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Efficiency of the Principle of Sustainable Development in the European Union Law

REFERENCES Adamczyk, J., Nitkiewicz, T., 2007. Programming of Sustainable Development of Enterprises (in Polish), PWE, Warszawa. Baker, S., 2003. The European Union: Integration, Competition, Growth-And Sustainability [in:] Lafferty, W.M., Meadowcroft, J., Implementing Sustainable Development: Strategies and Initiatives in High Consumption Societes , Oxford Scholarship Online, Oxford. Bara, M., Kmita, T., Korzekwa, J., 2016. Microstructure and properties of composite coatings obtained on aluminium alloys . Arch. Metall. Mater., 61, 1107

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Strategic Goals of the European Union in Managing Health Safety

conditions? Journal of Education, Health and Sport, 6(2):223-237, eISSN 2391-8306. DOI , (accessed on 28th November 2018). Ślusarz B, Mitela-Grzybek A., 2013. Health safety of the inhabitants of the European Union with particular emphasis on the new financial perspective based on the example of Lubusz Voivodeship . Scientific and Methodological Review. Education for Safety, 4, 269-278, 271. Taranowicz I., 2010. Health and methods to deal with health threats. Sociological analysis . Oficyna Wydawnicza Arboretum, Wrocław

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Multidimensional assessment of the European Union transport development in the light of implemented normalization methods

L iterature Cheba, K. (2011). Taksonomiczna analiza rozwoju transportu drogowego w Polsce [Taxonomic analysis of road transport development in Poland]. Logistyka , 2 , 97-106. Chruzik, K., & Sitarz, M. (2014). Investigation and development of safety measures in the European Union railway transport. Mechanika , 20 (4), 431-437. Currie, G., Richardson, T., Smyth, P., Vella-Brodick, D., Hine, J., Lucas, K., Stanley, J., Morris, J., Kinnear, R., & Stanley, J. (2010). Investigating links between transport disadvantages, social exclusion and well

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Initiatives to Overcome Social Inequalities in Public Health Management in the European Union

REFERENCES Bsoul-Kopowska M., 2019, Strategic goals of the European Union In managing health security. , R. Ulewicz, R.R. Nikolić, (ed.). System safety: Human - Technical – Facility – Environment, wyd. De Gruyter, Częstochowa. Centrum Systemów Informatycznych Ochrony Zdrowia, Fundusze unijne 2007 – 2013 , , Dotacje Unijne, Priorytet XII Bezpieczeństwo zdrowotne i poprawa efektywności systemu ochrony zdrowia,,link-24,podlink-37.html

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Cross-Border Health Care in the European Union: Evaluation of Different Financing Arrangements

References Blum, K., Löffert, S., Offermanns, M., & Steffen, P. (2015). Krankenhaus Barometer. Umfrage 2015 [Hospital Barometer. Survey 2015]. Düsseldorf, Germany: Deutsches Krankenhausinstitut. Busse, R., & Blümel, M. (2014). Germany: health system review. Health Systems in Transition, 16(2), 1-296. Busse, R., van Ginneken, E., & Wörz, M. (2011). Access to health care services within and between countries of the European Union. In M. Wismar, W. Palm, J. Figueras, K. Ernst, E. van Ginneken (Eds.), Crossborder

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Efficient Use of Natural Gas Energy in Cogeneration in Households

References [1] Implementing the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) , European Union, 2011. [2] Energy Efficiency Requirements in Building Codes- Energy Efficiency Policies for New Buildings , OECD/IEA, 2008. [3] AGFW - Regelwerk, Arbeitsblatt FW 308 „Zertifizierungvon KWK - Anlagen - Ermittlung des KWK - Stromes” , Berlin, Januar 2009. [4] The European Educational Tool on Cogeneration’, Second Edition, European Union, 2001. [5] Bundesministerium fur

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Use of Mulifactor Models with Garch Structure in Carbon Emissions Risk Management

the carbon prices? Energy Policy, 103, pp. 145-164. Freitas, C. J. P. and Silva, P. P. (2015). European Union emissions trading scheme impact on the Spanish electricity price during phase II and phase III implementation. Utilities Policy, 33(C), pp. 54-62. Graczyk, A. and Graczyk, A.M. (2011). Implementation of market mechanisms in environment protection. Warsaw: PWE (in Polish). Joltreau, E. and Sommerfeld, K. (2017). Why Does Emissions Trading under the EU ETS Not Affect Firms’ Competitiveness? Empirical Findings

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Heat Consumption Assessment of the Domestic Hot Water Systems in the Apartment Buildings

References [1] European Parliament and Council of the European Union 2010. Directive 2010/31/EU of the European Parliament and the Council of 19 May 2010 on the energy performance of buildings (recast ). Official Journal of the European Union L 153/13-35 of 18.6. 2010. [2] European Parliament and Council of the European Union 2002. Directive 2002/91/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 16 December 2002 on the energy performance of buildings. Official Journal of the European Communities L 1/64-71 of 4

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Various Response Functions in Lattice Domes Reliability Via Analytical Integration and Finite Element Method

References [1] Lan T. (1999): Space Frame Structures . In Chen W.-F. & Lui E. (Eds.), Handbook of Structural Engineering (2nd ed.) – CRC Press, Boca Raton. [2] Szaniec W. and Biernacka K. (2013): Modal Analysis of Selected Bar Domes . – Structure and Environment, Kielce – vol.5, No.4, pp.15-20. [3] The European Union Regulation (2002a): Eurocode: Basis of structural design . [4] Pokusiński B. and Kamiński M. (2018): On influence of the response functions on the diagrid and orthogonal grillages reliability by the stochastic iterative

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Evaluation of properties of concrete incorporating ash as mineral admixtures

References [1] Siddique R. Waste materials and by-products in concrete . Springer, 2008, pp. 413. [2] Cembureau (The European Cement Association). Best Available Techniques for the Cement Industry . The European Cement Association, 1999. [3] Moya J A, Pardo N, Mercier A. Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emissions: Prospective Scenarios for the Cement Industry . Publications Office of the European Union, 2010. [4] Cembureau (The European Cement Association). Activity Report 2010 . The

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