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Strategic Goals of the European Union in Managing Health Safety

conditions? Journal of Education, Health and Sport, 6(2):223-237, eISSN 2391-8306. DOI , (accessed on 28th November 2018). Ślusarz B, Mitela-Grzybek A., 2013. Health safety of the inhabitants of the European Union with particular emphasis on the new financial perspective based on the example of Lubusz Voivodeship . Scientific and Methodological Review. Education for Safety, 4, 269-278, 271. Taranowicz I., 2010. Health and methods to deal with health threats. Sociological analysis . Oficyna Wydawnicza Arboretum, Wrocław

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Creating Safe and Competitive Conditions for the Provision of Rail Transport Services

common safety method for risk evaluation and assessment and repealing Regulation (EC) No 352/2009 . Official Journal of the European Union, The European Commission, 2012. Commission regulation (EU) No 1078/2012 of 16 November 2012 on a common safety method for monitoring to be applied by railway undertakings, infrastructure managers after receiving a safety certificate or safety authorization and by entities in charge of maintenance . Official Journal of the European Union, The European Commission, 2004

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Promoting Sustainable and Circular Plastics Use in Egipt with Implementation of Ecodesign Principles


Green Supply chain, Green Packaging, Eco-labels, and Eco-design strategies are concepts that are discussed frequently within scientific and political debates. Eco-design strategies for Lifecycle Design include the Eco-design Strategy wheel which presents eight Eco-design strategies: New concept development, Selection of low-impact materials, Reduction of materials usage, Optimization of production techniques, Optimization of distribution system, Reduction of impact during use, Optimization of initial lifetime, and Optimization of end-of-life system. This research investigates specifically the selection of low impact raw materials phase using the European Union as a benchmark to improve the Egyptian situation and aims to apply the closed loop cycle to the Egyptian Plastics Industry. Its goal is to enlight the way towards Sustainable and Circular economy system in Plastics manufacturing sector in Egypt while emphasizing the financial benefits from the Business and Marketing perspectives rather than the Environmental perspective only.

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Technological Innovation in the Aspect of Safety in the Process of Heat Supply

REFERENCES Directive 2012/27/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2012 on energy efficiency, ... (OJ L 315 14.11.2012). [access 17.11.2018]. Im, Y.H., Liu, J., 2018. Feasibility study on the low temperature district heating and cooling system with bi-lateral heat trades model. Energy, 153, 988-999; DOI: 10.1016/ Imran, M., Usman, M., Im, Y.H., Park, B.S., 2017. The feasibility analysis for the concept of low temperature district heating

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Psychosocial Security of Employees in the Work Environment in the Context of Diversity Management

-677. Smith, J. and co., 2018, Added Benefits: How Supporting Women Faculty in STEM Improves Everyone’s Job Satisfaction , Journal Of Diversity In Higher Education, 11(4), 502-517, Washington, DOI: 10.1037/dhe0000066. Starostka-Patyk, M., Tomski, P., Zawada, M., 2015. Diversity Management as a Part of Corporate Social Responsibility Policy . Procedia Computer Science, 1038-1045, DOI:10.1016/j.procs.2015.09.055 Stavroula, L., Aditya, J., 2011. The role of policy for the management of psychosocial risks at the workplace in the European Union . Safety Science

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Impact of Occupational Health and Safety Regulations on the Employee's Decision to Take up Employment

REFERENCES Aronson, E., Wilson, T., Aker, R., 1997. Psychologia społeczna. Serce i umysł . Zysk i S-Ka Wydawnictwo, Poznań. Greer S.L., 2018. Labour politics as public health: how the politics of industrial relations and workplace regulation affect health . European Journal of Public Health, Vol. 28, Supplement 3. Kozłowski, W., 2010. Zarządzanie motywacją pracowników . CeDeWu, Warszawa. Marcinkiewicz, A., Walusiak-Skorupa, J., Wiszniewska, M., Rybacki, M., Hanke, W., Rydzyński, K., 2016. Challenges to occupational medicine in view of

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Sustainability Indicators and Environmental Safety Management as Illustrated with an Example of the Polish Energy Sector

. Ecol Indic;15; 281–99. Skrodzka W., 2016, Analysis of the Structure of Primary Energy Production in Poland against the European Union In3rd International Conference on European Integration, Ostrava: VŠB-TU Ostrava, Faculty of Economics, 867-874. Tester J.W., Drake E.M., Golay M.W., Discoll M.J., Peters W.A., 2005, Sustainable Energy, Choosing Among Options, The MIT Press , London

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Economic Aspects of Reducing Low-Stack Emission in Poland

), 1579-159. HEAL Polska, 2017. (accessed on 15th June 2017) [In Polish]. Huete-Morales, M., Quesada-Rubio, J., Navarrete-Alvarez, E., Rosales-Moreno, M., Dei-Moral-Avila, M., 2017. Air Quality Analysis in the European Union . Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 26 (3), 1579-159. Jeschke, A., 2018. Public policy against smog in Poland . Alergoprofil, 14(2), 41–44. Kiciński, J., 2018. Smog - Poland’s pressing problem. Anti-smog technologies . E3S Web of Conferences, 46

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Sustainable Top Managers and their Activities in the Enterprise of the Future

i wdrażaniu zasad sustainability w przedsiębiorstwie, Przegląd Organizacji, 4, 6-11. Pabian, A., 2016. Pozyskiwanie pracowników w koncepcji zrównoważonego zarządzania zasobami ludzkimi, Marketing i Rynek, 3, 671-680. Pabian, A., Bylok, F., Kucęba, R., Zawada, M., 2013. Sustainable Organizations of the Future in the European Union Structure . W: International Journal of Management and Computing Sciences, 3 (1), 1-9. Sieńkowska, E., 2013. Zielony marketing na zielonym świetle , Marketing w Praktyce, 2, 38-39. Vorhies, D.W., Morgan, N

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Innovation Safety Management by Shaping the Law on Non-Practising Entities (Patent Trolls) in the USA and EU

REFERENCES Bessen, J., Meurer, M. J., 2012. The direct costs from NPE’s disputes . Boston University School of Law Working Paper No. 12-32, Boston, 1-2. 9.11.2018 Darts-ip, 2018. NPE Litigation In The European Union . Fact and Figures. Derclaye, E., Taylor, T., 2015, Replacing the Law and Economics Justification for Intellectual Property Rights with a Well-being Approach , European Intellectual Property Review, Volume 37 Issue 4, Sweet&Maxwell Thompson Reuters pp.200

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