger Graben, northern Bohemia)

. 1995: Cenozoic mafic magmatism in Western/Central Europe; a common European asthenospheric reservoir? In: European Union of Geosciences 8. Terra Nova Abstr. Suppl. 7, 1, 162. Harangi S. 2001: Neogene magmatism in the Alpine-Pannonian Transition Zone — a model for melt generation in a complex geodynamic setting. Acta Vulcanol. 13, 25-39. Head J. W. & Wilson L. 1989: Basaltic pyroclastic eruptions: influence of gas-release patterns and volume fluxes on fountain structure, and the formation of cinder cones, spatter

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Upper Miocene Pannonian sediments from Belgrade (Serbia): new evidence and paleoenvironmental considerations

References Boomer I. & Eisenhauer G. 2002: Ostracod faunas as palaeo-environmental indicators in marginal marine environments. In: Holmes J. & Chivas A. (Eds): The Ostracoda: applications in Quaternary research. Amer. Geophys. Union 131, 135-150. Bruch A., Uhl D. & Mosbrugger V. 2007: Miocene climate in Europe — Patterns and evolution. Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol. Palaeoecol. 253, 141-152. Cloetingh S., Bada G., Matenco L., Lankreijer A., Horváth F. & Dinu C. 2006: Modes of

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Upper Cretaceous to Pleistocene melilitic volcanic rocks of the Bohemian Massif: petrology and mineral chemistry

lithosphere control of crustal tectonics and magmatism of the western Ohře (Eger) Rift. J. Geosci. 55, 171–186. Babuška V., Plomerová J. & BOHEMA working group 2003: Seismic experiment searches for active magmatic source in deep lithosphere, central Europe. EOS Trans. Amer. Geophys. Union AGU 84, 332, 185–199. Balogh K. 1985: K/Ar dating of Neogene volcanic activity in Hungary. Experimental technique, experience and methods of chronological studies. Unpubl. Report ATOMKI Report D/1, Debrecen, 277–278. Barnes S.J. & Roeder P.L. 2001: The range of

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Constraints on the origin of gabbroic rocks from the Moldanubian-Moravian units boundary (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic and Austria)

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The systematics and paleobiogeographic significance of Sub-Boreal and Boreal ammonites (Aulacostephanidae and Cardioceratidae) from the Upper Jurassic of the Bohemian Massif

nördlichen Böhmen II. Sitz.-Ber. K. Akad. Wiss., Bd. XCIII, Abth. I., 193-214. Callomon J.H. 2003: The Middle Jurassic of western and northern Europe: its subdivisions, geochronology and correlations. Geol. Surv. Denmark and Greenland Bull. 1, 61-73. Callomon J.H. & Birkelund T. 1980: The Jurassic transgression and the mid-late Jurassic succession in Milne Land, central East Greenland. Geol. Mag. 117, 211-226. Chlupáč I., Brzobohatý R., Kovanda J. & Stráník Z. 2002: Geologi- cal history of Czech Republic. [Geologická minulost

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Geochronology and Sr–Nd–Hf isotope constraints on the petrogenesis of teschenites from the type-locality in the Outer Western Carpathians

: Cosmochemistry of the Rare Earth Elements: Meteorite Studies. In: Henderson R. (Ed.): Developments in Geochemistry2. Elsevier, Amsterdam, 63–114. Bradshaw T.K.K., Hawkesworth C.J.J. & Gallagher K. 1993: Basaltic volcanism in the Southern Basin and Range: no role for a mantle plume. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 116, 45–62. Cebriá J. & Wilson M. 1995: Cenozoic mafic magmatism in Western/Central Europe: a common European asthenospheric reservoir. Terra Nova , Abstract Supplement 7, 162. Chauvel C., McDonough W., Guille G. Maury R. & Duncan R. 1997: Contrasting

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Distribution of elements among minerals of a single (muscovite-) biotite granite sample – an optimal approach and general implications

. Accessed on 23 December 2013 at c_petrology/staining_feldspars.htm Holub F.V., Machart J. & Manová M. 1997: The Central Bohemian Plutonic Complex: geology, chemical composition and genetic interpretation. Sbor. Geol. Věd, ložisk. Geol. Mineral. 31, 27-50. Hoskin P.W.O. & Schaltegger U. 2003: The composition of zircon and igneous and metamorphic petrogenesis. In: Hanchar J.M. & Hoskin P.W.O. (Eds.): Zircon. Mineral. Soc. Amer.; Geochem. Soc. Rev. Miner. Geochem., Washington 53, 27-62. Hutchison C.S. 1974

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Permian single crystal U-Pb zircon age of the Rožňava Formation volcanites (Southern Gemeric Unit, Western Carpathians, Slovakia)

: Geochemical atlas of Slovak Republic. Part III: Rocks. Geol. Surv. Slovak Republic — Ministry of Environment of Slovak Republic , Bratislava, 1-135. McCann T., Kiersnowski, Krainer K., Vozárová A., Peryt T., Opluštil S., Stollhofen H., Schneider J., Wetzel A., Boulvain F., Dusar M., Török Á., Haas J., Tait J. & Körner F. 2008: Permian. In: McCann T. (Ed.): The geology of Central Europe. Volume 1: Precambrian and Palaeozoic. Geol. Soc. London , 531-598. Mello J., Elečko M., Pristaš J., Reichwalder P., Snopko L., Vass D

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The Odivelas Limestone: evidence for a Middle Devonian reef system in western Ossa-Morena Zone (Portugal)

. Mus. , Olomouc 52, 195-196, 1-5. Ribeiro A., Quesada C. & Dallmeyer R.D. 1990: Geodynamic evolution of the Iberian Massif. In: Dallmeyer R.D. & Martínez Garcia E. (Eds.): Pre-Mesozoic geology of Iberia. Springer-Verlag , 398-409. Ribeiro A., Sanderson D. & SW-Iberia Colleagues 1996: SW Iberia: transpressional orogey in the Variscides. In: Gee D. & Zeyen H.J. (Eds.): Europrobe '96 — Lithosphere dynamics: origin and evolution of continents. European Sci. Found., Uppsala Univ. , 91

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Thermal history of the Podhale Basin in the internal Western Carpathians from the perspective of apatite fission track analyses

. Central European Tectonic Studies, Zakopane 19-22. 04. 2006. Geolines , 41-43. Botor D., Dunkl I., Rauch M. & von Eynatten H. 2011: Timing of tectonic subsidence, accretion and exhumation of the Western Carpathian Flysch by apatite fission track and (U-Th)/He thermochronology. Europen Geosciences Union General Assembly (EGU) Vienna 3-8. 04. 2012. Burchart J. 1972: Fission-track age determination of accessory apatite from the Tatra Mountains, Poland. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett . 15, 418-422. Burtner R.L., Nigrini A

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