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The Goods Structure of Trade between Polish Regions and the European Union (1)

References Kundera, J. 1984: Metody badania specjalizacji w handlu międzynarodowym (Methods of surveying specialization in international trade - in Polish). In: Przegląd Prawa i Administracji , XVIII, Wrocław: Uniwersytet Wrocławski, pp. 195-220. Kundera, J. 1998: Obroty handlowe Polski z UE w okresie liberalizacji wymiany (Poland's trade with the European Union at the time of trade liberalization - in Polish). In: Kundera, J. and Ostrowska, E. editors, Wymiana towarów i inwestycji między Polską a

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Explaining Cross-National Variations in the Prevalence and Character of Undeclared Employment in the European Union

. (1989), The Other Path, London: Harper and Row. Dekker , H., Oranje, E., Renooy, P., Rosing, F. and Williams, C. C. (2010), Joining up the Fight against Undeclared Work in the European Union, Brussels: DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. Dibben, P. and Williams, C. C. (2012), ‘Varieties of Capitalism and Employment Relations: Informally Dominated Market Economies’, Industrial Relations: A Review of Economy and Society, 51, pp. 563-582. EUROPEAN COMMISSION (1998), Communication of the Commission on

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Humanitarian aid of the European Union and United Nations: actions, responsibilities, and finances

:// , DoA: 14 th November 2013. European Commission, 2013: The Common Emergency Communication and Information System (CECIS). Available at: , DoA: 14 th November 2013. European Commission, 1995: Agenda 2000 - For a stronger and wider Union, Brussels. Available at: , DoA: 14 th December 2013. European Commission, 1996: Communication from The Commission To The Council And The European Parliament

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Structural Changes in the Industry of Poland Aagainst the Background of Eastern European Union States

: Zioło Z. & Borowiec M. (eds), Problematyka XXV Międzynarodowej Konferencji Naukowej nt. Procesy transformacji przemysłu i usług w regionalnych i krajowych układach przestrzennych. Warszawa-Kraków: 36-37. Gierańczyk W., 2010a. Innovativeness of the European Union against the leading world economies. Problems of Geography , 3-4: 40-47. Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia. Gierańczyk W., 2010b. Development of high technologies as an indicator of modern industry in the EU. Bulletin of Geography , 14: 23

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Technical Efficiency of the Generation of Knowledge in the European Union (2003-2010)

Agüeros, M., Casares, P., Coto-Millán, P. and Pesquera, M.A. , 2013: A new approach on innovation and its application to European Union countries. In: Quastiones Geographicae , Vol. 32, 2, pp. 5-14. Afriat, S. , 1972: Efficiency estimation of production functions. In: International Economic Review , No. 13, 3, pp. 568-598. Aigner, D. and Chu, S. , 1968: On estimating the industry production function. In: The American Economic Review , No. 54, 4, pp. 826-839. Aigner, D., Lowell, C. and Schmidt, P. , 1977: Formulation and estimation of stochastic

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Football clubs’ sports performance in the context of their market value and GDP in the European Union regions

annual GDP of at least 200 billion EUR. These regions are located in Spain ( Cataluña ), Italy ( Lombardia ), Germany ( Oberbayern ) and France ( Rhône Alpes and the absolutely richest region of Île de France with an average annual GDP of over 600 billion EUR). Fig. 4 Average annual GDP of European Union NUTS 2 regions in 2007–2016 Source : research results (authorsˈ calculations) In the spatial analysis of the average annual market value of clubs in NUTS 2 regions of the EU, it is possible to identify the dominance of Western Europe over Eastern

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Evaluating the Extent and Nature of ‘Envelope Wages’ in the European Union: A Geographical Analysis

References ARROWSMITH, J., GILMAN, M., EDWARDS, P. and RAM, M. (2003), ‘The Impact of the National Minimum Wage in Small Firms’, British Journal of Industrial Relations , 41 (3), pp. 435-456. BAJADA, C. and SCHNEIDER, F. (2005), Size, Causes and Consequences of the Underground Economy: An International Perspective , Aldershot: Ashgate. EUROPEAN COMMISSION (2007), Stepping up the Fight against Undeclared Work , Brussels. EUROPEAN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS

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Recent dynamics in the Portuguese housing market as compared with the European Union

- European Systems Compared, Pergamon: London. Boelhouwer, P.J., 1992: Housing systems in Europe, The Netherlands: Springer Neederlands. Bramley, G., Munro, M. and Pawson, H., 2004: Key Issues in Housing Policies and Markets in 21st Century Britain, New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Donner, C., 2000: Housing Policies in the European Union Theory and Practice, Published by the author. Euroconstruct 2007: The Outlook for the European Construction Sector 2005‒2007, Country Reports . European Charter for Housing 26

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A New Approach to Innovation and its Application to the Countries of the European Union


This research provides a new theoretical approach to innovation. Innovation relies on collaborative relationships between universities, private companies and public administration. This theoretical approach offers an opportunity for scientific discovery in an environment of collaboration. Innovative ideas are not self-contained items; they are more like ecosystems and networks. The article also provides data processed in recent years (2003-2009) for the European Union states, providing relevant empirical evidence on the relationship between human capital, relational capital, technological capital and innovation. In the econometric and statistical modelling, the countries of the Europe of the Fifteen (EU-15) will be considered.

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Level of Development of Electronic Services in Poland Compared with the European Union States

. (E-business in Poland. Report 2005). Prepared by the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing on commission from the Ministry of Economy. ePolska - Plan działań na rzecz rozwoju społeczeństwa informacyjnego w Polsce na lata 2001-2006 (ePoland - A plan of measures for the development of information society in Poland for the years 2001-2006). 2001. A government document. Eurostat 2005. e-Government 2004: Internet based interaction with European business and citizens. Statistics in

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